Angelina Jolie Jolie issued a "declaration on the Cessation of sexual violence", when the face of sexual abuse of the facts, if the silence is conducive to crime? What can we do with ourselves?

In the film "The Black Witch", Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie) played the Elf Mephise was taken away by the drug. Jolie said that the plot to capture the wings is in the metaphor of rape, that is, "Black Witch" by the human male rape and began a series of revenge. The Black Witch in the play also deduced that the good beauty of the "creator" was eroded by hatred, until the storm that had finally passed through the heart was reborn.

We know that Angelina Jolie has had a lot of negative news in her youth, and now she is the mother of six of children, and the adoption of children in poor countries, in addition to dedication to charity, care for refugees, has been a very strong push against sexual violence Jolie has also received the British Queen Elizabeth Affirmation, issued honorary female jazz, Became the first actress in Hollywood to be awarded this award. (Understanding the deepest attachment in Brad Pitt's eyes: Angelina Jolie Jolie )

Last month, Angelina Jolie, in her capacity as Special Envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), created a "Preventive Violence Initiative" (Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative), with the British foreign Hoge (William Hague). The prevention of Sexual Violence Initiative addressed the "end of sexual violence in the war zone" session. Here are the publications we have compiled Jolie.

Angelina Jolie Jolie with victims of war-related violence.

Rape should not be rationalized.

Jolie specifically points out that violence in war zones, no matter what the situation, is impossible to be forgiven.

For this behavior, it has been claimed that a woman's clothing is exposed, or that when a woman appears to be sexually provocative and accept a stranger's drink, she is asking for it. We are opposed to the notion that rape is stigmatized by reasonable and feminine outward manners, and that there is no way in the world for the rape to be "legally justified". Let's not condemn the victim with the appearance of a human being, but a woman who wears cool clothes means she wants it. Neither the judiciary nor the society should criticize whether the victims should be victimized. (You see: There is no rape in marriage?) Break the Rape myth! )

If they admit that they are victims of rape, they are likely to face more violence and exclusion.

The American "Washington Post" columnist has suggested that rape-stricken women stand up against the idea of " victim privilege ", accusing drunken schoolgirls of "not self-love" as "acts of violence".

But we also want to ask, do women lose consciousness after drinking, is tantamount to tell them to welcome to rape me? No one wants to put the terrible experience of their own suffering in the sun, and no one wants to use "raped" to ask for sympathy. When women come forward to fight back against their own victimization, they are often subjected to more brutal stigma, more extreme insults and public opinion, which we have to face and not endure. (We think it's crazy, but it's happening all the while: being raped is not what women deserve!) )

In the face of these criminal acts, we must let justice become the norm, not agree with, ignore

This is a real problem, according to a new U.S. Senate report that the number of "sexual assault cases" has been low for a long time, ignoring investigations or even prosecutions. One-fifth of female Sang have been sexually abused on campus, but 40% of universities say they have not received sexual assault claims in the past five years . Usually, these events should be traced back to the "University disciplinary Committee", but they did not do any further tracing, just like condoning sex crimes. The " Public Integrity Center " in the United States also says most of these people have not been penalized or expelled from school, but have been punished with minor warnings or bans.

In the face of such problems, we should take the initiative to seek assistance, when there is such a situation around us, we should not disregard the way to protect the victims to seek justice.

Your denial and your silence are the killers that encourage rape.

It's hard for anyone to be raped, but if we choose not to say it, more people will be hurt.

here to share a recent news, a woman poet in the United States Venessa Marco in the bar by a strange man asked: "You are deep throat?" Venessa Marco replied: "You look like the kind of person who can swallow a size." "venessa Marco's remarks and her criticism of the" patriarchal "poems have caused positive and negative comments on the web, with some saying that her remarks were phrased incorrectly, that she commented on all men with one thing, and that he was" good at answering "and thanking her for saying women's voices.

What we see here is Venessa Marco's counterattack against verbal violence, though some think it's too radical, but we can't deny Venessa Marco's act of defending women's worth, for " Sexual violence "This matter, whether it is speech or body, we should do our best to protect ourselves, do not shrink from the fear of the problem."

"We're going to tell the world that you're a victim of sexual violence. It's not humiliating, it's the one who hurt you."

We want to tell the survivors who escaped from sexual violence, or people under the threat of sexual violence, you are not alone, as a society, everyone may be responsible for the "victim's silence", we should find a conduit to understand the victims, provide their resources, and do not let them feel two degrees hurt. For these injuries, we should hold empathy and not necessarily feel the pain, but we can try to understand the victim's situation and protect them. (You can't do that to those girls!) Angry solidarity! #Bring back to our girls global call to put Nigerian girl students home )

If one day, things happen to me, what should I do?

  • Do not flush the body immediately, leave the evidence on the clothing

If the incident is really unfortunate, we must go to the police station to report it immediately. By a trusted friend and social workers, female police escort, to the hospital to check injuries, collect body, hair and other evidence, do a good job after medical treatment, and then shower rinse, do not in the event of clear, immediately shower rinse, change clothes or damaged clothes, So as not to lose the clue to arrest the prisoner.

  • If you can't test it right away, leave evidence for the prisoner.

Hair, underwear, body drops (buttons, necklaces, watches, rings) or other evidence of evidence of an object, if sexually abused secretions (semen), as far as possible, with toilet paper, cotton cloth stored in sealed plastic bags

  • Dial 113 Maternity Line

24-hour assistance to all child-abused children, victims of domestic violence, sexual assault victim.