The film industry has always been male-oriented, in fact, there are a lot of talented women, let us take a look at these outstanding female directors!

First Oscar best Female director Catherine Bigelow

You may not recognize her name, but you won't forget that she was the first woman to get the best Director Oscar.

Catherine Bigelow, in 2010, "The countdown to the crisis" (The Hurt Locker), became the first female director to win the Academy Award for Best Director.

Catherine Rose for nearly 15 years, but she had been filming in the 80 's, unlike other female directors who tended to love sex, her work was mostly in action, war type, Catherine said: "I do not like violence, but I have to admit that I am very interested in violence." Violence is a part of the society that surrounds our lives. "Catherine's films, though seemingly violent, have other very many ingredients, about love, hope and redemption." (from the female photographer's perspective War:"1000 times Goodnight" to defend the female heroes of Justice )

"I do not condone violence, I think the film is a kind of warning, sounded a meaningful alarm." 」

"The countdown to the crisis" (The Hurt Locker) film title, quoted by The New York Times journalist Chris. Hedges (Chris Hedges) wrote: "The impact of combat is an addiction, a potent and lethal!" Because war is a kind of drug (the rush of battle is often a potent and lethal addiction, for the war is a drug). "Unlike many anti-war films, the concept of drug addiction is used to explain the life and death of the battlefield, allowing viewers to have a new vision and thinking about war."

After the countdown to the crisis, Catherine continued to direct the early 00:30 order, recounting the laden incident in the United States. She said it was a profound moral film, questioning the use of force and questioning everything that had been done in the name of "looking for Osama bin Laden." (Extended reading: when government violence is happening, can you stand still?) )

Catherine believes that movies are a great opportunity to comment on the world we live in. "This is a war that cannot be won," Catherine, with film, with the only medium she has, the only opportunity to care about her concerns.

"If a woman has any restrictions on making a movie, I will ignore it for two reasons: I can't change my sex, I refuse to stop filming." 」

Catherine said that the gender is not important, it is important to be responsible for herself, she believes that there is no difference between her and the male director, is to do their best to perform to achieve the goal, try to make one another good movie. Still, she said it was clear that women's journeys were particularly remote in any field, and she wanted more women to direct the tube and create more good movies with their own ideas. (Women from the movies: never return to love and marriage: "The Running Bride" and the Fallen feminists)

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As humble and resonant as "Sister Peach", the voice of Hong Kong Hui-hua

"Grand Slam": in the Hong Kong film industry, the same film also won the best film, best Director, Best screenwriter and best actor and heroine in the Hong Kong Movie Awards. The Grand slam miracle has only appeared two times, one is "Woman 40", the other is "Sister Peach", these two are all come from her hand, she is Xu Saddle China.

"Too comfortable a life to be careful, not to indulge." 」

Xu Saddle China, Hong Kong famous female film director, producer, screenwriter. When he came back from England to study in the movies, many people were expecting her, then did not live up to expectations, when the assistant three years, upgraded when the director, the first TV series "Lion Mountain" and the film "Crazy Robbery" are good comments such as the tide, the next works are applauded, the moment, she became the hottest new director. We will certainly think she will become very good, but did not, she still lived a simple life, for her work, always find faults, their own films to grumble.

She is not rich, because her films are more literary, so often difficult to find investors, others are afraid of investment failure. So, her plan for filming might have taken one out of five, and to her experience, it wouldn't be too hard to raise money if it was a commercial film, but she was trying to put herself in a state of failure, and she was afraid of being obsessed with ease.

She thinks in the failure, only then will have the desire diligently, will not stop the footsteps, only then can the method more earnestly continue the filming, lets the film one be perfect. Only the body in the failure, can humbly accept opinions, always keep a humble not proud heart. (Recommended you see: fly over the higher the more humble?) A philosophy of life that does not go to space.

"With a perfect system and flexibility, Hong Kong cinema will become better and more good." 」

There are many types of films made by director Xu-Hua, including: Literary adaptation, semi-autobiographical, female issues, social phenomena, political changes, etc., are her concern, worthy of discussion of the phenomenon or issues, as a member of the New Wave of Hong Kong film, the Hong Kong film brings many new inspiration.

As for the increasingly depressed Hong Kong film Circle, she said that Hong Kong film people are very flexible, so there is no need to rely on the perfect system, many people can be responsible for many things, or can be temporary solution to the emergency situation, so good, but no matter how good, and because there is no system, Hong Kong film will not be the best. (Extended reading: defending your love!) March from Hong Kong to see our world

She thinks that the audience is not the film itself, but how the director interprets the story, now the taste of the audience is different, because the market has changed, Hong Kong and the mainland's market is inseparable, she suggested that the mainland can be in tune with funds, commercially calculated films to obtain the Chinese market, but she also appealed to Hong Kong film people, Should insist on making some local movies, because every place needs their own movies to send local awareness of the voice, screen and story with the local consciousness at the same time, to jump out, because to let the world also can identify with this value, to film the audience will see the movie, can really practice their own ideas.

In the movies of Xu-hua, the sentences are all intelligent.

The greatness of Li Sao is that it takes the feminine as the center, in my poetics, all the poets who despise women are second poets. --"Aunt's Postmodern Life"

Life is worth sticking to if no one else gives you reason. --"Sister Peach"

The sweetest joys of life are the fruit of sorrow, and the most pure things in life are derived from misery. We have to experience hardships before we know how to comfort others. --"Sister Peach"

"I was originally an antique, from small to large is old-fashioned, finished good students, want to do a good job of father, husband, good teacher--" man 40 "

Life, is very enjoyable interesting ah. --"Woman 40"

We in Xu Saddle China director of the film to see a lot of things, faint description, but moved extremely, her humility and intelligence, so that Hong Kong film industry has kept that light.

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See the little man's big Wang

Wang, the writer and director of famous Taiwanese films and TV dramas, is the teacher of Xiao di in our mouth.

"Just go ahead and you'll make progress!" 」

As a child, Wang different brothers, she did not like to study, the result is very bad, but very like playing basketball, even all the way to the basketball handicraft will go to the team, think they will walk to the sports department of Normal University, however, the teacher's word changed her life, Graduation day, the tutor called her around to say, " You're a pity. " The result of her heart read a turn, told herself to go forward, can not be so standing still, and then went to test the joint test, on the cultural drama, and then read to the master of drama, then opened her drama road.

"I am more socialist, especially concerned about the grassroots, relatively small resources." 」

Xiao di Teacher's play and film, are depicted in the society of the Little People story, the story of different, but the essence of care has not changed, people, is the most attractive to the teacher's scenery. She thinks it's hard for the little people to get the attention of society, but she's always attracted to them and sees stunning life stories in them.

"Big Hospital small Doctor", "Polis adult", "Hedgehog Boy", "Cool horse", not too many dazzle the skill, she pats the Taiwanese ordinary people's sincere emotion and the life intravenous drip, she pats everybody not to know the physician, the police, the victim and the dropouts student. Because of her sexual identity, she said she was very aware of the difficulty of growing up, she wanted to make the process of questioning, she wanted to film the story of the land belonging to Taiwan. (Extended reading: cross-gender models, listening to body sounds )

"Taiwan has its own market and story, and it is really sad if we cannot speak the story of Taiwan properly." 」

Miss Di said that her achievement is that everyone can see the achievements of these little people. Little di teacher is willing to see other people's good, willing to cherish from the heart, so became the mouth of the teacher, she, beyond a director, is a lot of young people's spiritual mentor. (Believe Taiwan loves Taiwan: Taiwan is better, the mainland will not be the only solution )

"If Taiwan has gone such a long way, who can bear to see it regress?" We are all small people, but the rise and fall of the world is to see bastard. 」

China and the United States that year, Xiao Di teacher because of a patriotic, think Taiwan is not what I also read books, he gave up his master's degree in San Francisco to return to Taiwan, and until now, little di was constantly concerned about social issues, nuclear four, Wenlin and Dapu, and she thought that the director didn't have to stay on the scene and face state unrest, like her father, Hope to resolve the uncertainty, has been looking forward to a better appearance of the country. She was glad that many young people had been involved in civic action over the years, and that young people could be seen on any subject, so that she would not despair of the future. (We do not forget: after the sun-flower movement, the next step for the younger generation, the end is the beginning )

Xiao Di's work, see the time will be a runny nose a tear, watching knowing born some kind of power. He said that filming is continuous learning, perhaps watching movies, watching theater is also a kind of continuous learning, she used drama, film for the community to inject warmth, another form of "social movement" imprinted in the hearts of the audience. Xiao di teachers believe that even if the life again how many pits Babaa and unpleasant, or there will be more people, with a variety of different methods, for this piece of land to drive more, better, positive cycle. (Extended reading: listen to Germany to talk about nuclear ann: Why would you rather have the electricity bill abolished?) )