Su Zihin, whether you've ever heard her name, once you've seen her once, her figure can be imprinted on your heart, bright hair, handsome play jean posture, her identity is many, from the violinist, traveling, to the Cross-border musicians, you can see from her to the spirit of complacency, so not the status quo, Instead, let her not be limited, playing a unique and unusually dazzling movement of life.

Spread out Suzi's resume and you will see a remarkable experience, at the age of three, he began to learn the piano, left Taiwan in high school, and went to the world's leading Juilliard School of Music, after returning to Taiwan to start a pluralistic music career, unlike the traditional music academy, she was a musician in the first row of the symphony Orchestra, Or in the music room to teach the students carefully, it is not like her, nor her.

She chose to walk a different way from the past, so that classical, with a rock, a hippie, jazz and so on a variety of music, to become a special part of their own unique movement, she is Su Zihin, the music industry's most brilliant cross-border violinist. ( Guo Jing, not the same )

Because of leaving, I find myself unable to have no music

That morning, we met with the sun on the sunny day, she is not like our imagination to learn the appearance of classical music girl, but her smile is very charming, when she talked about the dream, very charming. Looking at the self-confidence of the child, you can hardly imagine that she has been lost.

"Just entering Julia you will find that everyone is very strong, and then everyone opened their eyes to see what music you played, what competitions, and gradually began to care about other people's vision, this time the music is less a layer from the heart out of the real feelings." 」

Talking about the days of the conservatory, the son of the face flashed a little helpless and fresh memory, "Julia is the kind of fierce competition in the environment, the surface praise, but the table under the competition is very intense, so that period of time I was very depressed music, feel that the piano is to achieve the students teachers in the eyes of good standards." 」

So in the music on the road, the son of the choice first stop footsteps, karma for the name of the auction company, originally intended to work a year or two later go back to school, but never went back to school! (Some things, 30 years old before don't dispute )

"The first month is very happy, because the piano is placed in the bed angle, completely not move, finally can not have been constantly practicing the piano!" "Zi Yin said that is actually a kind of psychological pressure release, can temporarily put down the piano, also temporarily put down the music person's life."

One months later, the beginning of a friend invited to play or perform, no longer be examined by the performance, but become no pressure, until later the son only to find that these times they are the most happy.

"It turns out that for me music has irreplaceable importance," he said. The release of the mind in music was not felt anywhere else, and from that point on, I realized that music was important to me. 」

It was the first time she had discovered her true love for music. It's an opportunity, but she's still a little unsure, until the company sends her a job as a world master pianist, Zi Yin remembers that he had given this master a long time ago, but because the master's clients are almost all world-renowned musicians, the son of a student was not noticed, until he had the opportunity to play the violin in front of the master because of his work.

"He said to me very seriously that he thought I should go back to the music path." This sentence gave me a lot of power, because he heard countless people play the piano, all the world's Masters will go to him to tune the piano, such people told me that he felt I have my characteristics, it is a great encouragement and affirmation. 」

When you stand away from your dreams, you can really find how much you desire, the two years away from the music, so that the son more sure of their true feelings of music, but also let her music is no longer for others to play, but with their favorite way of arbitrary sway, such music, a little more pure, but also more courage and truth.

Inspiration, go out and you can find

"Life is important to me," he said. Because your life experience will appear in the music. "Zi Yan feels that people have no way to stay in the same city and constantly inspire inspiration, a place to stay for a long time, will be too accustomed to the city's breathing and pace, for musicians, different experience and stimulation is necessary, so every year, the son of the carry harp away, looking for can inspire inspiration City.

The year before the last trip to Kyushu Island, Paris, was a completely unfamiliar language of the city, but also should hear and see a more different world. Zi Yin is accustomed to creating in travel, sometimes with the piano, sometimes just record the creation of a mobile phone melody, travel in addition to life transfers, but also the real experience of each journey of the different surprises, these surprises into music inspiration, and therefore the performance has a new view and definition.

"When the performance becomes more, you will find that sometimes it is difficult to not be tired, and can not always be in the best state, but also because of travel, let me suddenly figured out!" In fact, every performance, is just a big picture of a small point, now very concerned about, but spread out a look is nothing, so after each performance I will show the state of my day, although not necessarily every day the state is very good, but that performance is my present mood show. "When music becomes life, as with all things, there will be happy and frustrated when, because of these different experiences and feelings, so that Zi Yin in the Cross-border performance can be converted freely, with their most comfortable way to present to the audience, to create each unique wonderful performance.

Forget what others say, life is your own.

"I have many layers of people in my bones," he said. Said the son with a smile. Such a multidimensional she seems doomed to not be able to live a life, because the heart of the soul in the collision to find more different possibilities.

The 15-Year-old went abroad, with the aura of Juilliard, everyone thought she should stay in New York, but Su Zihin decided to quit her steady job and return to Taiwan. "In fact, I do not know what will happen, just think I want to readjust my way of life, first came back to see, in fact, was very simple, just feel that I did not return to Taiwan before 30 years old should not come back." So take a vacation in the mood to look back first. "Just back in Taiwan, the fact is not very good, even parents are opposed to using Taiwan's low pay environment to intimidate her." (Female fans tell you that the most important thing about finding a job is not salary. )

"But I only know that if I am 25 years old to the future, the growth of life is only salary, for me there is no feeling of living." "Zi Yin Life analogy for learning music, after learning a song began to progress to the next, if the stagnation will have a habit of suffocation feeling."

"Now I will do so many different attempts, in addition to personality, I think people live once, some things do not try you do not know whether you like." "She holds an open mind, so whenever there is a chance to try, even the piano bar to perform, in the eyes of the self-demeaning, it is a great opportunity for her to touch jazz, the music circle can be more understanding." (In New York, a trip to jazz music )

"As long as you know exactly where you're going, every step in the process is not a waste, and it's their business to say you, after all, it's your life, not their life." 」

Every time a perfect performance of the Cross-border, there is a double effort behind

"I first came in contact with the Irish violin, which is different from the classical violin presentation, but also found that the music more fascinating place, I have to write a song in this style." "It was the first cross-border performance, and she showed a different style of violin in the National Recital Hall." Later, working with jazz pianists, and also through the soundtrack of the film, can always find different pleasures from each experience, and also from every cross-border more diligent in their own skills.

Contact with the electric violin, the pair is a charming encounter, in New York with the electric violinist Joe Deninzon met, let her first heard the sound of the violin, and that feeling is like met reunion friend, "I have been waiting for this voice for a long time!" "That's what she said. Then the son played Loop, which is a one-person orchestra music model, through the stack of layers in the way, showing the violin, electric violin and electric guitar three kinds of characters.

Try a variety of musical appearance, every time to see the boundaries of the son, all feel is a perfect performance, we are always naïve to think she is a gifted music talented person, but in fact this behind, pay is several times more than others efforts.

"At first a promise and urchin MJ116 cooperation, go back to think, very cool is true, but I did not know how long before the hippie!" "But she didn't concede, uh, after a whole week of play. After the beginning of the Cross-border cooperation, finally, wipe off the stunning sparks.

On the stage one minute Taiwan next ten years work this sentence is not false, but Su Zihin smiled and described all this, as if the whole body of cells are telling everyone how much she loves music, Zi yin charm is too difficult to describe, a bit naughty play heart, but insist on the quality of each performance.

Visit the end, we are somewhat reluctant, Su Zihin with us to share the dream story and the General people a little different, not the kind of the beginning of the declaration I want to become a world-class musician's blood dream, but which kind of some naughty but incredibly firm a dream, Su Zihin walk in their dreams on the road, Perhaps not entirely in accordance with the image of the success of everyone's imagination, perhaps she finally did not know how far to go, but to be sure, in the process of dreaming, Su Zihin enjoy each process, enjoy each and the music to breathe together for a moment. Finally, Su Zihin secretly told us that she was going to book the end of the year! But she mysteriously said that the book does not talk about her past. "Because my next three years is definitely more wonderful than my past three years!" "This, is domineering and shines the incomparable self-confidence, Suzi." (also come to see her story: all the way clever Liu Yoo: I have a life of rebellion to dance )