There is an internship experience, is your every tomorrow, are stronger than today. See how women are obsessed with how to reflect on the baby, how to learn, how to grow at high speed.

The beginning of the day, from the end of the fan group before the start

I'm in charge of this week. Women fan Group Women You can be different, last week looked at the Abby every day twisted expression, still want to say there is so terrible? This week, after a week of "ravaged" by a fan page, I would say: it's really scary!

Ordinary slide of the big fan group of us, may feel an hour to see a push text is very simple, but there are many jobs behind it! After entering the company, in addition to the regular meetings, I continue to prepare the content of the fan page, usually until the afternoon before I can start to do other editorial affairs, so for me to start work every day, that is, from the end of the fan group article after the start ... ( night cats are busy: What do successful owls do before they go to bed?) )

Put yourself in the shoes

Fortunately this week just met the Tanabata Valentine's Day, so you can have a theme of the arrangement of fan page content, but every day more than 10 of the tweets can not always be related to Valentine's Day! What about the person who is single (tears), so what time to put what content? How do you write the copy? How do you put the pattern? How do you make people like it? In fact, these are learning. (Deferred Stretch reading: 10 qualities that a community manager must possess )

Want to care about to see fans of the group of people at this point of time how the mood? What problems might be encountered? will want to see what article to arrange adjustment, this is not difficult, because the woman is a fan is a very attention to "people" place, and the fan page is just our extension, so we can be more close to accompany everyone around.

Speak, tone is important

Is there any difficulty in publishing text sheets on Facebook's fan group? I didn't find it difficult at first to use Facebook almost every day, but in my own graffiti walls I could talk to each other, because that's where I stand, but women you can be different but represent all women.

Women fans have their own attitude, personality, tone, everyone from the fan page to learn more about women fans of this "person", if this "woman" personality, speech expression changes every day, it will make everyone very confused: "Who Are you?" I don't understand you, so you have to figure out what a woman fan is. She is a warm, intimate family, she is a love to share, love the taste of good friends, she has a lot of different faces, but she has the same attitude, learn to use her tone of speech, let me become a woman fan, also let the woman became me. (A lot of things to tell you: are you in "communication" or "talking to yourself"? )

Role play is very interesting

In the row of fan pages, another challenge this week is to practice blushing articles, cat and woman fans are two different women, in the red and female fans of the role of the conversion between, I can imagine the two women have any interest, hobbies, like what? Don't like what? ... Wait a minute.

Learn to try to figure out their own at the same time, but also dug out their own body of different women fans and cats, in life we may not be at the same time to show so many not the same appearance, but in the article, This can be like role playing as much as possible to show their own, gentle and sexy , rational directness, hesitation fragile ... Wait, believe me, women are so changeable that you can't imagine, and this is the most interesting place for women! (When women are good:2014 women can live much differently?) Let them tell you )