New York Barney's recent fashion ad invites 17 transgender models to tell the world with a photo, that beauty is the most satisfying way to be.

Barney's, an advanced clothing store in New York, owned by designer designer clothes and shoes, is one of the most famous costumes in the United States!Maybe we hadn't had a deep understanding of the store before, but look at their recent clothing ads, and you will understand that Barney's is a name that we shouldn't miss.

Barney's, in the new phase of brand advertising and catalog, embraced the sensitive issue of gender consciousness in concrete actions, using 17 attractive transgender models to tell the world with beautiful images: Everyone can choose what they like best, even in fashion.

Barney's name is “ Brothers, Ssters, Sons & Daughters ” was filmed by a famous portrait photographer Bruce Weber, who invited everyone to look at the gender identity issue of the LGBT through the lens. In the United States, according to the survey, 700,000 transsexuals are estimated to be a group of people who have been selectively forgotten by society as a result of the unfamiliar and fear of the "transgender issues".Through the program, Barney's wants us to put aside their preconceptions and panics, listen to their stories, and look at their beauty, and they want to be the way they like it most.

The 17 transgender models come from different countries and have a different story behind them.They looked at the lens, wanted to tell the world their stories.(Recommended reading: Neutral, Cross-crossed beauty )

Cameraman Bruce Weber said: I have a deterrent to face the courage of the world and to compromise their beauty.

The 17 models under Bruce Weber's lens and with their friends, family, and loved ones.The lens faithfully presents the emotions between the people and reflects their struggle against the world, their own gender identity, their uneasiness, and the final burst of their cocoon.They were fearless, looking in the lens, trying to make the world see what they chose for themselves.Two of , Arin and Katie, shared their own course of life, and listened to their stories of life, and would have a better understanding of the bitter experience they had experienced before they could change the beauty of their scene.

The right side of Arin Andrews, Katie Hill

17-year-old Arin Andrews was originally a daughter, and Katie Hill was a 19-year-old man.They met on a community gathering in Oklahoma for some time, and now they are among the best friends of each other.Let's listen to their most sincere life.(Also, listen to their story: I want to marry "She" )

Katie: I am Katie Kill, I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was the oldest son in the family, and my father was a Navy colonel.Ever since I was born, I've been treating me as a girl in the boy's body, and I hate my body, and I don't even think it's "my own body."

Until I was 16, I changed my name to Katie and legally changed my gender to women.I made up my mind to change, and I formally underwent surgery in high school.Even now, it's a very difficult and painful moment that I don't want to think about, and when I go into school, people laugh at me, anger me, bully me, spit on me, and nobody agrees with me, they look at me, as if I shouldn't exist in the world.After that, I hid myself at home, because I didn't dare go to school.

During that time, I was wondering if I was cursed?Every day, I'm living in my negative emotions.Until one day, I realized that it was never a curse, it was a blessing, and that experience made me a stronger, independent, beautiful individual who told me that I had no reason to be afraid, and what I was doing was to let more people know me, understand why I needed denaturing, and I looked at the people around me with the same kind of gentiful thinking.

Then I had the courage to go back to high school, because I didn't want to be treated like a "freak" or "victim."I explained to my classmate why I wanted to change, why I had this kind of demand, and I even shared the process of making women Hurmon.At first, everyone was able to share a cold eye like this, because they didn't think that "denaturing" was a topic worth discussing.In fact, people's fears often come from the unknown, when I was honest, when they weren't so scared, my days were quiet, and many people who used to bully me became my friends, and some of them shared with me that they had the same feeling.

I'd like to say I love what I am today, and that's what I dreamed of being a real woman.

Arin: I am Arin Andrews, I was born in the face of a girl, but I think I am a boy.I met Katie in Toulsa's transgender group, and I was going through my sex change process, and I continued to hit the male Hermond, so that I could become what I like.

Before I decided to change my sexuality, I was perplexed by my sexuality. In the course of my growth, I tried to kill myself three times because I couldn't identify myself with my identity.Before I decided to change, I spent a whole year communicating with myself and doing a deep and deep study of sex, and I remember that day in my car, and I said, "Hey, Mom, do you know what Transgender does?""My mom didn't say a word, and I said," I think I'm a transgender person, and I want to be able to do a transsexual operation."No one in the car knows what I was talking about."(Sibling: demargots, reloading, and gender school education )

I remember when I was being bullied at school, and they even told me to leave school.

I've worked so hard to survive, to fit in, but now I want to change, and I want to look at my voice inside myself.When I was transgender, I recorded the process of my body change with a video recorder, and I loved to change that.

I ended up with the experience of hurting me, making me cry, crying, hiding, and helping me to be my own.And finally, I think I can be proud to say that I, now, is a man I want to be.

Arin and Katie have spoken of their own denial and confusion, the most unbearable course of life, perhaps once alone, perhaps unintellient, but the process of colliding with their own collisions and world collisions gives them a sense of beauty, which has become more a of strength.With this “ Brothers, Sists, Sons & Daughters ” Filming the plan, hoping to inspire more people to be true to yourself, don't be afraid, and do what you like best!

Brothers, Sons, Sons & Daughters: Katie and Arin from Barneys The Window on Vimeo .

We also think about life, no matter who it is, whether it is male or female, it's probably not just about women, you can be different , more like everyone is different.Without a life, it would only live in other people's eyes and expectations, because we all deserve and deserve our best.When we start embracing ourselves, the world begins embracing us.