Now, just go with us and explore how many memorable coffee shops we've chosen for you, and start your coffee time!

Hey, let's relax for a weekend afternoon or night off. Women fans want to take us to see eight of our Love café, these cafes may not have high-grade characteristics of decoration, not necessarily a pound of good thousands of of coffee beans, but they have been the most rich culture of human coffee incense. Sit down, open a book, two hours to see your new world, or lazy to listen to music, what do not want, pure and this time indifferent to get along. Now, just go with us and start your coffee time! (I recommend you: a woman's good time to work, enjoy four methods of Me times )

01. The life that the angel of Taipei loves--to find a rambling rhythm in Taipei

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Just sit on the MRT, arrived at the end of the red line, after the MRT station to walk through the freshwater street, you see it, a lack of deep decoration, leisurely taste is stronger than anyone's shop. On the white ladder, is ventilated open air seat, sitting on the side of the bar desktop location, is to watch the sunset of the VIP booth, where there is no air-conditioning, view is free, tables and chairs simple and not ostentatious style, because the natural lazy atmosphere, is the most priceless atmosphere here. (same field Gayon: Love at sunset, the top ten fascinating sunset Beauty )

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(Photo source: Angel love life )

Here, every day can have a different sunset, sometimes warm, sometimes it is gentle, if you want to have a pure sky with WHO, if you want to blow air to spend a little afternoon, if you want to know what Angel love life is like, come to fresh water taste Angel level Sunset river scene!

Café Address: New Bei fresh Water District, Chiang Kai Road, No. 233-1 (MRT Freshwater station)

02. Taipei Rufous coffee--The taste of the coffee eater

If you want to have a drink in Taipei that you can't forget, come here.

First of all see these dazzling array of coffee utensils don't scare, the store's owner of coffee love from their own baked coffee beans to coffee equipment Shang, and the bar is always only one person-the boss himself, his insistence is what can be imagined. (The first step to understanding coffee in the same field: the little things about coffee )

The arrangement here is like to put on different shades of brown, the small things vary the coffee equipment from the level, not particularly show off the story, but you always feel like there is something secret waiting for you to find. Want to realize the real soul of a café, perhaps not only its decoration, otherwise the beautiful café so many, why few can let us remember it? Come here for a cup of espresso, although the coffee aroma is too strong, the store is always overcrowded, but perhaps you can in a cup of coffee time, drink the most quiet taste. (You know it!) have a cup of coffee and stay away from diabetes.

Café Address: No. No. 333, two section, Fuxing South Road, Daan District, Taipei, China (MRT Technology Building Station)
Intimate Small reminder: Thursday Rufous Holiday, don't white run a trip!

03. Tainan Narrow Door coffee--38 centimeter of time corridor

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This is what everyone is saying, you want to taste this Tainan classic, you have to pass the narrow door 38 cm wide test. But if you really do not have to worry about, in fact, there is a backdoor can enter! Why it is Tainan Classic, because the atmosphere in the house is indeed suitable for 35 friends, or in Taiwan small trip you rest. Through that long corridor, it seems to be another elegant retro situation, to drink the humanities here, where you can get a worry of the afternoon! (You will also like the caféjunkies in Taipei )

Café Address: 2/F, No. 67th South Road, Tainan Zhongxi District

04. Taipei Two Green Island Serenade-Meet the Old soul

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Yuhuoling 89 's Japanese-style building renovation café, where you can still touch the appearance of traditional Japanese-style wood-making houses, when you sit on the new wooden tables and chairs to enjoy the meal, looked up is the old house wood floor and beam and column, the new and old interwoven cultural atmosphere is very attractive, the interior of the light design also let the whole room diffuse in the sun and Hee, If you can't walk in Taipei and want to breathe a little fresh air, this Japanese-style old soul near Zhongshan is worth your heart-to-heart!

The stairwell leading to the second floor.

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Café Address: No. 1th, 33 Lane, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei

The next page, the coffee shop is like a lover that you can't forget.

05. Tainan Coffee--a simple and comfortable day

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Yes, don't doubt it, that's the way the store is. You just pull the door and you can taste a good drink.

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The chairs outside the door always have many travelers coming and coming, Gan single coffee interior furnishings are also very home, using a number of second-hand materials and drums, chic is always found in the small place of the boss's ingenuity and fun, but also secretly told you from the store a lot of furnishings to see the boss seems to be fanatical David Platoon fan, Can think from the decoration of the boss is like the classic simple pondering! Do you think the most important thing about cafes is the atmosphere? The GAN single atmosphere does not depend on the decoration, but the traveler filled it with a more full meaning , so that at the moment the corner of the special shop seems to always make us look forward to and eager to stop, come here to drink a cup of pure, where the coffee is like a house space, simple, most memorable. (Recommended reading: Tainan, a city that reminds us of home )

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Café Address: Tainan Zhongxi District two section 4 lane 13th, civil Rights Road

06. Taichung Snoring Coffee Forro cafe--snoring cat purring

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Snoring coffee style is very significant, if you want to have a unique character of the café chat, here will be your good choice to relax! It is the appearance of a single old White House, the second floor is bed and breakfasts, the first floor for the café. (same field Gayon: new story of Old room, come to ino home Taichung Light Travel!) )

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It's full of art and humanities, and in addition to selling indie records, there's a lot of creative work that makes you feel like you're in a young, creative space. Snoring coffee is well-known "primary school coffee" has also brought a crowd! So intimate small reminder: when we move forward, we still have to order early! Inside the café to create "primary school classroom Sense", do not want to drink coffee too serious you can come here to feel the new characteristics of the café is different from the lively atmosphere of the old shop!

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The store cat Del Piero is snoring here. Intimate small remind everyone: Pet friendly space! Respect their way of life, after all, it's hard to complain about cat hair to a cat store.

Café Address: No. 47th, Taizhong Jingcheng three Street

07. Taipei Dark Corner Coffee-night owl's insomnia site

"The old way, two o ' four o'clock in the morning, the public holiday is uncertain." The city is always sleepless, we just want to provide a shelter. 」

After Midnight 12 o'clock, they are still in, two o'clock in the afternoon to four o'clock in the morning business hours, is the active time of many night owls, dark corner Coffee said: "We and the city with you do not sleep." "If you're always trying to get inspired in the middle of the night, if you need a place to work quietly and independently, it's a good choice for you," he said.

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The room is small, occasionally there will be a photographic exhibition, the atmosphere here is very special, the next table may be the initiative to chat with you, but you in the independent work to quiet, who will not disturb who.

Chatting here is a very simple thing, care about the big things in society, talk about the literary creation, the boss said: "The most important café is not decorating, is the interaction with people." "Maybe we go to the café and most of us want a person's space, but in a place like this, if everyone's reading on their own is a line, will it create more interesting conversations in space?" Go to the dark corner coffee and sit down! You will find that you are not just a person drinking a cup of coffee, but with a group of people to create the temperature of the space. (recommend another simple and warm little space for Taipei Day Coffee )

Every day there's a different handmade dessert that's just baked.

(Pictures reproduced from Dark Corner Coffee )

Café Address: No. 1th Xiamen Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei

08. Taipei astar--Small trip to the city

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Astar, the journey of meaning.

Crowded in between many office buildings, Lane Corner has a home to let you stop at the shop, look and inside there is a Tiffany blue and brown overlap of the faithful color temperature, food is back to simple toast cuisine, the boss of a good wine can also be able to bring out the coffee incense you refused. There are some original magazine books, Old electric fans, CDs and small objects with the value of commemorative and antique collection , space is full of nostalgia and classic taste. (A wine-drinking starter concept before you go for a signature drink)

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North African Egg

(picture reproduced to Astar Coffee House )

Many people say it is an old Wenqing love shop, a very own personality and unique taste of the café, very special is that you can hardly hear Chinese songs in the café, but the boss here may occasionally come to a Chao Chuan, Jacky Cheung's Night, you can imagine why we say he is a grown-up taste of the café it? Vacation night, come here to sit, adjust the pace of life, the most important thing is, here to drink a cup will not let you down the wine, cheers! (Sleepless in Taipei: experiencing lifestyle trends, innovative fashion dining space, Taipei STREAM)

Address: Taipei Civic Right East Road 3 Section 60 Lane 13 Lane 41st (MRT Zhongshan National station)