The magic cube is bound together.Or, perhaps, their own experience is the most romantic magic.

womany editor:
Tour world was once a good, distant dream, but now it is slowly getting around.With a backpack on the back, a brave step forward, you can embark on the journey of your dreams!Now more and more people are starting to become backpack customers , and there are more and more ways of traveling around the world. Let's take a look at this Harvard Graduate School , and use Magic Box to link the world.(Recommended reading: Don't be "non-de-free" limit, become more familiar with the heartbeat of a city )

There are many ways to travel around the world. Some people choose to record in the way they dance. Some people choose to connect different countries by way of walking image. Others are the hands of their partners, and they know the beauty of all parts of the world.And the Nuseir Yassin, who graduated from Harvard in May, decided to ask 11 countries and 100 people to help him crack a magic cube in the two-month period of the backpack.(Isn't it cool!)

Bridges to talk to strangers

In a strange country, sometimes it's always the difference of language, or the fear of a stranger, who doesn't dare to speak.Don't be afraid anymore, maybe you can learn Nuseir Yassin, setting a goal through the entire journey, not only to talk to strangers, but also to have a consensus with each other and have a synergy of goals from the beginning.Everyone seems to be happy to help him solve his magic cube by Nuseir Yassin asking for help.(Recommended reading: A stranger to a stranger!Kiss, the art of beauty in the world )

May not be the one with the brother (Laughter)

See Infinite Creativity

A small rotation can be fun and fun because of different occupations, different personalities, or different things that you're doing differently.

Some people use the chin wisecracks in their wisecracks.

Some people rotate in the water.

Some people go with a background humour.

Some people find the windows of the train.

Some people just ended the birthday party and immediately started.

A street performer revolve together.

Some people change with family.

Some people kissing while kissing.

From a small motion, you can see so many ways, and maybe you can knock that person's personality from a different approach. For example, some people are very slow, some people are careful, and some people like to cooperate with others. It's very interesting.

This group of people is a kind of magic in itself.

After watching the movie, with the music that was pleasant and light, we saw the Nuseir Yassin successfully connected with the hearts of all of us by magic cube.It seems simple but in fact the reason behind it is so profound that people from different professions and different countries can accomplish one thing together.Suddenly, we think that national borders are so blurry, and people of different nationalities are similarly similar.They are bound together because of a magic cube.Or, perhaps, their own experience is the most romantic magic.

[Sibling] By dancing around the world, Matt

(Where the hell is Matt? 2012)

Believe you are no stranger to this man who danced in the world.As early as 2003, when Matt was 32, he suddenly realized what he had missed out of his life, and he quit his job in Brisbane, Australia, and began traveling across Asia, with the goal of running out of all savings.Later, Matt discovered that he was too boring to dance. He decided to travel around the world again, and to dance with a local friend, who was famous for his own dance.(Recommended reading: Moving the dance platform to the square: the popular dance of the Chinese aunt )

The film above is currently the latest in Matt's film (in 2012), dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing all over the place. Let's take a look together!