Because the belief that women have all kinds of appearance, believe that women will be immortal in time, together to see these amazing classic women.

Although Coco Chanel once said "fashion change, but style forever", but you don't want to, some women have become synonymous with "fashion", talk about fashion can not help to emerge their face, there are always a few people can out of the classic shape of their right, small black skirts, no.5 perfume, red lip white skirt, bikini, punk high boots ... They are their own brand name.

Today's #womanywednesday Wednesday women want to take you back to 20th century, 5 attractive women who lead the fashion trend, listen to stories about them you don't know!

The sexy ancestor that makes the bikini red to be hot: Bi Kibadu Brigitte Bardot

Speaking of fashion, not to mention in the 1960 's red through the sky, sweeping the entertainment suites of the French film actress Kibadu Brigitte Bardot, all the intimate call her sexy wildcat BB, she was hailed as the world's most beautiful woman. No one forgets her classic full frame eyeliner and blonde curly hair.

In 1952, she starred in a bikini in the first French film "Girl in Bikinis," although still green, but has succeeded in laying the sexy goddess can not be ignored, but also let the original bikini quickly start red. (Recommended reading: Five prepare you to wear a bikini comfortable )

In 1956, she starred in Vadim's film "God Made Woman", daring to show her popularity in the United States, and even some say thank God for creating the Kibadu. At that time, BB and Marilyn Monroe tied the western popular culture sexy symbol, also be regarded as the representative of sexual liberation. Her fanciful neck line became popular at the time, and people would ask, "Hey! Do you have a Bardot neck line? "(Bardot ' s neckline)

The September 28, 1934, born in Paris, the actress, let the bikini become a fad; let the wavy curls (choucroute) become a fashion; it's a kind of elegance to let women strip and sunbathe. Vicky represents not only a generation of sexy demon Ji, but also a woman to appreciate and generous to show their female charm pioneer. (This man said: " a woman with a lower abdomen, in fact, the most sexy?" )

"When I fall in love with a person, I don't count how much love I give him, I let myself go all the way." Every time in love, is the greatest love in my life. "When I love, I do it without counting." I give myself entirely. And each time, it's the grand love for my life. -- Bi Kibadu

"I think what to say, what I say and what to think." "" I say what I the I-i-i-i-i-say. ---bi Kibadu

"I'm not an actress. I only play myself, no matter what is behind the curtain. "I am not a actress." I can only play me-on with the screen. ---bi Kibadu

Forever Berkin bag Girl: Precious Gold Jane Birkin

Every woman dreams of having a golden bag, but it is so enviable that there is a woman who will always be closest to Berkin, a British singer. Berkin bag, named after her as inspiration, she is the golden girl who never fail. (Recommended reading: Berkin Baumuith girl Jane Birkin Street Pat )

It has been said that from a woman who likes Hermès hermés Kelly Bag or Birkin Bag, she can tell what her personality is. Kelly Package Elegant atmosphere, Birkin bag free and unrestrained.

1984, when Hermés's designer Dumas on the plane to meet Jane Birkin, just after the birth of the Birkin to Dumas said Kelly bag body is too narrow, for just gave birth to her child is not so good, so Dumas brainwave, deepen also widened original Ke lly Bag design, so that the package can be back also can be raised, improve activity. In the original exquisite and meticulous Kelly Bag to add a dash of Jane Birkin unique unrestrained freedom and the trend of the atmosphere.

When it comes to Jane Birkin, you can't fail to mention a affair that happened in France. Just to the French development of Jane Birkin a French will not say, but let at that time originally and bi Kibadu love fiery French Serge Gainsbourg for her heart, hand will originally to the love song "Je t ' aime, moi non plus" hand over to her, this The mysterious girl who squeezed out a sexy little wildcat, turned into a hot, sexy pointer to the 60, 70 's French.

She represents the sexy and BB compared, subtle but the same hook people, cleverness full of aura of the big eyes, covered the brow of the doll hair type, sexy voice, at that time quite fashionable.

PostScript: Jean Baojin ranked in the Bardot after, in order to commemorate the fate of continuity. That year they and Serge Gainsbourg love entanglements but not the slightest lose modern.

"Instead of being with a man who doesn't know me, I'd rather live on my own." "" I ' d rather live on my own than live with a "," and "the" looks at me with the wrong eyes. " ---Jean Baojin (recommended reading: really understand you, is love you )

"Remember to laugh, smile erase 10 years of time." "" "Keep Smiling-it takes years off"---Jean Baojin

Not just designing clothes, but designing a woman's future: Coco Chanel Chanel

No matter how times and fashions change, Coco Chanel is always classic. Little black dress, no.5 perfume, pearl necklace, and male cloth for women's clothing, she defined the so-called female fashion should be "dress for themselves" rather than "for the men around."

Originally known as Claire Chanel (Gabrielle bonheur Chanel) Cocoa Chanel was born on August 19, 1883 in France Saumur, the mother died prematurely, was father abandoned, the nearly perfect sewing skill is the Chanel childhood learned in the orphanage, The ups and downs of the years have accumulated the unique charm of Chanel, let her more than the same age of women a bit more resolute and uninhibited.

Before she became a fashion designer, she had a short career as a singer, sang a qui qu ' a vu Coco, then nicknamed her Coco. Chanel herself had explained that Coco was the initials of the French word cocotte, meaning mistress. The name seemed to herald Chanel's life without marriage, many lovers, the future of the eternal mistress.

Chanel opened its first shop in Cambon, Paris, in 1910, starting with the sale of hats. 1921, Chanel fifth (Chanel No.5) perfume came out, and changed the aroma of women. The bottle was quite different from the design of the other perfume bottles of the times, and the number five was said to be the lucky number for cocoa. (Recommended reading: Five points, pick your seasonal perfume )

Once a young woman asked Chanel: "Where should I use perfume?" In any place you want to be kissed. "said Chanel with a smile.

During a World war, Chanel felt the restraint of traditional women's clothing, but also recognized that war will be a powerful turning point in women's wear, so bold use of men's cloth for women's clothing, and abandon the tight dress and gorgeous long skirts, to simple and comfortable interpretation of elegance. For advanced custom-made women into the style of menswear, more convenient activities, breaking the rigid walls between men and women clothing, but also to open the fashion industry for women's clothing more imagination space. Chanel defines "simplicity, which is the tone of all elegance." 」

PostScript: Someone had discussed Chanel on the double c symbol, in addition to representing Coco, but also her life with her favorite man Arthur Boy Capel.

"Fashion change, only style forever" "Fashion fades, only style remains the same."

"Fashion is the same as architecture." The point is how you handle the proportions of the elements. "" Fashion is Architecture:it is a matter of proportions.

"The face of the age of 20 is natural to you, and what you want to look like at the age of 50 is your decision." "" Nature gives your have at 20; It is up to you and merit the face for your have at 50. ---chanel.

Redefining the World sexy: Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe

After the performance of Marilyn Monroe's seven-year itch, the low chest halter dress, the golden short curly hair, the red lip, had another name, called Monroe. Marilyn Monroe, forever sexy character code. (Monroe full Photo: Marilyn Monroe and the dog's intimate photo )

Marilyn Monroe, formerly known as Norma Mortensen, was born in Los Angeles on June 1, 1926. The environment was not good when I was young, Marilyn Monroe had said she never knew who her father was. As a child in the animal husbandry of the original family, orphanages and breeding families, Marilyn Monroe grew up to admit that she had been raped at the age of 11.

1946, Monroe took up the first film, "Scudda hoo! Scudda hay! , although she has only one line in it, Monroe has embarked on a long journey of acting. Since then, she has maintained her golden short hair style, calling herself "Marilyn Monroe". The 1950 's Hollywood movie Circle was completely kneeling under the pomegranate skirts of Monroe, after the two works of "The Night Man is not in the mirror" and "The Comet beauty".

No one remembers the classic picture of a flying dress in the seven-year itch. To be a contemporary sex goddess; We also miss the 1962 dream of the Golden French tulle skirt, "Mr. President, Happy Birthday", at the Kennedy dinner, which was finally successful at a record 1.3 million dollar auction.

Beauty too often star-crossed, the golden age of Monroe until the 36-year-old to a halt, the cause of death is divided, rumors after Monroe died, and her a dress like Yang Feng. But we only know that on the day of August 5, when Monroe died, people all over the world can not help but think of a woman, at the same time sexy also innocent, let people think of the sentence she once said: "I am a good person, but I am not an angel, I will make mistakes, but I am not the devil." I'm just a little girl in this big world, looking for someone to love. "I am good, but not a angel." I do sin, but I am is not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love. (Recommended reading:36 years of short gorgeous Marilyn Monroe)

PostScript: Sadly, the world loves the Monroe, and finally did not with a person who understands her often. In particular, the third husband, "Death of the Salesman" to win the Pulitzer Prize and three Tony Award of the playwright Arthur Miller Arthur Miller is also broken her heart, even after the divorce, still use the drama "After the Fall" in the beautiful naïve but greedy lady image of ridicule Monroe.

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer to the world." Give a woman a pair of shoes, she can conquer the world. 」

"One of the best things that ever happened to me are that I ' m a woman." That's the way all females should feel. "" One of the best things in the world is that I'm a woman. I think all women should feel the same way. 」

"If you can ' t handle me in my worst, then your sure as hell don ' t deserve me at my best." If a person in my worst time ignore me, then he obviously is not worthy of my best time. 」

To inject a rock element into a woman: Vivian Ann Weiss Wood Vivien Westwood

Rock godmother Vivian Ann Weiss Wood, itself is difficult to solve the fashion symbol, fear of ordinary people will eventually have a extraordinary life.

April 8, 1941, Vivian Ann Weiss was born in the British derby, the family of workers, in the 1970 's full of punk-coloured clothing in the fashion circle to kill a way out. "My family is very ordinary," said Vivian Ann Weiss, looking back at her childhood. As a child I did not read a book collection, never entered the cinema has not been to the art gallery. 」

Met Sex Pistol (the Sex Pistols) Orchestra manager Malcolm Mclaren, Wei Wei Ann Weiss Wood in the blood of the rebellious gene completely revived. They opened a shop called "let it Rock and roll bar, selling safety pins and black leather leather trousers decorated with chains, which opened the way to the Ann Weiss of the EU-wood fashion. (same field Gayon: standing not rocking fashion punk tough Vivienne Westwood)

In the 1980 's, Vivian Ann Weiss to the "pirate" series on the London stretch table, the rock punk culture on the table, deconstruction of the category of fashion, but also to promote clothing as a cultural language. The next few years of "witches", "the soil of homesickness," "The Power of clothing", "Harris" series, more certain of her position in the British punk godmother, but also to provoke the public opinion of fashion, so that fashion to wear to become a challenge Orthodox taste.

A lot of people will talk about Vivian Ann Weiss Wood All the way is unruly subversive criticism of the road, and finally was "incorporated" into the fashion hall as a godmother, is not another fashion industry irony? Taiwan University of Foreign languages Professor simply wish in the "absolute clothing sex love" once wrote: "Subversion and incorporation of the hanging sophistry, has been in the Ann Weiss wood of the curtain on the screen." "In any case, what can be determined is that Vera Ann Weiss, although changed the stage, has not changed her body's provocative play heart." That year, she a pair of full 20 cm high "Trojan horse shoes", so that the well-known model of Black Pearl Naomi (Naomi Campbell) in the runway miserable fall, but also smiled and climbed up.

If Coco Chanel represents the ultimate elegance, Vivian Ann Weiss represents an extreme rebellion. They are different, but they also reflect their natural and unrestrained attitude to create their own lives. (Recommended reading: Learn to fail on success!) See the story of six successful women )

"If a man has no feminine qualities, he cannot be charming," he said. "" It is not possible for a mans to be elegant without a touch of femininity. "

"I always want to say this to my customers: buy a little bit more carefully, make a piece of clothing immortal" "What I ' m always trying to say to the consumer is:buy, less, and makes it last."

Bikini endorsement Ambassador Vicky · Bardot, pure Berkin Baumuith girl Jean · Baojin, Senior women's designer Coco Chanel, forever fluttering white skirt Marilyn Monroe, undefeated punk spirit Vivian Ann Weiss, these five classic women in fashion, which one do you like best?

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