Presumably everyone has seen the sixth sense of the mermaid Legend of Christy Play! Put on the beautiful mermaid tail, you can also dance with the fish in the sea.

Womany Knitting Press:
Hey, did you ever fantasize about being a mermaid when you were a kid? Now the "Mermaid Swimming School" in the Philippines will satisfy your secret fantasies. In addition to cute, mermaid plastic body can effectively activities to your abdominal core muscle Group , help you find a long time to lose the small waist, and now even strong men are also rushing to try this trendy fitness Method! Take a look. (Two-pronged: from inside to outside white!) 10 let you drink more and more beautiful detox water )

Mermaid? Rub your eyes, that's right, mermaid!

Body Sculpting Method Bai, if you think the recent body-shaping method seems a little bit new, let's take a look at this cool mermaid body-shaping school in the Philippines, this summer, to incarnate the cool mermaid!

Mermaid Plastic is a good idea from Anamie Saenz and Normeth Preglo brainwave! At that time they were feeling a little boring, hoping to find more interesting and effective ways to exercise, then they ran out of the "Mermaid plastic body" idea! in the classroom, they will send students a mermaid tail fin, let students swim, can more easily apply to their abdominal core muscle group, more exercise effect.

Perhaps you would like to ask to be a mermaid, is there an age or gender limit? Stop it! The best thing about this mermaid school is age, men and women, who say sports can't be cute? Who says men can't want to be mermaids? Let's take a look at the photo album of the Mermaid!

"We're all mermaid photography."

The first step in the Avatar Mermaid: Choose a fin you like!

The second part of the Avatar Mermaid: first self-pity.

The third step in the Avatar Mermaid: Prepare to go sailing and move your belly muscles!

Avatar Mermaid's Fourth step: Mother is a mermaid! (Good do not want to return to human ... )

The secret fantasy of Being a mermaid

Click on the next page, who says that a strong man can't be a mermaid?

What a veritable little mermaid!

Feed Who says strong men can't want to be mermaids? 」

In addition to swimming lessons, there are "mermaid diving Courses" (Mermaid Scuba) and "Mermaid Water Motorcycles" (Mermaid water scootering)

Have you been enchanted to read the introduction? Good Hope Taiwan also introduced the "Mermaid Fitness Law" to meet everyone as underwater elf dream Ah ~ ~