Together with the "16 summers" Ding, Ge Qing to the Zizi summer chocolate Bronny with ice cream hand make dessert feast!

What's the best summer to do? This summer, women fans and the new drama "16 Summers " together a " Summer Sweet Hand Salon ", inviting you to the Taipei east of the culinary classroom chez soi Life creation space, To learn how to make sweet and not greasy chocolate brownie and refreshing handmade ice cream! Then let womany editor to direct your 7/12-day live!

Comfortable hands as a classroom

About the bravery in love

At first we let everyone to watch the nine minutes of drama, the scene of the audience are staring at, as if to follow into the plot. Then we invited the actor Dai Junzhou and Cheng to the scene and everyone to do, of course, we also prepared three questions to invite them to share with you!

Q1: Please share your imagination of "Summer romance"!

Cheng's idea of a summer romance was "the Seaside," full of sunshine of passion and the smell of the sea is the most suitable for the development of Summer love song, and Dai Junzhou's answer is more romantic and little woman, she said that the summer love is to two people go out for a holiday, stay in villa to relax and enjoy the breath of summer!

Q2: What's the bravest thing you've ever done for the two characters in the summer of 16?

Dai Junzhou plays the role of the hero's current girlfriend, personality generous for the sake of her when found that the male protagonist is still a few years ago in the pink confidant (heroine) obsession, even if the pain is willing to fulfill the male lead choice, this is Dai Junzhou think the role for love to do the most courageous thing. And Cheng's role is a bit brave in everything, as long as the matter is decided to go forward, regardless of the results will never regret!

Q3: Would you like to cook two times?

Already married Dai Junzhou heard this topic smiled and said that in fact, they usually do not too cook, today to make dessert with everyone in fact a little nervous, very worried will do well, and Cheng is not surprised to say that their own perennial vegetarian, and will cook yo! (The scene he really actually end up to help everybody make brownie!) )

Let's do it together!

Before beginning to do, by the cooking room, Miss Kitty, with two actors for everyone to show the way brownie and ice cream, in the process with the chocolate melt and the cream of the pass, bursts of sweet aroma on the seat of everyone ready, and the middle can see the teacher on the side of serious teaching, Dai Junzhou and Cheng on the side of each other to spit the interesting picture!

Then it's time to do it all by yourself, to see how serious people look:

Cheng plays the role of a little teacher. One by one rounds to help get rid of the cream. The friends with the problem!

Baked brownie and handmade ice cream to make the scene smell overflowing

Finally Cheng also with the scene fans to a love hug. (W series also want ~ ~)

Thank you for coming to this summer sweet salon of 16 summers and women fans, then there are more interesting and exciting activities, remember to lock the women fans website and fan group Women, you can be different Oh!

The scene of the day firsthand report:Womany @Instagram