Kegel Exercise is the "pelvic floor muscles movement", which was invented by Dr. Kegel in 1948 (thank him!)The original purpose of the campaign was to solve the problem of female post-partum urinary incontinence.
This exercise is an active constricting anus, vagina, and muscle around the urethra to enhance the strength and tension of the overall pelvic floor muscles. It can effectively improve the constriction of the vagina -- that is, the ability to practice the "tight" state of the legend!
On the bed, the legs are open, and then the pelvic floor muscles are shrunk. This action is like an ordinary toilet when you pee in the toilet. Suddenly, the muscles hold up the muscles.About 10 seconds, and then relax for 10 seconds, repeat for 10 to 15 times, 1 ~ 2 times a day!You can do it at a time when you're sitting there!

Advanced Edition:

Don't be afraid!You can try to put a finger in your vagina, shrink the same muscle, and feel the pressure of the vagina tightening through your finger. ()


We also recommend the Interactive Keger movement, where boys can put the younger brother into girls' vaginas, and girls can use the Kegel motion to shrink the vagina, so that men can feel the different emotional stimuli (that is, the "clip" ~ ~), which some people may say, and also add a sense of interest to both sides.

Gorgeous flagship:

In recent years, there has been a popular training exercise.The appearance looks like a mini-dumbbell, and when you put it in the vagina and expose outside, when you use the Kagger to contract correctly, the dumbbell goes up and you can know that there are training to the right muscles!Many domestic and foreign studies point to the use of supplementary items, which can improve the effect of vaginal muscles more effectively.

And dear, you will obviously improve your tightness just as long as you follow the practice above for 6-8 weeks!It really will increase the degree of satisfaction of both sides' sex lives. Not only will the vaginal muscles have austerity, but the sensitivity of the vagina will also increase!Let's do the sport together now!Yoo-hoo!

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