Jennifer Aniston's position is that "as a woman, my value seems to have to be linked to my marital status and to the birth condition."But why?"

As the era evolves, our modern definition of "married children" is not as rigid as it once was.We no longer equate the "marriage" with the inevitable hard bang of the "family of the ancestors", but to believe that marriage is a hand between two people and a decision of the old and the old.But at the same time, we cannot deny that when a woman puts on a wedding ring and decides not to give birth to a child, she will still be subject to many doubts and attacks in society.(Sibling: Marriage, not a mandatory choice for women's life

Why are they married, but not children?"
it a question of infertility between husband and wife?"
are they simply fake marriages?"

These questions are sharp and personal, and it's like the ultimate goal of a woman's marriage is to nurture the next generation, not because she has found a person who she is willing to follow.For women who are married, even if they don't have children today, they are more of a social obligation than a personal decision.

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Jennifer Aniston, "45", "Unmarried", "No sons and daughters", have been a key word for media attention, and Jennifer Aniston is too aware of the social pressures on the child. In February of this year, Jennifer Aniston and the women's liberation movement represents Gloria Steinem on the Makers Conference in the ' 70s, and there was a great discussion.

Jennifer Aniston has stated his position, "As a woman, my value seems to have to be linked to my marital status and to the fertility situation."But why?" Gloria Steinem agrees that" as a woman, there is no way to live alone."" (Recommended reading: They all want to say: Women don't have more than one

In the near future, Jennifer Aniston further elaborated on Carson Daly's visit to Today show:

" The child and the marriage are not in my list of people. This is my choice at this stage.But it shouldn't be because these two things are not in my list, so I don't have the responsibility to attack a woman or a mother, or I don't think I'm a woman.The value of a woman is not just a child."

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" I don't even understand why people care so much about whether I want to have a baby.In addition to children, I have actually produced a lot of works, and the works are like my children.I think it is not just a fair thing to put pressure on a woman with the pressure of a "child born child"."

As a woman, our body is beautiful and the god of God, and we are happy to be able to nurture a small life with a heartbeat in our body, from nothing to life, and to a day of great pulsation with our heartbeat.But even more agree that no matter whether they are born or not, no matter whether they are married or not, they should be our choice, and society should respect the expectations of a woman who is married to her future.Her vision of the future can be to lead a child, to be the hand of a person, or to lead her own hand, all of which is the happiness of her choice.

No choice but not to do so?As Jennifer Aniston says, "As a woman, our value is definitely not just a child.""

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