Most of the people's father is a more traditional resolute and serious and restrained Taiwanese men, know Dad so long, and he talked a few times of the true words?

In the days of the father there are thousands of species, no one does not love their children! Maybe he loves you but he is very shy, occasionally hug him he may be stiff all over, obviously when he was young, you hold in the palm of the hand and Kiss That's weird!

Do you know that in fact every father has a lot of embarrassed to ask his daughter? Most of the time, these mature men like to "use action" to show how much he cares about you, those traces of love hidden in the small details of life, today we want to speak for the father of the whole world, 13 they want to give their daughter's life attitude, secretly for his father said: "I will always cherish you." 」

1. Pay attention to the way a man loves his mother, because that will be the way he loves you.

2. You can do anything you want to do, you can do scientists, astronauts, including toilet, assemble furniture, these are all you can do.

Also share with you the story of a celebrity-daughter: Will Smith and his daughter, Willow, are known as screen-daughter files. In 2012, when Willow published his shaved hair on the internet, causing media attention, the media pointed out that Smith and his wife divorced so that the child with a haircut to resist, in response to this, Smith has publicly responded: " we let her determine the length of their hair , This is also to let her know:"You have your own body autonomy", if I don't let her make all the decisions, I fear that one day she will be because of other men and the things they want to do. So we want to try to get her to do all the things she wants to do, as much as she can afford. "(Recommended you see: French mother relaxed upbringing, children good happy good free )

3. It is unfair that people will judge you by your looks and appearances, but it is cruel that the world operates in a pattern that you must remember. So before you go out in the morning, you can still look in front of the mirror and pick the clothes that carry your beautiful qualities. (Dear: You are actually more beautiful than you think )

4. Don't let your beautiful appearance surpass your intelligence, nothing is more attractive than women's intelligence. (Recommended reading: women, you do not have only one appearance )

5. Don't let anyone become your mind, there are too many people who want to change you.

6. Reading literature will strengthen your mind, and reading the science business will feed your head, and you need two of them .

Read the Promise: Remember when I was a child dad read bedtime stories to you? The United States has broken the "bedside reading" of the Golden Records, a father in his daughter in grade four and she made a pact: every day before bedtime to read the story to her, this agreement is so uninterrupted until the daughter left to go to college. During this period, the man's marriage had a crack, the daughter's mother left home, the man's father died, the family only two left, reading become two people rely on each other, accompanied by the way. This commitment, which has lasted more than eight years, 3,218 nights, and this daughter, Alice, also published in 2012, "Reading promise: Father and we share the book." In Benjamin's Magical Journey, the protagonist's old daughter reads his diary every day at his bedside. family always want to share the best with you , dear you are not also want to and your parents to read the marathon. (You'll like it: It's the routine of love that accompanies you all your life )

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7. You do not need to ask anyone to love you, and the right person will reach you even though it is through the universe.

8. Do not worry about peer pressure and insecurity, you do not have to force yourself to adapt to those situations, have confidence point! You are very charming.

9. If a man loves you, he will respect you and give you space for thought. Do not let anyone take away from you what they cannot return to you, such as your innocence and happiness. (You'll like: boys are worried, men are reassuring )

You may have seen the father at the daughter's wedding touching and humorous speech, and then help everyone to review:"I said to the Lord, let her happy." So she met you, did you see the happy look on her face? I've never seen it until she met you, and I'm thankful for that. Today, I want to give my best to you, but before this I want you to remember how much effort I took to make her such a good woman, so you do not suggest that I say one more thing! Son-in-law, don't screw it up! "(I recommend that you look at the album of Happiness: The wedding classic moment with tears in your smile )

10. From your birth in this world, you are perfect, whether the body, or the mind, if one day you want to tattoo, don't forget to find me a father and daughter tattoo! (recommended you see: no matter how big the daughter, is the father's heart forever Little girl )

11. Although someone can always smile at you in the distance, but when you go to college and leave home, he was in the bed collapsed crying, don't forget to call him on your first night away from home, tell him you love him. (Right!) That he is me)

Hey, do you remember Dad's big palm thick cocoon, in the heart secretly make a wish, the future of another companion must have the same hands as this man, as a child of this hand led us to go to kindergarten, when the two hands for us to tidy up to move out of the luggage, out of society occasionally come home these hands will always boil a table of good dishes, Married. These hands lead us to another man. He seems to be forever the most faithful audience in life, even if just very far away to look at us, as long as the hands of his hand, you can go to a happier place. (Three letters to children: family's love for us is a bit stupid, but very sincere )

12. I know you're going to be 30, but you're still my little girl.

13. I will always love you!

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