Two people together, it is inevitable that there will be quarrels or friction, can meet a quarrel hundreds of times also willing to hold the other hand, please cherish!

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Lovers often have a little tacit understanding of each other, such as exclusive each other's nickname, or the exclusive anniversary of two people ... And so on, from these words or the daily life of the dialogue, in fact, inadvertently confided to each other full of love , today to share with you the fun words, let everyone together sweet dead! (Extended reading: A romantic confession in a foreign language, which do you like?) )

Lovers may not often put me in love with you on the tip of the tongue, but can be from the daily life of the small quarrel to see full of love sweet, can have a person to understand your humor, only one can understand the tacit understanding, creating a exclusive two of the small universe. Today to share with you 7 more than I love you more can express love of fun words, if you also have more playful words, welcome to share the message Oh!

1. You're the only person I'll be texting after I'm drunk.

Someone drunk will cry loudly, but some people will drink spit truth, drunk after the opportunity to the usual shy afraid to say, but let each other's feelings more warm, even if you want to take care of drunken big spit of you, I would like to pull! (More in Love after intoxication: The subtle relationship between wine and sex )

2. I didn't think I was bored with you yet?!

This is incredible! Like many idol drama inside the plot, the male and female protagonist at the beginning is the enemy mutual dislike, but after getting along with slowly discovers each other's good, perhaps many couples sometimes also like this, every day to dislike each other, but actually already can not be separated from each other, now has not started to be bored, hereafter also

3. Thank you for not breaking our relationship, or abandoning our relationship.

Two people together, there will inevitably be quarrel or friction, some couples grinding but had to separate, can quarrel hundreds of times also willing to hold each other's hand, and try again, we should cherish. (Bedside noisy bed tail together:"Why not Divorce?") "In fact, a quarrel is the way to maintain marriage."

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4. I ㄒㄧˇ (ㄏㄨㄢ) you.

"Oh, what a nuisance!" ", lovers sometimes will be duplicity, obviously inseparable from each other, but always make a small temper, because know each other's love for us, so you can be in front of each other when a wayward little girl, but be careful, if the other side did not guess right, but the fight came to that but not worth, sometimes try to speak out of the heart, Mutual understanding can go longer Oh! (Boys really don't know: girls have words!) Sometimes men don't really want to guess.

5. My love for you is like diarrhea. I can't control it!

This description is really Ling! but sometimes like a person really no reason, say not clear where he is good, but is every day to see him, want to talk to him, when this symptom occurs, is that you love him to be unable to extricate oneself!

6. Thank you for your clumsy way of seducing me.

In love, someone has to take the courage to step out of it, thank you for willing to lay down their face, to defeat fear of rejection, courage to hold my hand so that we can now have such a happy life. PS. But you hook up the tricks, you can practice more, haha. (Blush Red Dean you: six strokes of the senior Flirt Law, to help you capture his heart! )

7. Getting old together and getting worse!

Sometimes when I was walking along the road, I saw my old wife holding hands. A moment of passion may be gorgeous, but can accompany each other through the long years of steady, more people envy, let us like that song said: "Love love Forever", let us hold hands slowly grow old!

Each couple has a story of their own, of course, there are each other just listen to understand the words of love, it is inevitable that there will be uncertain time, so need to express their love to each other in a timely manner, some people are good at Sweet talk, some people will only be stupid to pay for each other, but regardless of that one way of expression, As long as the love to each other to communicate to each other know, that is the most suitable for you, I hope everyone will love to communicate well to each other know, I wish everyone happiness. (Secretly learn: from five love movies, learn I love you to sentence )