womany editor: before we launched the campaigns for the ad picket team , inviting people to work with us to find out those ads that make girls unhappy. Today, we want to start with a different angle, and with the rise of women's consciousness, many ads are beginning to tell the women that they should stand up and turn around the stereotype of the society.Look at which outstanding advertising are!(Recommended for you: unfixed ad, true face to woman )

1. When did you start "like a girl" to become a derogatory term?

Please imagine that you are participating in an actor's audition, on the scene, standing in front of the camera, lighting, and setting you up on the screen … "Please run like a girl."" the first action instruction given to you by the director. How will you run?"Don't you think it's a little bit like playing with the same little pacing, running forward, or running along the edge and pulling hair?(Recommended to you: Who says the goddess has only one haircut?I have a short hair this summer!)

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US P&G Bridge brand Always (Whippers) At ease, they shot an ad, and they asked adult actors to make "running like a girl", "fight like a girl" and "throw a ball like a girl," and ask the little girl to do exactly the same.Do you want to know the difference between the actions of adults and girls? Let's look at the advertisements:

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From the ads we found that girls and girls all recognize that "like a girl" is a humiliating phrase.One of the actresses said: "Girls with puberty are trying to figure out who they are because they're looking for themselves, so if someone tells her:" It's like a girl, " she might think she was not strong enough, and felt weak.

However, when another actor is asked what advice can be given to a girl who is like a girl, she says,

on like a , "

said.If someone thinks it's wrong to run like a girl, throw a ball like a girl, it's not right to shoot an arrow like a girl. That's their problem.If you can still score, or you can run first, you are right.That's right!I was like a girl, I played like a girl, swimming like a ball.I walked like a girl, and I was like a girl, because I was a girl, and that was not a shame.So I decided to do that, and that's what girls should do."(Recommended reading: Not all girls in life, only Katya and Hermes

Next time, if someone is asked to" run like a girl ", let's naturally run away!Let's make the "like a girl" a proud thing .

2. Garing to shine, reversing women's gender stereotypes

Do you find that girls are "sorry" more often than boys?Or is it that when women and boys do the same thing, people think differently about them?Pan-Ting's advertisement, "Don't say sorry" and "n't let the mark on your mark", us hope that girls will be brave and not be limited by the stereotype of the society.(Also recommended: Who says a girl can't be an Engineer!)

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movie source

We found that girls are always saying sorry, maybe because we feel it's difficult, or we think that they're going to be too sharp to express their opinions.Bloomberg Businessweek has pointed out in the weekly issue of April this year that women often express their thoughts in a more euphemism.It's like using "I'm sorry, I'm not so sure that I'm not so right about ..." the boys will directly express what he thinks.Of course, this may also be the advantage of women, because we are relatively soft, and the listener is relatively easy to absorb. However, if this is not the original personality of the society, it is afraid that society will label it and be afraid of being accused of being a woman, then don't worry about it!Because

women don't need to be particularly soft, we can be strong, we can be strong, we can be strong, because there are hundreds of women, and no one should be limited by the stereotype of society, so women, brave glowing, live out of the uniqueness of the world!"(Homecoming: My Beautiva woman is so proud, three Thai women's touching stories )


"Real Beauty" series of "Real Beauty", a series of ads that you would like to share with you today, "You're more beautiful than you think you are in this series of ads."

Film Origin

In fact, each of us should cherish its own natural and unique beauty .As stated in the film, one person's views on his own will affect his choice of friends, influence what he wants to find, and how to treat children. It is also a key factor in happiness.

"As a woman, we spend a lot of time being picky and obfussy about what we think we're not good enough to do, but we should do it, but to enjoy the places that we used to like ourselves."
(About this ad, we have also written: women, and are actually more beautiful

should be proud to be a woman,

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