A simple two-step healthy snack that you can complete!

How to:

  1. Wash the white fungus (about two or two), dip it in clear water, wash the heads, and add water to the electric cooker to evaporated.
  2. Put in the sugar sauce, then steam for about 5 minutes, dissolve the ice, remove the chill, and then check in the refrigerated freezer.

eat it, you scoop some white fungus with some soup, and you put it in a juice machine, and you can add some honey or fructose flavoring to the fruit juice, if you add the chopped pear or apple, or apple, to drink.

Meet the healthy new taste

white fungus ("white fungus") is a very good food. In fact, the white fungus is a very good food. In fact, the effect of the white fungus is not as good as the swiftlet's nest, and the price is much cheaper.But if you want to remind you not to buy a color bleached white fungus, the color yellow will not matter, as long as the water is soaked, it will become white.

time for taking the white fungus soup into a fruit juice machine is not too long, and it also has a good taste, and has the effect of moistening the lungs and beautifying the skin.