A person's power is very small, the world's population is a team, our common goal is to protect the Earth, love our home.

The train is about to leave, and you see someone falling between the car and the rails, what would you do? 8:15 A.M., the Stirling station in Australia is coming and coming, crowded with the people at work, a famous man in the car before the train accidentally stepped empty, feet card in the gap between trains and platforms, platform staff immediately forward to help, passing passers-by have stopped to onlookers, you guess, these onlookers did what?

You are not mistaken, and more and more crowds are crowded, and they decide to push the car together. It was just a thought that changed the fate of the man.

All of them have tried their best to get a 10,000-bit train to move some, the man can be rescued, under the leadership of the people in the station, the public concerted efforts to promote this car, the man was finally safely pulled up, everyone in his peace that moment, also warmly drum the palm! This applause, not only to the man who survived, but also to all the people who make it possible to escape. (recommend you see: when you have the true goodness, you can have beauty )

In the rush to commute, in the busy life, we have stopped to look around to help people? I believe everyone has it, and if you are in this situation, you will choose to do so. Think that in the 10 minutes if not too many people stop to give a little power for a human life, this man may not be so easily rescued, the world because of their, have you a little more care, seems to be more beautiful.

Hepburn: When you grow up, you will find that you have two hands, one to help yourself and one to help others.

Just a little bit more, a little love, a little care, a little warmth, the world can be better, do you believe it? The power of a man is very small, all of the world's population is a team, our common goal is to protect the Earth, love our home, sometimes more to do what will not be lost, but material, time lost, but also doubled our spiritual greater satisfaction and happiness. (We need a little bit of your strength: What really changes Taiwan is that most people are willing to make small changes )

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