If the definition of "entertainment" is to build happiness on the suffering of others, we want to resist this kind of entertainment today.

Can you imagine living a celebrity without privacy? September 1, 2014 in the United States morning time, the internet began to spread a number of private photos of Hollywood actress, including Jennifer Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence), American popular female singer Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande), supermodel Kett Apton (Kate Upton), singer Rihanna (Rihanna), Vanessa Perkins (Vanessa Hudgens), Hillary puffs (Hilary Duff), and so on, the private life and nude photos of the actress are exposed to the public.

The photos circulated because hackers cracked icloud systems to steal photos and then post them to the U.S. forum "4chan". Some experts said that there are still some loopholes in the Apple cloud system, users in addition to not put the private photos on the outside, password settings must improve the intensity, if there is a private photo of the cloud, must be deleted as soon as possible, because the naked photo incident proved that Apple ICloud have doubts. (Recommended reading: Taiwan's cloud dilemma )

In front of the crowd, actress Marie Mariesa (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) spoke on Twitter: "The intimate photos I had taken with my husband, I hope you can see it's comfortable!" 」

Jennifer Laurence's spokesman also said on Twitter: "It's intolerable!" This is the disregard for privacy and violation! The authorities will sanction those who publish the photos. 」

Are we really comfortable looking at the naked faces of these female stars? Even if someone sells Jennifer Laurence's sex films on the internet after the photos are revealed, no one wants private sex and physical values to be sold openly. We might have thought about downloading the nude pictures out of curiosity, out of our little Jennifer fans, out of a desire to get involved in the boom. However, we may not have chosen to do so, or if we have looked at and deleted, do not continue to spread, why we do not follow together to spread these photos, there may be several reasons:

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One, these amusements are not funny

When the photos flow out, many "Hollywood actress indecent Exposure", "Uncensored nude Pack" in the network crazy biography, can not help but remind us a few years ago, "Chen Edison topless incident" uncovered several female stars of the private life, but also affect their respective lives, at that time, many of the community denounced the voice of stars: "Fornication", " Have lost the image ", blame in the" public figure responsibility ", the end girl must also give the society to apologize to herself at that time" good silly naïve ", all this is not a problem? At the time, we forgot about all this. The biggest victim is also the disenfranchised star itself. In fact, these people's sex life, all have nothing to do with us, but the power of media dissemination is rendered as long as a normal person can occur life behavior.

What we want to ask is, is this entertainment for us? If just because the topic is fishy and spicy, and the sacrifice of the human right to privacy, will not be when we crazy biography of these photos, but also like hackers? Frightening the celebrity's private life, and letting their private pleasures be examined in the sun in a bloody booth? (Recommended reading: What is the media?) Because there is nothing to change

These entertainment gossip, in fact, is not funny. If the definition of "entertainment" is to build happiness on the suffering of others, we want to resist this kind of entertainment today.

Second, we have no right to have their privacy.

This is a boiling matter, in addition to blaming hackers for illegal purposes to obtain privacy, but also in the event of the burning to think, at this time we can actually choose to do what kind of media, why we can choose not to spread naked photos? Perhaps because of the deluge of news reports that have made us accidentally peep at the female star's nudity, no one has the right to pass on a photograph that little Jennifer had locked in the clouds and didn't want to be seen. Like our mobile phone encryption because we do not want to be seen chatting content, as we shower will lock the door because we do not want to let people see naked body, such a simple reason. (The same field Gayon from the female body to liberate the destiny: "Idepas")

In fact, there are "these women are not usually wearing less than the photos, these nude photos are nothing" speech, even so, we should understand that they do not "choose" public photos, do not represent their private Should not take pictures ", they have to show the public their own body free will, and today we should not spread these photos of the reason is not because the camera does not light, poor quality, but simply because, they choose to make the photos as privacy.

However, the actress also responded to the storm in the first time, seeing that they were generous in their attitude towards sex and nudity. Once the film "Spider Man" heroine Kirsten Dunst generous to this matter to make a humorous response to win fans favor! Pizza and a piece of crap. Icloud"piece of shit".

Even so, no one wants to be honest with the world, Maybe we have a nude photo for a while, because it's fun to share with friends, but how much harm will they cause behind them? We find it interesting at this end of the screen, and they feel like they're being judged on the other side of the screen. For the bodies of these women, we do not have the right to have, but not to sell. And if one day the protagonist of this nude photo, is it you? (Recommended reading of the Sun Flower Queen and Crape Women: the patriarchal society accomplice structure and mainstream feminism limits )

No one can accuse a woman of taking nude pictures.

What is worth pondering is that a naked person in a public figure has been exposed and become an "indecent" photograph on the internet? The things that we see, but the physical needs that you and I have.

Self-portrait, we love #selfie! We shoot our favorite foods, shoot our favorite landscapes, shoot the life we like, so why can't we shoot our nude pictures? is it an "indecent" behavior for a woman who needs sex to take pictures of her body? Why is society afraid of women admitting that they enjoy sex? Why do people do things in private, once the exposure is "indecent"? (Thinking Naked: your nakedness is the evil that blooms in the flesh )

The next page, girls need sex is lust?

We don't know if the naked photo of a male celebrity is going to have such a terrible crazy effect today? But at least in this case, in the news value of Asian culture, women's nudity is easily labeled "immoral" label, a woman in their own life does not record the right to nudity? Or is it just because nudity is present on the table so indecent? and whether the criteria of these judgements also concern gender stereotypes between men and women, assuming that a male star naked chest of photos, presumably we will only say: "Wow great chest muscle." "But today we see a woman's breasts, so everything is not so simple." (Recommended reading: When a woman is happy, don't let gender stereotypes negate your beauty!) )

further, such dissemination of the value of the constant consumption of women's body, on the one hand, the desire for their private nude photos, on the one hand, condemning women to reveal the body. Of course, from another point of view, perhaps because men and women know how to appreciate women, and women's body is like a good container, loaded with emotion and strength. So we look forward to a positive social value to the female body's expectations, understand that women have the right to show the good body, whether it is to the public, to themselves. (Recommended reading: women, not only one way )

We have come to realize that being a woman, having sex, wanting sex, having desire, being happy to look at one's body, is a wonderful thing, let us guard this value! We want to see the relationship between a woman and the body no longer only the erotic eyes of the old, and the first step, from the "indecent" to criticize the nude photo and sexual life of the actress began.

Four, because they, not just a nude photo

is there anything better for us to see than the nude photos? It's not going to change Jennifer Lawrence's career as the second-most Oscar-winning actress in history, can't change the fact that Rihanna is the best-selling female singer in the world, and those intimate photos are their private lives, and those facts do not detract from the women's efforts and achievements in their careers, even if you actually see little Jennifer Naked, Your love for this person will not go bad. (same field Gayon:"I love my flesh and my body" we love the Jennifer Laurence reason )

What happened to the women stars in the nude photo storm? Why can't celebrities be naked when their desires and bodies need to be judged by the public eye? We believe that you love them, in fact, I would like to remember this person in the cause of the achievements and changes in other people's performance, songs, but also look forward to our wolf in the consumer market, to do more mature choice, the initiative to pay for our digestion of the information!

Finally, share with you the latest Card Maisong Dia , Jason Singer starring in the movie " Love in the Cloud (Sex Tape)", the film also discusses the security of the network cloud, the plot narration modern people to increase sex appeal, but because inadvertently spread to the cloud to share the interesting. Although the content is joyful, but when this thing really happened in reality, how should we deal with?

in the women's fan discussion area. [Love falls in love with Cloud >.<] Can you accept a private erotic movie with your partner? "Many netizens think that because of security considerations will not dare to try, but do agree that the private erotic video is another great enjoyment!" Let's listen to their discussion:

Many people think this is to add spice of life, indeed, this is our body autonomy, in fact, most of our hearts are eager to enjoy sex, perhaps try to be more clear to the sexual attitude, after all, this is a very normal thing Ah!

Some people think that the reason for retreat is because society regards a woman's lust as a "lewd" normal, of course, we think that a woman who understands her needs and explores sex is a wonderful thing in life, but these negative labels on women's desires should be slowly called off, why boys and men in public say " That would be natural, and girls would always be the group to be consumed in sex talk. In fact, we have the same active demand for sex, not for the satisfaction of others, children, but we should also be able to say loudly: "I just love sex!" 」。 (Recommended reading feminism: Not relying on men, dote on themselves )

What do you think about the private video? Also welcome to the discussion area and share your views with us!

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