People are starting to talk about the impact of mobile phone, tablet, and parent-child interaction.The entry angle begins with an obstacle to parenting and the behavior of parents in the new era.

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Our slide phone, maybe a Facebook, instagram , perhaps a letter, perhaps read the news."slippere" is a necessary action in life, and as time grows, we don't change that habit, from the students to the upper class, from the shift to professional women , and we continue to slide. This is a phenomenon that can be seen everywhere in the Sliding Generation, and in the digital age, in addition to impact on society, life, and the negative impact on society, it may be possible to think in a different direction.(Interesting discovery: Technology makes us lonely?Studies show ...

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The pediatrics team at Boston University Medical Center published a field observation log in the American pediatrics journal, which they will see with their own eyes, "Parent phone usage" and "child interaction live".A total of 55 sets of parent-child files, of which up to 40 groups of parents were pulled out of their cell phones while the children were eating.A number of Hong Kong manufacturers have also conducted a survey on children this year, of which 45 % are unhappy. Of these children, one of them because are too much fun to play on tablets or smart phones.

As with the survey, more and more people are starting to explore the impact on parent-child interaction after the popularity of mobile phones and tablets.The majority of the cut-in angle is the behavior of parents who start cruselling the new era from the way they interfere with their parents' interaction.

We do not deny the impact of technology development on the family. It is also absolutely agreed that a balance should be struck between the frequency of use and the need to avoid the latent problem of family education.But today, we want to cut in from other angles. We don't want to look at it with a rigorous social vision or remind "what the mother should do, or else," and to give the parents a little more "personal space" for the parents who have worked hard to raise their children. Why can't mommy be able to slide the phone?(Recommended reading: Improper Mummy, Children Faster )

Mobile phone, an exit from mother's life

In the MRT, on the bus, the commuters brush their time off; the dining room, parents, slippery, slippery, are like trying to cover up the children's noise.The whole city, the people of different ages are slipping, however, different identities will increase different pressures. Students slip into adults as if they were normal, young!Media reports about the phenomenon of young people's heads down, research points out that the bad things are about to be done, and about this.But if their parents are in the Internet, it seems to be the culprits responsible for the bad children, the damage to family harmony, all the reasons for the failure of education, and look at all kinds of harsh criticism, and lament that after being a parent, it seems that they cannot become the people of the age.

In the past, when she was busy, she was busy working hard to get home. He was the beginning of the second job. There was no doubt about the size of the child. He recorded the important moment of the child, watched them climb up, and destroyed the family while playing with creativity, playing with them, and teaching them to know the world.

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And now, because of technology development, children have new toys and dependencies, and parents are learning and using them, regardless of their parents' ability to educate their children or to work outside the world to absorb all kinds of rules and regulations.Then, in a few moments when the child has been playing, he has a handy chat with a friend who hasn't been in touch with him in a long time, and has a long time to chat with friends who have not been in contact with him.(Don't forget to ask yourself: You, Me Time today?)

It's hard work, it's already done.

Dear mothers, they may be able to handle outstanding work, reply letters and client communications through their mobile phones; use Facebook to care for family and friends far away; learn more about new knowledge; learn more; learn more; try to reach young things; communicate education with their children; or just take a break to see youtube a little bit more relaxed, whatever the reason, it's all right.

It is true that parenting is important, but it is not the most important. Everyone is trying to be a better parent. Please don't be too stressful. Because parents don't have to do anything for their children, they're not the only thing that makes your children know that they're not always looking after their parents. Eventually, one day, they learn how to live independently and explore the world.

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Don't denounce the mother of your mobile phone, don't condemn them for not putting their eyes on the child all the time.Because although they are mothers, they can have other identities, and they deserve to have their own lives.Therefore, we do not condemn and do not ask mothers to have all the eyes of the mothers, not to define what kind of family education is full, and not to restrict all the behaviors of mothers.(Tender: Mother, the sweetest name all day

We want to say it loudly, thank you for every mother in the digital age, and being a woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, clerk, and so on, is a very difficult thing to do, and we know that you're doing your best in every role, and you bravely find a balance that belongs to you.Next time you slide your mobile phone and try to find yourself in a little space, we won't quarrel about how you change your head and don't care about us. We'll change it: " Mom, you've worked hard!Thank you, we all know that you've done everything you've done, and it's great. You've done it well."