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This week, there are more emotional ups and downs.

A near-perfect teamwork that continues with every idea of delivery of love

addition to the Wangyuan fever, this week's events are like a virus that has spread from the United States to Taiwan, where people discuss the ways to market, the value of the challenge, the merits of the challenge, the performance of the Taiwanese people, and women's fans' attempts to find a different angle.(Recommended reading: Wangyuan burn volume phenomenon: we should redeem the confidence in )

Abby takes a picture of other groups who are also interested in

yoyo wrote a refined and deep ice sheet on Wednesday, looking at the popularity of the ice bucket challenge, watching the various possibilities of public interest marketing, and reverted to the nature of the frozen fundraising scheme.The article is so perfect that it wants to keep clapping and then frantically shareOn the afternoon of the same day, in the discussion thread of Content Lab, he wanted to make a short film, and Abby was very impressed by him. Then he thought about the script at night, and Thursday and Yu worked closely together. He cut out a very moving and meaningful film before work, and was also outstanding and wanted to be a big slap, and let the net friends watch it a hundred times.(Extended reading: Ice Bucket Challenge, Is It fun?Or is it good?)

The film doesn't have too much complex dazzling things, and it's a very sincere, femto idea that expresses women's concerns about society and is very sincere and warm, and hopes to continue every attempt to deliver love. The suffering of the world has not stopped, " said the leader, adding that the reason for concern is that it has always been a continuation of the world.(Our Ice Bucket Challenge: I heard that women's fans were challenged by the icy bucket ... )

I am truly proud of everyone in Content Lab. If it's not yo-yo's words, the picture of Ann, Abby's technology, and the inactivity of Aubrey and the sisters, if there isn't such a close teamwork, there won't be such a good work to share, and there will not be such a good medium to pass the good faith.

As they stand up and applause, I don't have the skills, I have not enough ideas, I can't play anything, so I have to admit, I must admit, for a couple of moments, I was terrified, scared of myself and the distance you walked away from you, afraid to become a viewer of your audience.

On the next page, the harder it is on Facebook

Continue to learn from social business and keep moving forward

A full month, this week, I'm a fan of my Facebook page.We all understand that social business is not a simple matter. It really is really not easy. Last week, Abby and Abby talked to Abby to find a sense of achievement. Abby shook his head, and we fully understood each other and cheer each other.

Maybe because it's still groping, so it's a very frustrating time.Every day, you try to figure out the tone of a woman's mouth, analyze TA's preferences or go live, and you try to find out more than just an operation. You really want to have confidence, use the greatest strength, and share it with everyone else.

This Monday is a refresh, because you want to know the results, the results become numbers, and the numbers say you don't have the temperature you want to pass, saying you have a lot of room for improvement, but there's still a lot of new ways you can try, but you're so frustrated, but don't despair, and you're going to go on and put it all out.(Recommended reading: Women's CEO share: Use the enterprise cultural empower team )

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Thank you, my dear Content Lab, for offering me a lot of insights Thank you, Audrey. I've always been a little bit impressed by her.

Still, in the operations of the Pink Team, emotions are still going to follow the figures and the ups and downs, and also see more of their own shortcomings, not attentive enough, attentive enough, not enough, not accurate, not efficient enough, and also on the way to learning.Thank you for coming with me. Each word is a force. It often comes to mind when it comes to being knocked down. "You'll all be here because of the attitudes of Aubrey," says Aubrey. "You're going to be here because you're a woman," she says.(Extended reading: [Woman's Big Sister Column] Don't compare it again, only tomorrow will be your opponent )

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Because of the ups and downs of emotions, I have to say to myself, " Hey, don't be beat by yourself, you need to find your own worth, and redouble our efforts!""