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Pop-up Shop, also known overseas as Pop-up Store, Pop-up Retail, Flash Retailoring, Guerrilla Store, meaning a non-long-term, non-dot-time limited store, also described as a "hit store", "flash store".Such stores are likely to be rolled over from one day to a few months, with the brand name likely to be an internationally famous luxury brand, or a unique brand that has a particular consumer group.This is an expression of the style of life that represents the limitless possibilities in life.

The first ancestor of the people familiar with the use of this restriction is the founder of the Commedes Garcons brand, Rei Kawakubo, who, as early as 2004, had begun using the Pop-up Shop concept to sell the goods.But the time limit sales store was really well known to be in 2009, when the world was experiencing an economic recession in 2008, where brands were starting to use the short-term and leasing existing stores to sell them in the short term and to boost sales, and later on the display of new products, as well as the use of large trucks, containers, and so on.

Now, even more overseas companies have launched a special brand search for the location of the time limit, and even plan a series of sales programs for the brand.

Taiwan, there are also a number of design brands that use the Pop-up Shop sales method to display and sell to coffee shops, restaurants, and selling sites for sale at the site. It can be sold at the scene, the Taipei area's Red House Plaza in downtown Taipei, and the well-known department store. doesn't miss this opportunity to make more people know and understand the quality design business at home and abroad!Together with famous Hong Kong designer Liu Meghui, we co-sponsor the Victim Pop-up Boutique!From virtual to physical, from Britain to Taiwan, to the 22 brands, I hope more people will find the beauty of the design anywhere in life!

In the summer, it is the POP-UP!!