If you say not to perform a concert, then let's have a look at Wang Xiwen, who is extremely rational and emotive, how to tie music to his soul, and turn it over with it!

Dreams, start somewhere unintended

Wang Xiwen never thought that one day he would become a music worker.He laughs and says, " When I was a kid, I actually wanted to drive a garbage truck!Think about it now, probably because it's a garbage truck coming out of the car, and it's going to start with an "A".So when you see a garbage truck, you feel very happy.In fact, he once thought about building a building, because architecture can interact with people through space.But why didn't he tell the story — the music that he and his father — told later on?

father used to play guitar while his mother loved to sing folk songs.When Wang Xiwen was in high school, he also began to learn the guitar.This school has made him legendary in high school.Once he started coming into contact with the music, he couldn't stop.There have been numerous conflicts with their elders, only to pursue their dreams.He tried to take the formal path, but deep in his soul he knew that what he really wanted to do was music.(Recommended reading: I just do it myself!An Interview with TIA Yuan Yavi: My Music Road is a few words, Love and )

, Wang Xiwen's greatest regret so far was that after his father left, he began to pursue his dream.He said, "I really hope that Dad will see me now, I hope he will be happy, I insist, and I am really happy and passionate about doing so.""

The score is not just the stacking of notes

Wang Xiwen described himself as an extremely rational and emotive perfectionist.So in music, he was able to be passionate about learning, exploring all kinds of unknown, and analyzing all sorts of possible combinations.He is not a Coban origin, so how to write a musical instrument other than a guitar is a challenge for him.Musical instruments are unique to him, like a unique life.He says, " The choregistic is to find the harmony of music.You know the personality and ability of different musical instruments."

The experience of studying in New York has made Wang Xiwen have an eye-opening experience.For example, there was a class, he had to listen to all kinds of instruments, and knew what different musical instruments could do in different fields." So when you're writing, a lot of music colors will surface, and I'll know what kind of music I'm going to do to make it better."We were exposed," he said, "in fact, we know that all of those things are the most basic, and those are just skills."He chatted with him before he knew that the original creation had to be analytical. Because music had to match the script, it was not just a smart idea, but there was actually more rational planning behind it.

Lucky for you, you've been working hard.

is hard to imagine that, before starting to play music in 2007, Wang Xiwen, who won the Golden Bell Awards and founded the studio, was not able to read the five-line score.Until now, he was able to compose music for the complex of orchestral instruments.For a while, he studied music-related books and studied the friends of the music department.Even today, online workers often find time and opportunity to self-charge themselves.

and Wang Shiwen, a famous teacher in New York, had told him that he would always remember, "To always treat what you're doing as a very, very, very important thing."Because this may change the lives of many people.In this paragraph, he keeps reminding himself that he is having an opportunity to invest 200 % of his time in his efforts.

For the first time this year, film music has been the subject of a highly visible film, "Ah Letters".Although the study was a film score, it was only when it was implemented that it was actually learned from the beginning.Directors, drama groups, actors, producers are all experienced teams in the Taiwan film industry.

The pressure is enormous, "he said." But I really felt that I was so lucky that I met a group of people who believed in me, and I didn't want to live up to the trust."" I haven't been sleeping for a while, I can look at the snippets of editing, and try all kinds of music." In musical theater, music has its own characteristics, and a song may lead to an emotional transition or a storyline.But the film's score is to look under the screen, observe, analyze, and find out the music behind it, and find the music that can help it."

A lot of people see the bright side of the light, and may be envy to ask for the first time with the first score, and that's so lucky for the team that's so great.It is indeed too lucky, but the lucky one is not simple. Wang Xiwen is almost insomnia in writing, adjusting, and trying.(Recommended reading: The duck is going to move forward!An Interview with Chang Chia-ling: worried about being surpassed?I actually want to go after the target )

We say it's too hard, isn't it, is it too hard?Wang says, " I always thought that luck and hard work were parallel.The chance to see me is lucky, but if I didn't have a good piece of work in the past or there, it would be lucky that it wasn't always there.So I've been working very hard, so I've always been very lucky." (Extended Read:

Roll over, music

In addition to the musical score and film music, Wang Chiwen himself was the boss of the "Crazy Theater Workshop", which was dedicated to the promotion of Chinese musical theater.A few days ago, the troupe made a joint effort with the famous Taipei Opera Troupe to make a show of the "Mulan Maiden" on the National Theater Theatre.At that time, he insisted on using live orchestras instead of Kara, as a belief that "I want to hear things like foreign Broadway to the audience."The music is full of life, and live with live can breathe together with the audience."

In addition, Wang Shiwen's other goal is to set up workshops, to invite scholars and musicians from abroad, and to offer different kinds of learning to people interested in music or musical theater.

I asked Wang Xiwen to suggest to more people who were interested in music, and he said, " If you don't make a concert, then you can do it again.Because music is really going to have too many unimaginable setbacks, it may be uninspired, perhaps the entire industrial environment, perhaps peer and social pressure, which really requires a lot of passion to support it.But now I'm with the music every day, and I feel like I'm living a lot of time every day!" (Recommended reading: Shanghai Watch note: really liked, long way to go )

Wang Xiwen, who looked at the music, was really able to feel his passion and perseverance.

If you don't make a concert, then roll it together!