Is it suitable for all ages? has always been a topic of social discussion, in fact, to meet your mind, the body of the fit, age is never a problem.

"Before 3.5, when I had sex with my fiancee Sarah in bed, I had a heart attack and I was sent to an emergency room." That year I was 48 years old, she 26 years old, we have 22 years gap. But once we did not feel that the age gap has any problem. 」

Have you ever talked about the love of all ages? Young and old love needs not only the courage to cross the age, but also the knowledge of the age gap behind the fact that may be accompanied by all kinds of risks. Age, is not the same starting point, can not hinder the two souls of the true rendezvous, but may really let the intersection of the road hard some. (Recommended reading: fall in love with SIS, age is not distance )

This audio and video is an honest portrayal of the concerns of the young and old, with simple strokes depicting modern love, whether we talk about young or old, or have struggled. from the hero's sudden heart attack into the ward, the heroine faces the grim truth behind the age gap, " perhaps one day I will love someone much earlier than I left the world." "

And although the same old and young parents have warned her that the age gap is very hard, she said: "But that is their story, not ours." That's her reality, not mine yet."(because love, IS has the courage to hurt )

So the story begins!

New York Times-modern Love from Freddy Arenas on Vimeo .

"sarah always believed I was going to be okay, which was very important to me. I realized that although I didn't think my life was important, there was one person in the world who thought my life was important. That made me come alive. "The man who had a heart attack said.

"Yes, of course I was afraid that such a thing would happen again." But isn't that the fear of everyone? We are afraid of the love of the people will leave us. "sarah said.

"I used to live my life. I smoke two packs a day, I overeat, I drink too. This has been the case for the past 30 years. Sometimes I think on many levels, when I meet Sarah, it's the beginning of my life. "(Recommended to you: a married man's confession: for you, I want to be a better person )

What love can do, sometimes let you save yourself. Sometimes what love can do, are save you from yourself.

Meet a person, let you fear that one day he will leave, and you are reluctant to.
Meet someone, make you believe you need to be reborn, because he's so good, you want to be better.
Meet a person, let you find your life is so important, as if all the moment has meaning.
Meet a person, take up a person's hand, together to walk through the feelings of all the sweet and sad.

Hope that after reading this audio and video, our hearts head, can remember, life is so, but there is such a person, is really good.