" What can I do with a design department?"

Let's share with Wang Hongan.

Find answers that belong to yourself, not be limited.

Hong'an, not just the backpack who travel everywhere, but also the sofa that hosts other people's

uses a pair of design eyes to appreciate the beauty of the world.


You like to play around all over the world, and you have also been the host of tourism festivals. In fact, the background is the design of a background.When his father was involved in architectural design, he was exposed to a fine art form, and he was a little boy.Fortunately, parents don't care about the secular outlook, and they don't have to be guided by the discipline that they think of as the main, but rather to let her choose the path suited to her, and thus develop a life that is different from that of a girl of the same age.

She studied design at the university, and she went to Europe for a month together with one of her classmates to look at the local architecture.This trip was an important turning point for her, and the church, architecture, and so on as seen in the books were all really in front of her, allowing her to decide to combine tourism and design.As a result, he originally wanted to make a travel book, combining design and interest, but the instructor wasn't practical. He felt that it was impossible for him to publish a fake tourist book, and he had to give up the idea.But the travel book has become a dream that has always been in her mind.


After graduation, Wang entered the work of the general company, and although it was pretty good, it wasn't what he liked to do.At that time, when the creative market became popular, she saw the first book of the creative market designer in the bookstore. She was very excited. She felt that why so many people were so passionate about doing things, and she did what her boss asked her to do, but she didn't like anything.When the second book came out, she decided to resign.

After her resignation, she also took part in the creative market, because she thought she was going to be with the people in the circle, and that she would only live with the inside of the circle, and that she wouldn't be in the way of her own thinking.Now that people who like to make designs for their dreams, they have to know more about them.So she doesn't really look at her booths, but she goes everywhere to talk to people.

Participin in the creative market, and the publishers saw Wang An, and her work on the "Creative City" 103 >more convinced her that, "As long as there is a little bit of power to make some changes, dreams will be realized."" The publishers saw pictures of traveling Europe, and they offered to make a version of their plans to Wang. Therefore, after returning from university, the university wanted to combine tourism and design. Though it did not, it still came true after one or two years.It was also because of the publication of a book in Europe, which originally only used tourism as an interest, and found that it was really feasible to combine tourism and design. It was also one of her career plans, and the focus was on tourism.

is good faith, not language

She is not afraid of communication difficulties in the language of many countries around the world." In fact, my language will only be English, Chinese, and Taiwanese, but as long as there is sincerity in communication, language is not the key."

When Wang recalled back to France and Spain, he was worried that they would be arrogable, not to be proud of what they said, and then found out that they were actually very friendly, not proud of them, but rather dared to speak English.Even though he asked the local people in English, he might answer you in French or Spanish. But the amazing thing is, if you listen very carefully and seriously look at his face, you really understand what he's talking about." In different countries, the process of communicating the road in different languages and finding a map to reach their destination are all like enjoying the pleasure of being in the same place."

Sleep on the

The backpack is a thing that everyone knows in Taiwan.Couch Surfing is a relatively unfamiliar area.How did Wang An know how to play the game in the first place?And she told us, " When I went abroad, I met people from other countries and heard the couch from them, and I thought it was an interesting thing, and I would have to try it."

First, she took her sister to Shanghai and lived in an Australian boy who lived in Shanghai for seven years.The first time he met, the other party immediately gave the key to Wang An.She was surprised to find that they were so open-minded, and trusted to play." I don't think I'm just going to be a hotel or a hotel, so I'll spend some time with them, because I like to talk to people, and I like to understand a different culture.When sharing the experience of the couch, Acer tells us how we can make ourselves more than tourists." That's a little more fun.If you are just a tourist attraction, and if you don't interact with the local people, you can't really understand the people and the lives of the locals."

Another time, she went to Japan and lived in a sixty-year-old grandpa, the 'Couch Surving King' in Kyoto, the city of Manning.After Grandma's death, Grandpa decided to spend the rest of his life traveling with him. For every person who had come to play, he had no tiny waitresses, so he felt his passion and vitality.For Acer's experience, each experience and exchange is one of the most memorable and most valuable collections in the tourism industry.

Abib missionaries in the deep ploughing

In addition to taking the job abroad, Wang also took part in the Taiwan Youth Commission's Grand Tour Taiwan Plan, allowing young people to take a different view of Taiwan and the Taiwan area.

"A lot of things can be done, so we need to find a reason not to do it."If what you do is linked to your personal life experience, that thing is that you can't do it." Honeywell is thinking about how to play the Taiwan area.At that time, though they thought about how to go to Taiwan, the Catholic Church was a part of life, and felt that it was close to her life and felt that it was not her, and that she decided to use the "Abien Playing in the Gulf" to propose a proposal.

The process of seeking a visit is not so compliant.When the priest did not understand what Wang was doing, he would ask her to find someone else, and she had eaten a lot of closed doors.It took a dozen hours to go to the remote mountains of the East River and Hsinchu's Chienshih Rural Township.However, she still used every holiday, and she used her enthusiasm to complete interviews with more than a dozen missionaries.

A priest who has been in Taiwan for 40 or 50 years has not only been a missionary, but has taken the island as a home, and really loves this land and has done something more.The Father of the Flower, Liu Yil-li, who had a deep impression — —, had introduced the concept of recycling resources from abroad 20 years ago, and started resource recovery in Hualien.Now it's a collection of books, because he feels that the value of the book is not the same as that of the paper, so it is a small library to sort out the books they have collected."What touched me was, whether it was a resource recovery or a library, he didn't care how little it was to start with this matter, how small it was, to do it right!"And therefore, no matter whether there is anything in return, Wang-an always acts as a matter of action as long as he wants to do something.


How can she have constant power to do so much about her?And she wanted to say, " Because dreams, passion, so I'm working hard."

" The dream doesn't pay taxes.If you don't need anyone's permission, you don't need anything. If you don't even dare to think like this, then you will not dare to do anything.She believed that if you want to get it, you can do it." When I received a radio interview last year, the host asked me what else I wanted to do. I said I hope to be the host of the tour's purpose in two years.After saying that, she began to pay attention to some of the opportunities around him. After two months, she hosted an outdoor show." If I had never thought about it, I wouldn't have happened." She's moving fast. She always has an unending source of thought, and gives you a feeling of not being confined.

" Life without passion, no future, is miserable.If it is already your dream and your passion, it's what you want, even if it doesn't have money, it will be hard, but it has nothing to do with me, or we have to work hard to achieve it.She says so seriously." I know what I'm trying to accomplish every moment is myself, not someone else.So what I'm doing is I'm going to live a life that I want five years later."

is courage to try something with no

Wang told us that there was a plank in her room, painted black, with chalk up there with a full dream and a dream to do.She wrote a second book, hoping to share it with a book and a speech, and at the end of the year she will host a series of radio programs, such as music, films, and so on.

Always stops at the pace and keeps setting up a new goal, and wants to see what degree he can achieve." It's important to have action, and it's useless to complain about it all the time."So she wouldn't complain, she wouldn't wait for someone else to give her a positive answer, but she had the courage to try something that didn't work."

"Life sucks without dreams." is a line that Wang wants to share with you.It's a thorn in her arm that she's always believed in, constantly reminding her, always dreaming.

The harder it is to understand that, the more difficult it is not to be infected by her passion.The vitality and tone of speech and speed, the happy laughter, the straightforward personality, and the simplicity of her short hair, all of which are all about her sincerity and openness to all things.And let's see a girl who is full of ideas and who is serious and perseverance to what he wants to do.