Mother is the softest piece of everyone's heart, from Mother's belly after birth, has been receiving mother attentively feeding and care. Thanks mother's selfless dedication!

Remember when we were kids lying in my mother's arms, listening to my mother's steady heartbeat sound of the feeling of peace of mind? That's the closest we've ever had to a happy moment with mom. And breastfeeding the moment, so that mother and baby each other's feelings will have a deeper link, so whenever watching the baby lying in her mother's arms, sucking the milk when the expression of satisfaction, always let us think of ourselves as a child, feel full of happiness again.

Breast-feeding, not only let the baby in both physical and psychological satisfaction, but also let the mother full of self-confidence, more enjoy the role of mother. Breast milk is rich in growth factors and growth hormone can also help the newborn to obtain adequate nutrition, help the baby's physical development, mothers can also because of breastfeeding to reduce the risk of breast cancer before menopause, restore prenatal weight ... Wait a minute.

In order to promote the benefits of breastfeeding, the International Breastfeeding Action Coalition (WABA), 22 years ago, set an annual 8/1~8/7 International Breastfeeding Week, the theme of this year's 2014 is: Breastfeeding:a winning goal-for life! Breastfeeding: It is the mother's work to adhere to the subject. In response to this theme, many celebrity moms respond to breastfeeding week's activities, have uploaded their own nursing photos, in these photos, each mother's smile filled with a full of mother's happiness, the kind of pay for the children to meet and joy, so that through the photos we can feel the selfless and great motherly love. (Thank you mother: The love letter to mother: You did not teach, but let me learn more five things )

Supermodel: Gisele Bundchen Giselle State minister

In 2010 Giselle had expressed the hope that a global law could be enacted: requiring all newborn mothers to breastfeed for six months, causing heated discussion, and she said:

My intention in making a comment about the importance of breastfeeding ' nothing to do with the '. It comes from my passion and beliefs about children. I will have a talk about breast-feeding is because of my enthusiasm and belief in children, I hope that people in the law to pay more attention to breast-feeding this matter,

Supermodel: Miranda Kerr Milan Dakota

Victoria's Secret Super Angel: Miranda Kerr, who gave birth to his son, Flynn, and was free to breastfeed at work. Even wearing easy clothing, the first mother of Miranda in the photos of the mother of love, let her more glorious. (When mom is still beautiful: Milan Miranda Kerr's model mother-child wear )

Famous actress: Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie's love for children, from her constant adoption of the child can be known that she is very happy to play the role of the mother, in 2008 finally conceived her own child, but also the power of maternal love to play a greater, and her partner Bledbitt in her pregnancy also use photos to record her mother's wonderful moment, She then boarded the cover of the W Magazine magazine as a nursing photo. (same field Gayon: mother Breast Feeding, jump on magazine cover )

Famous female singer: Beyonce

Beyonce raised her own daughter in a New York restaurant in 2012, a move that was a great boost for those who support breastfeeding, and the promotion of breast-feeding groups:

Nursing should is considered a public heath issue rather than a lifestyle choice. Breastfeeding should be a public health issue, not just a lifestyle choice.

They argue that breastfeeding should be an entitlement that mothers cannot be deprived of, but breastfeeding in public places can lead to public debate, so this issue is not just a question of mothers and children, but a public health issue in which society as a whole needs to be educated. (Be yourself: Beyonce not only sings, more human rights vocal )

Famous female singers: P! Nk

In 2012 singer P! NK uploaded his nursing photos on Instagram and Twitter on the album cover, and her husband got a P! NK's pictures of breastfeeding in a Parisian restaurant. She said:

It ' s time we support what ' s healthy (breastfeeding) instead of judge of it. We should consider breastfeeding as "health" rather than comment on it.

Such a beautiful picture, bring us full of warmth and love, but when these mothers in public lactation, but often bear a strange eye, and even on Facebook, the mother of the pictures will be taken out of the frame, which is actually our mother to choose to breast-feed mothers unfair treatment. The choice of breast-feeding mother to bear more psychological and physical burden, but they are willing to pay for their children, we should reduce criticism, more space for these hard-working mothers to help them to take care of the children, together cherish this God gave mother and baby gift, So that the radiance of motherly love can be rendered to everyone's heart. We are each other's gift: Take up Mother's hand! Mother's Day to give mom the best five gifts )