Even with no breasts, is still a true and beautiful woman .Look at the fading of breast cancer patients, the intelligence and bravery of the women we have shown.

's second largest breast cancer mortality rate in Asia is the highest in Asia in Asia.In Hong Kong, breast cancer is also the first woman to have cancer in women, and one in 23 women in Hong Kong.Jo Lin, director of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, points out that China has an average age of 48.7 years of breast cancer, ten years ahead of the Western side.(A hidden worry about women's breasts: you must be correct in preventing breast cancer, step by step )

There are countless women who suffer from breast cancer, but most women have been deterred by breast cancer or even breast cutting, or are afraid of other people's eyes.The famous photographer David Jay called on the world to pay attention to early detection of breast cancer and to highlight the bravery of women, taking a photo project (the SCAR Project) to film a series of women who cut their breasts due to breast cancer.

The breast has long been treated as a woman's importance and representation.We are also used to the presence of a "feminization" in the breast.The most difficult stimuli for breast cancer sufferers, in addition to the threat of the disease, have a self-sustaining crisis of breast cancer.(Extended reading: stare, scars, dedicated to you )

Many patients experience an embarrassing stage. " After cutting the chest, I'm still a woman?It's hard for people to really understand this kind of pain, so we learn to ignore it and avoid talking about it.And David Jay, through the camera, lets these women speak to themselves, our "breast cancer patients", or the whole woman.

We can see a clear scar, a flat front chest, but these scars are more of a shock to the onlookers.And when we look at these scars, we can really understand the psychological challenges that breast cancer patients experience.(co-premiere: Angelina Jolie's Bravely Breast Cancer Declaration )

And David Jay also uses this series of photographs to make society feel, these brave women, real and real.Even if the breasts were removed, they lost their second character, and they were so unique.