There is an internship experience, is your every tomorrow, are stronger than today. See how women are obsessed with how to reflect on the baby, how to learn, how to grow at high speed.

Dreams are too big to imagine

I wonder if you have the same feeling? Sometimes I think there are many kinds of imagination about the future, but I don't know where the imagination will take us.

The dream is a too big imagination, the older the more difficult to use words to express. As a child, "my volunteer" composition is easy to write, strong written, simple to write, growing up more aware of the world, but found that life although there are more possibilities, but when people ask you "what do you want to do?" "The time, oneself still can easily tongue-tied, finally had to use a smile to make a knot to talk."

They always tell us to prepare for the future early, sometimes let people feel that the definition of the future is narrowly like "title" rather than dream, do not want to pursue the title and live, but in the confusion at the same time, but do not know how to use a sentence to define their dreams. There are always a lot of thoughts about dreams in the present moment: "To jump out of the comfort zone," keep your Own metime "," Brave to Love ", but also fear in front of the reality, these ideas are more like our dream before the posture, not specific enough to allow people to face the outside doubt. (Recommended reading: Stop it!) Dream meet is to earn! In this life I only do Huang Junrong )

The original growth let us know more people, but may not be more aware of themselves, the original definition of success, it is difficult to use the same definition to convince their dreams, we do not want to be changed by the world, but fear in the reality of the siege, we are left with only shallow imagination. (same field Gayon: write a brave letter for yourself every day )

Don't rush to classify yourself.

Holding such a question about the dream, in the Friday night of Women Fans Youth dream Salon, Small, Sunny, two miss three entrepreneurs share and talk, let me have a different understanding of the dream. (See Scene Direct strike: woman fan Salon-Dream two: entrepreneur, teach you how to realize the dream )

From Bill Gates to the story of jobs , we can easily use the achievement to imagine the beginning of the dream should be the sacrifice of all the firm and achievement of great ambition, but in reality, the beginning of the dream is not very vigorous, not necessarily very complete, in the process of talking, three people confessed to " Did not want to start a business ", but did not want to start the three people, now in the entrepreneurial circle have a different achievement.

In three entrepreneurs, I learned not to rush to classify themselves, even if the moment of doubt can not be justified to explain their dreams, it is important even if it is seemingly how small desire, you obey your heart?

Some things will eventually forget, but the throbbing is how also can not forget, more can not tell a lie. So what you should ask yourself in front of a dream is to be quick and unhappy, not to be unsuccessful. We spend most of our time with ourselves, but we always keep our eyes on the crowd. By others to define their own existence, in a post on the label, is we do not want to jump off the social value of the fear, over time we have to dream become dare not blatantly publicize, can only put in the heart to look forward to, but the dream of this matter to be persuaded is never someone else , but himself. Do not indulge in the fear of the unknown, you can not extricate yourself, to accept the different possibilities of life, let life in the unknown experience shuttle, in these things that do not belong to our lives after the collision with their own, we think of the dream will become more and more specific, those disturbed and painful after all will be achieved when looking back to the most greedy years. (You will also like:Love&free: Dreams do not run away, often only their own escape )

Practice how to move forward with your dreams in life

"Never measure a dream on a scale, it doesn't need to be great, it's not the way to decide the value of a dream." " we have the conditions to imagine the dream, but not practice how to go with the dream in reality, and let the dream become distant."

want to love that WHO, then love it, want to do something, then do it, want to jump off the status quo, then go to, the small imagination into a plan, start small, afraid of change, according to their most real desire to choose. No one choice is perfect, there will always be sacrifices, but the dream can only be achieved by action, rather than just the day to repeat the fantasy, confidently forward, and try to live the imagination of life, would be in the ordinary moment and success. (Recommended reading: can't realize the dream?) Then cut the dream to pieces.

When you move toward your dreams every day and don't give up on yourself, even if the changes are insignificant, you are victorious.