A few marketing ads allow us to understand that the "sex" image can also be less vulgar, unwind and elegant.

A pattern or a sexually suggissive pattern can always attract the attention of the public, because it is the original nature of the human being, but it is not consistent with this condition, but it is important to attract attention, and the quality of the communication is also very important!I'm going to share with you today some posters with a hint of fun and fun!

The text of "SEX ONLY NEEDS A FEW INCHES", which is written above the poster's poster at the top of the article, is a reflection of the abstract image of the imagination space, and it makes people think about its deeper meaning.

The above two series of series graphs do not use any live-action demonstration, but the expression is so clear and so obvious.

Lego can not only be built into a building, but also a variety of means of transportation. It can also be piled into hot and nude women. Even Marsek doesn't have to fight!

Have you ever wanted to sell a poster of the lingerie all the way to a man or a woman?

Such a fan, do you dare to use it in a public place?

Wait for the two bottles of Heinigen or Beer Beer to see if it's really going to change.

Wanna taste me?