A female singer who makes a sweet song, lets many people sleep with the exciting lyrics of the night. How does Guo Jing sing a moving melody?

In the slightly rainy evening, we hid in the East Side Café, the café with retro smell, each of exquisite and elegant, as if stepping into another time and space. And then, step into the box of the petite girl, with fresh and cheerful smile to greet everyone, she is Guo Jing, even if ran all day notice still did not put tired hanging in the face, her arrival, let the café more hot contact up. See Guo Jing, we think of seven or eight years ago her long black hair, green appearance, but the clear song is unforgettable, and the immediate Guo Jing, slender figure with neat short hair, you can see the vitality in her heart, Guo Jing is not the same! From the original pure daughter sound, to the present urban female voice, more than some mature, from her eyes, we also saw a light, it is the dazzling light after metamorphosis. (Another dazzling story, a crazy Chen Yihan for himself )

The first metamorphosis, stepping into the showbiz

talking about the opportunity to enter the showbiz, Guo Jing feel very lucky, has always been like singing, also have a star dream, just the father's friend is Linfair record planning director, have an audition opportunity, then officially into the Fu Mao Records. Although lucky, but from the official hair film also waited for five years, five years after the first song, "I do not want to forget You", sing every brokenhearted girl's sadness, let Guo Jing a cannon and red, become pure Love female voice representative.

We are curious, if did not become a singer, Guo Jing future plan how to go? She didn't hesitate to say, "should do the promotion cheerleading work!" "From the new University celebration Cheerleading team, all the way to and a group of friends to set up the current Taiwan's leading amateur cheerleading group" Monster ", until now recalled the youthful blood, Guo Jing still think that it is a glorious experience in life. but also fortunately, Guo Jing became a singer, singing in the hearts of many people.

after becoming a singer, Guo Jing did not just settle for a single identity, she tried acting and began to preside. The singer may just have to finish every piece in the studio, but the host and acting but there is a large part of the need to take the initiative to performance and observation, because of this, Guo Jing from even visits are not very will answer, to be able to stand on stage fluent to cope with the scene, learn something different, but also more cherish the identity of the singer. (Listen to Pan Yuwen said, after 30 years old still want to sing the Dream story )

In fact, the singer is relatively simple, because in the studio is their own space, do not worry about external performance or other people's eyes, can enjoy the play. ”

Guo Jing put down the chair for the time being without having to worry about asking different people what the problem is, but also miss the day when the video was wearing high heels. It was her first metamorphosis, from cheerleading, to being a singer, actress, or even a host of different roles, between transitions, to see the different self.

The second metamorphosis, from pure love to mature

Guo Jing released five Zhang Chunyai album, we saw the green hair, the beautiful short hair, the sixth album selected the first five songs, for Pure Love to do a summary and review, after this, Guo Jing where to go? In fact, I thought for a long time, hoping to sing a new direction different from pure love. "Also happens, when the song received a lot of different styles of songs, she decided to say good-bye to Pure love, with" The Affair "this album let everyone see different from the past mature demeanor.

Guo Jing said that the most impressed her is the "Instant Love" this song.

"This song talk About love, very often happen in life around, but can not talk with friends, it is kind of some sad also some regrettable mood." ”

the sharp point of one-night situation description, written by Ligueti words, but realism, and Xu Jiaying of the song is neutralized the original sharpness, the song into another a bit psychedelic also a bit free and easy realm. Guo Jing in this album tried the modern dance, in the makeup and modelling also has many breakthroughs, she began to reveal the shoulder, the smile also from the cheerful change to introverted and mysterious.

"A lot of people say that I see a different kind of me, in fact, my personal clothes are very neutral, which is my first attempt to feminine side, but also let me see the new self." ”

It takes a lot of courage to do such a challenge! Guo Jing Heart of struggle but only a moment. She said: "In fact, when I first started looking in the mirror, did I really want to do this?" "But in the end, trying to change, the results are not as bad as imagined, instead of seeing the metamorphosis of their own, and then understand that there are more possibilities." "

in the album, we heard a lot of changes, singing different, sound sounds have a different flavor. Guo Jing First surprised the woman fascinated by the careful discovery, and then we talked about the difference between the interpretation of the song. "The previous sounds were brighter, as if they were happy at any time." "The resonance of the past in the head, but now gradually downward, in the evaluation of genre, Guo Jing decided to use a different style of singing, singing that more level of maturity."

after seven albums and many thrilling songs, what was Guo Jing's favorite song? We thought she would say some unforgettable love song, or a song with a strong style, but her answer is "My little forest" with a happy melody of the sketch. the melody of this song is very light, a kind of natural relaxed feeling. She likes the lyrics described in the mood, it is a relaxed and comfortable place, and her mind in the beautiful world is not far away, she said, if unicorns can also appear in this small forest is too perfect! unicorns have always been Guo Jing favorite animals, not because of romance, but because always feel unicorns have a kind of domineering and positive energy, like Guo Jing himself. (Be true to your son: I'm not a big star )

From the ARIA to the modelling, the metamorphosis actually naturally, bravely stepped out that step, saw the different oneself, but turned a look, we had a fling another Guo Jing.

The next page, and the most beautiful Guo Jingyan meet.

The third metamorphosis, and the most beautiful of their own encounters

Listen to Guo Jing chat, is kind of enjoyment, that night she ordered delicious seafood pasta, and all the girls in the presence of the delicious dessert, the eyes of the Guo Jing, less distance, but also more real warm, Guo Jing said, met with delicious food, is also a kind of affair.

"The affair may be very short, but all the time in the occurrence, perhaps is the traveling to see a window, lets the person to the present beautiful production even section, the affair is and the good person thing and the mood encounters." ”

Guo Jing in the mind of the affair is very romantic, let us can't help but curious Guo Jing real experience, she shyly said: "In fact, with people really little." "Because it's more shy, the security mechanism starts automatically when someone comes up with a conversation," he said. "Once in Japan was accosted, in the other party still too late to say a word I have to escape the knife!" "

such a Guo Jing some shy but always optimistic and cheerful, she said that she is often the sisters to confide in the object of love, she is a good listener, and not have to give advice. "There are times when the bystanders always speak easily. "The simple word, also said the mature sentiment view."

"Compared to the vigorous, I like the old wife's kind of love mode." If it is true to break up, or will struggle, but in fact love is so, let oneself burst into tears after the healing, if not put down now how to meet better? "Guo Jing says everyone has different ways of healing, but it's important to talk to yourself, because people say it's more than they need to get out of it."

at the end of the visit, we asked the questions that women fans always discussed extensively, and sang this much-broken love, and believed in true love. Guo Jing not hesitate to say: "Still want to believe true love Ah!" Always feel that God has its own arrangements, one day the people will appear, and we can do is to maintain a happy mood, in such a mood to greet the most beautiful encounters. "

We chatted a lot with the food, cold and humid Taipei night, because of the story of Guo Jing and added some temperature and light, this night, we left the rain behind, a good night.

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