If you can meet someone who can take risks with you, you are lucky to be in a huge crowd. It seems as if any difficulties are not important.

The girl in room 7th and the boy in room 11th, the girl's days are always very lucky, the boy is very unlucky every day; the girl wants a little more adventures in life, the boy hopes that life can be a little less risk; two distinct lives, two different personalities, have no chance to bump together?

This is a story in San Francisco, everything from that day out, and rain and sunny start ...

jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou. from jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou. on Vimeo .

"In life, it seems all of a sudden that you can meet a man and take risks and fears." 」

Think about it, our love story, which paragraph is not a little cliché? We fall in love at first sight or a long life, as if not so important. Most of all, we are fortunate to meet people who are willing to take risks with us, to face all the risks, and to walk the first, second, third time in life together.

This feeling, really good. we are so lucky! Lucky you! (also remember to share this lovely little video of the person you like!) )