Easy-to-understand collating, bringing you to a quick knowledge of the five major social websites!

The world's five most popular social sites are Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Tumblr, and LinkedIn, some of them may be useful, some may use only a few, but more people don't understand the difference between these platforms. Today, they share the five community website comparisons that are organized by friends from abroad!

For ease of reading, Womany makes a few reading notes with everyone:

1. g + = Google +, f = Facebook, t = Tumblr, bird = Twitter, in = LinkedIn

2. Display as "Orange" is owned the "orange" , displayed as "pink" by "pink" if it does not have this function

3. All compare function items from top down:

  • friend relationship (friend)
  • one-way tracing feature
  • status update
  • privacy settings feature
  • Private messaging feature
  • friends and fan messages
  • Share information from friends and fans
  • Share information from external sites
  • Like feature
  • Response features
  • Self-album
  • Creating Activities
  • Chat Rooms
  • Video chat
  • Multi-person video chat
  • Card-beating