With your iPhone worldwide, the screen unlocking icon can also be a creative element of marketing ads.

the launch of the new iPhone 5, the fourth generation iPhone 5, which is now the world's most eye-catching model, the iPhone is still sweeping around the world. As a result, a variety of iPhones have been introduced. Today, they will introduce creative products that are themself-focused on the right slide on the iPhone screen!

One is not slipperproof

The left graph is an app on an iPhone, and it's a test of how much time you can slide on all the sliders in the right direction, but you're not going to get hooked on the right track?This small game can satisfy your imagination. The right picture is the back shell of a cell phone, and there is a feeling of confusion and confusion.

Sliding to use

When the iPhone is red to a level, even the slide bar function becomes like a LOGO or a representative pattern, and is printed on various items of living goods, from the most common mug to a vacuum cup, or even an iPad bag ... (Does the iPad also have a slide bar function?) More iPad Creative Design Packages: Put interesting clothes on for your iPad

Slide before entering the door

This is a very interesting and clever derivative, and when the door's people don't consciously follow the action of the icon, the dirt of the sole is erased!

Move the slide bar firing

In addition to being able to open a slide, it is best to add a fingerprint recognition function to avoid the car being left by passersby.And finally, it's a series of costumes that are full of imagination.

A 3C product's function icon was put on the clothes, and it could cause such a huge imagination. I believe that the designers of the Apple team had never expected to use it this way.