I hope you can pay more attention to the needs of left-handed people in this day, in education, daily life, the design of tools to pay attention to the rights of the left-handed.

Womany Knitting Press:
The annual international left-handed days! Remember when the class was found left-handed, always stare at his hand, it is different from the ordinary way of writing is always fascinating to see . Although left-handed in life will encounter total inconvenience, but in fact, in the eyes of right-handed, but a special existence! If left-handers are still worried about the trouble , try the following happy thoughts . (Left-handed people deeply agree: International Left-handed day, those of us in the heart of the Trouble )

8/13 is international Left-handed day! The festival was created by some left-handed American organizations. Because left-handers are born in a right-handed world to grow up, there will always be a lot of trouble in life, so I hope you can in this day, a lot of attention to the needs of lefties, in education, daily life, the design of tools to pay attention to the rights of left-handed people.

Although in life, left-handed seems to live in the right-handed world, there will be some inconvenient place, but in fact, to change the point of view, as left-handed is actually very unique!

1. Because I'm special.

Only about 10% of the world's people are left-handed, with fewer in Asia and probably only 7-8%, as more parents in Asia can correct their children to become right-handed. It's so scarce, don't you think of me as a treasure?

2. Because I have special tools.

Left hand scissors, left hand Golf club, left hand hockey pole, right hand baseball glove ..., these things are specially tailored for me, whenever in the use of special tools, I feel very special.

3. Because you can flirt with your right-handed elbow without affectation.

At the time of eating can be seamless with right-handed lovers to play the intimacy of the elbow, so happy I did not deliberately oh! (Extended reading: the difference between hook and hand )

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4. Because I've always been praised for being smart.

Although the latest research shows that lefties are not as high as IQ, many people will compliment him on his cleverness as soon as they see Lefty. I do not know clever, but thank you for your praise!

5. Because of the movement, no one can guess my next step

My usual opponent is right-handed, regardless of basketball, feather ball or table tennis, you must not guess through my attack, beware of my attack kill you unprepared Yo!

6. Because there's an excuse for losing the wrist.

Every time I have a super cute excuse for the wrist force: Alas, will lose all because I am left-handed!

7. Because there are exclusive festivals

In addition to the birthday unexpectedly there are exclusive festivals, left-handed day happy!

After reading the above seven points, as left-handed you have not felt the happiness of left-handed? And as right-handed you, have you ever started to try to be a happy lefty? Right-handed children may wish to try to be a day on the left hand, to experience the inconvenience and uncommon left-handed, let us use action to smooth the differences between the children, today together to be left-handed!