Through a beautiful picture of the city, as if oneself also into the city, with the temperature of the photo, another trip to experience the day-to-day changes!

Have you ever imagined that you could see a whole day from a static picture?

New York photographer Richard Silver photographed the famous scenic spot from sunrise to sunset, via a later synthetic work "time Slice (Time slicing)", in plane photography there are many reputations of Richard Silver not only filming IKEA, Tiffany , At&t's plane, his tentacles extended to the stunning view of the human landscape shot. Now let's take a look at this series of eye-pleasing time Slice. (same field Gayon: design a trip for oneself "heart"! )

Richard Silver : " as an artist and as a person, I want to try to experience and share the experience of my life journey." I like to make a daily day a unique one. By moving the axis, HDR, panoramic vertical and time slices of the photographic elements, see our daily world and time flow of visual experience. "

The Pink Chapel in Turkey

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located in the present-day religious architecture of Istanbul, Turkey, the Hagia Sophia, with its long history of nearly 1500 years, is famous for its huge dome and a model of Byzantine architecture that "changed the history of Architecture". It is now a church, a mosque and a museum, because the color of the outer walls is also known as the "Pink Chapel".

A glance at the Suleiman Mosque in Naistan Fort

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The Suleiman mosque is one of several large mosques in the city of Istanbul, Turkey . It was built in a very short time by the Suleyman order. Built on a complex and steep third Hill, the entire complex is one of the most visited spectacular landscapes of Turkish tourists, using a surprisingly architectural design. As the building is on the hill, standing on the hillside of the Suleymaniyeh Mosque, you can view the Golden Horn Bay of Turkey and overlook the city. To take a look at Naistan fort, go into the courtyard of Suleiman mosque ! (You will also like: A glimpse of Abu Dhabi, spectacular and meticulous Grande Mosquee )

The mysterious giant statue of the Easter Island of Chile

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Easter Island (also known as Easter I.) is within the Chilean national boundaries, the locals call it "Hyderabad slave", located in the most remote places on Earth. 3700 km apart from South America. It takes 41 hours by air to depart from Chile. There are two dead volcanoes on the island, all over the volcanic rocks and no trees. The most strange is that the island has erected more than 200 statues of giant statues, engravers very meticulous. Giant statue (called Moai), around the crater can be seen in a number of sculptures are or have been made, there are complete portraits, some only bust.

It is amazing how the ancients moved boulders from rock fields to 100 feet away, and made every boulder stand, even if it is now difficult to do, the mysterious giant Stone became the world's strange and difficult to solve the ruins of ancient civilization.

Grand Big Ben in the House of Parliament in London

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The Capitol and Big Ben are the number one landmarks in London and even Britain, a tower situated on the Thames, R., a must-see for every visitor. "Big Ben" (picture right) refers to the big brass bell which is placed in the bell tower of the Capitol building, the official name is "clock", but why it is "stupid" does not verify the reason, in the UK, Big Ben is the focus of people celebrating the New Year, The radio and television will broadcast its bells to greet the beginning of the New Year! (same field Gayon:"Midnight Paris" secret scene!) You don't want to miss the London and Paris store )

Spectacular history in the fashion capital of Milan's main church

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The building of the Milan main church, which lasted for five centuries, is the largest Gothic church in the world, located in the centre of Milan in the Cathedral Square, the center of Milan. The appearance of the church combined with Gothic and Baroque architecture, the interior is also very distinctive, from the altar, mosaic painting treasure Room, are worth watching. Climbing up the church roof, you can also look at the various angles of the city of Milan. Enjoy the classical fine carving can walk to the church next to the Rinascentle Renaissance department store, to fashion famous Milan of course, the boutique and fashion big! (Walking in the fashion of all want to know: The original is they!) Behind the fashion industry )

Venice of Italy into the most beautiful living room in Europe

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San Marco Square is unique in the European city square, it is located in the city center, but not as the other squares as the traffic noise, thanks to Venice's tranquil waterway traffic. As a landmark of Venice, Piazza San Marco is favored by tourists, photographers and pigeons. 19th century French Emperor Napoleon praised it as "the most beautiful living room in Europe". Have the opportunity to come to St. Marco Square, also don't forget the periphery has 300 years of history of open-air Café Caffèflorian (flower God Café), sit down to drink a cup of Italian romance bar! (Recommended reading: Open the door of Tinker Bell, Europe is next to your house!) )

The Pearl in Pudong district of Shanghai

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Oriental Pearl is the world's third highest tower, was named "90 's ten new landscape in Shanghai" and "Top ten attractions" one. The design incorporates the structure of the universe, rockets and atoms, and the unique design concept combines oriental culture. High tower interior set urban sightseeing, catering, shopping, historical tours, performances and other multi-functional in a, if you do not want to visit department stores, but want to see the full Pudong landscape on the overseas beach! In this film "Small time" shooting scene also don't forget to visit the history of the building, as well as a different style of bar, you can also build your Waitan in the small era! (Recommended reading for Taiwanese girls in Shanghai: Shanghai, the most prosperous and the poorest )

Next page, watch the sunset in the Colosseum.

New and old mating Bird's Nest stadium

The bird's Nest in Beijing, designed by Jacques Herzog, Meuron, Ai Weiwei and Li Xinggang, combines the image of the "nest" and the Cradle of life, in addition to the 2008-year-old Beijing Olympics, which also reflects human challenges and hopes for the future. The nest is not only good-looking, but also bold to expose the structure, quite a unique flavor. (same field Gayon:TAIWAN yes!! The Taiwanese impression of Peking people )

Audrey [10:11 AM

The blood of the Tibetan era Roman arena

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The Colosseum, located in the centre of the Italian city of Rome, is the largest Colosseum in ancient Rome, built between 72 and 82, and now has only magnificent ruins. The arena is the place where ancient Rome held the human Beast performance, the participating gladiators fight with an animal until one side dies, others struggle, the Colosseum battle platform is covered with sand, it is said to be able to quickly absorb casualties of blood good preparation for the next battle . The place where we can not imagine the culture is now a tourist attraction, with tickets to visit the history of admission!

Scientific culture Gross to poles of architecture

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The Palace of Science and Culture is the landmark of the Polish capital Warsaw. The towering palace was built in the 1950s, it was a gift from Stalin to the Polish nation, but everyone said that Poles did not want to accept it at all, and many Poles used to think of it as a symbol of autocracy, and now many young Polish people have grown up in the company of the Cultural Palace of Science. Now the Palace of Science and culture, including theatres, cinemas, exhibition venues, the former communist symbol of the building, can also become a part of the Polish life! (same field Gayon: Faith as bricks, building eternal Polish Church )

India door Every traveler will enter the culture of India from here

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A landmark building in Mumbai, India, was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary. This is an arch made of basalt, the architectural style of the fusion of Indian and Persian cultural characteristics, now here has become a symbol of Mumbai, is also a welcome venue for VIP reception. The Indian door will be light to take pictures, the nearby square can feed the pigeons, but also can overlook the Indian Ocean in the dock side. In addition, there is a dock in the vicinity of the Indian gate, where people can take a boat here, and within an hour to reach the famous World Heritage Site-Koh Chang, the grottoes on Koh Chang depict Hindu Gods and cultures, and are the art treasures of India. (You will like me in Angkor Wat: See Desire, feel heaven )

After reading these journey scenery, is not feel very shocking? How much can we see in a static photograph? Richard Silver The memory of his city in the back of the system, following the temperature of the photos, and then a trip to realize the daily changes of the trip!

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