Today we are going to introduce these three women entrepreneurs who are fighting for the idea, with firm strength, small focus, step-by-step practical changes in the world.

when the "entrepreneurial" two word has become the trend of future pulsation, shaking the traditional job market, women are the key factor in the entrepreneurial circle! Not only is the well-known Facebook operator Sheryl Sindberg, the fact that women's entrepreneurial spirit and creative thinking have written a new paradigm for history. In particular , the company reported that the female-led start-up companies, the cost per cent of the rate of recovery in the average, higher than the male start-up companies, the main "quantity less quality and make money" model. (Recommended reading: women started the company more money!) Five Tech Circle female entrepreneur )

Today we are going to introduce these three women entrepreneurs who are fighting for the idea, with firm strength, small focus, step-by-step practical changes in the world. They are believed to be founder of the Huffington Post Arianna Huffington, rooted in Bangladesh by social entrepreneur Yamaguchi, a Hollywood star hand-picked plastic body brand Spanx founder Sara blakely!

They prove that good ideas can also be a good business! Look at the world they've changed!

Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington: Changing Media ecology

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Do you like the media in the market? Are you satisfied with their reporting beliefs? Don't like it? Do you want to do it yourself? Arianna Huffington just do it!

Arianna Huffington This name sound familiar? Yes, she was the founder of the Huffington Post. She was selected not only for 2009 Fusby Global Hundred influential women, but also for the first time in history to be a female in the media background. But Jariana Huffington has never denied that his success has come from the accumulation of failed experiences, as well as the courage and perseverance of the shameless!

Before and after the founding of the Huffington Post, Arianna was writing with his pen. The first book, the Female Woman, had a sharp assessment of Women's liberation Movement, and the second book was continuously rejected by 36 publishers. Not only is there an attempt to change the society of the writing people, Arianna Huffington also has political ambitions, has run for the mayor of California seat.

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In May 2005, Arianna Huffington co-founded the Huffington Post and was editor-in-chief of the News and blog Media website. At the time, few people were bullish on the new media, and even readers described the Huffington Post as "an absolute failure to survive!" (Recommended reading: Learn to fail on the success!) See the story of six successful women )

But time can prove everything, and the Huffington Post does change and even shake the media ecology. Coverage of the coverage of an increasingly wide range of international news, women's awareness, political wind, life, sports events, financial information ... The content is becoming more diverse and attracts readers all over the world.

Less than three years after its inception, The Huffington Post was selected by the Observer magazine as the most influential blogger in the world; in 2011, the site was officially over the Old York Times, and sold to AOL for $300.001 million trillion. In 2012, the Huffington Post received great honors from the American Press: the Pulitzer Prize for International Journalism (Pulitzer Prize for national reporting)

In just eight years, the new media, created by Arianna Huffington, has never been seen as a new global media leader, with readers all over the world, more influential and inspiring the birth of new media. Although sitting in the media kingdom, Arianna Huffington still has not forgotten the enthusiasm of the writing people, for several years continued to publish new works, but also published her 14th book in 2014, thrive:the third Metric to redefining Success and Cr Eating a life of well-being, Wisdom, and Wonder, ranked first in the New York bestseller list.

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Arianna Huffington in a fast-changing media market, with a firm pace, defying the thick skin of failure, as well as the original writing enthusiasm, that a pen, accompanied her to go a long way. But also led the rise of negative forces in the media circle.

Finally, take a look at Airanna Huffington at the 2013 Smith College graduation speech:

My Greek compatriot Akimide once said, "Give me a fulcrum, and I can pry the earth." "Therefore, to find their own fulcrum, that is, intelligence, harmony, the strength of the gathering place." By this fulcrum, lead the third female revolution, and reshape your ideal world in your heart, according to your definition of success. (same field Gayon: the courage and perseverance of success from the Huffington Post founder )

Next, have you ever thought that the third world can have its own fashion brand? Yamaguchi painted the son did it

Social Enterprise Motherhouse founder Yamaguchi painting Richi: Changing the plight of poor countries

When it comes to fashion, we think of Milan, think of Paris, think of New York, and think of Tokyo, but most people don't think of the third world, do they? And the founder of Japan Motherhouse Mountain Richi thought of Bangladesh!

Yamaguchi painted Richi is Motherhouse brand founder and chief designer, founded in the age of 24 motherhouse, rooted in Bangladesh, exquisite to create a first-class fashion brand, will be produced in Bangladesh warm hand package export world. At the age of 27, he was selected by Bloomberg Businessweek as "Asia's most Outstanding young entrepreneur"!

Yamaguchi painted Richi said: "The development of the country, it is not worth to have their own proud brand?" Is the developing country going to have to wait for help instead of exporting the products to the world? 」

Time 焠 the eye, the years hatched the idea. The beginning of the story was Bangladesh, 22 years old. That year, Yamaguchi painted Richi only a senior, the first trip to Bangladesh, the poorest country in Asia, she realized with the progress of Japan completely different living patterns. Begging people are all over the street, children rags, they do not meet the future they want. But even so, Yamaguchi painted Richi found in their hearts also have "to rely on their own strength to live" strong will. (Recommended reading:"Leave the brothel, we have no home" the real life of sex workers in Bangladesh )

She kept thinking about what she could do in addition to donations and donations to the poor and beautiful country, so that they could practice their own idea of "living by their own power". Two years have elapsed, she got a moving answer: "In the developing countries to make a truly customer-pleasing goods," and unexpectedly met "jute" this very potential unique fiber, can be completely decomposed and recycled, and thus incubate motherhouse, in order to run the enterprise to solve the problems of modern society , motherhouse a different path for the future of Bangladesh.

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Instead of relying on traditional "palms facing down" donations and assistance, the "hand-holding" invitation to Bangladesh to create a more stable economic base and a better future is no longer a good one. With the existing resources in the ground, so that the hands of the people in the ground can produce enough to export first-class products.

Quality and fame are not built in a day, motherhouse have had many hard times. Yamaguchi Draw the son gambling all the savings, has met the manufacturer of the volume of departure, has been major department store access to the door, has experienced factory personnel for "every commodity should pay attention to details" of the query. Yamaguchi painted the son of perseverance, every shipment before the goods, she must insist to personally check, every little detail, she is unwilling to compromise. It was a hard journey, but Motherhouse proved "to love entrepreneurship" why not?

Of course, not only love, motherhouse design innovation, quality is also exceptionally exquisite, in Bangladesh to create a new and in the business model, repeatedly proved that good ideas, can also be a good business! (Recommended reading: social enterprises, not equal to charitable organizations )

"If one day, I can be in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, New York Street, see a lot of fashionable women with" made in Bangladesh "handbag confidently walk on the road, it will be my life ideal best practice. "Yamaguchi said so."

Yamaguchi to Taiwan to participate in Aiesec Global Youth Leadership Pre-high Summit

Yamaguchi painted Richi also special in the AIESEC Global Youth Leadership Summit, to accept the short visit of women fans, Yamaguchi picture of the answer will certainly stimulate your dream and the success of the imagination.

Q1. What to do when you want to pursue a dream but can't lift your courage? Please give the World youth a word of encouragement!

Yamaguchi painted Richi: At first, we all thought we could do things so small and so small. But when you really plunge into the environment you want, you will find yourself infinite possibilities! It's like when you're in a critical moment and you get your adrenaline pumping, you can lift the heavy stuff up. Everyone must believe: "Your possibilities, beyond your own imagination." "

Of course, first you must enter that environment, starting from a small place to start, and then slowly expand their ability to reach the range, small circle will not expand!

Q2. Can you talk to us about the definition of success in your heart?

Yamaguchi painted Richi: Success, for me, success is actually "full of passion for one thing, and full devotion" performance. In fact, I never felt that I was "very successful" or "very satisfied". I think that to do one thing, should continue to pursue better. Keep telling yourself: "It seems to be a little bit worse", "it seems to be better", will have the power to continue the next action. (also to see: stop!) Dream meet is to earn, this life I only do Huang Junrong )

Yamaguchi painting The tone of the son in good faith, we also saw in her body motherhouse can continue to progress the key reasons, the original success is an endless road, hard road, there is not necessarily a clear destination, but you walk can feel a bit to change the world!

Next, have you ever heard of a lingerie brand breaking into Rich's Sara Blakely?

Spanx founder of the first plastic underwear brand in the United States Sara Blakely: Change women's self-confidence

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Can change the world be gentle, very feminine? For example, start by building a woman's confidence in herself. This is Sara Blakely founder of the United States first plastic body underwear brand Spanx original intention! She proved that changing the world was not just a way of breaking the hard.

When the list of the rich is full of macho tech giants, Fry Fang Dahen, or rely on ancestral shadow of the rich second generation, Sara Blakely with the negative power of magic underwear, plastic underwear brand Spanx into the jungle, 41-Year-old, she is "rich than the world" the youngest ever self-made woman rich.

Spanx can be in the positive world firepower not without reason, because she attentively from small eyes, to women's needs, with magic bra, bundle pants ... such as the body of a single product, to meet women want to better their desire. Beyonce, Genispatro and a number of movie stars are loyal customers! Gonispart said publicly: "All Hollywood actresses should wear it." "spanx was intimately called" The Secret of Hollywood! " "(Recommended to you: women must read sexy underwear dress up secret)

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Spanx's mantra is: "Change the world, change one butt at a time."

Sara Blakely 41-Year-old on the billionaire list of the crazy experience, it is difficult to imagine her in the creation of Spanx before, there have been hesitation years. Also is because of hesitation, life and have many times wonderful turn! Once wanted to be a lawyer, he failed two consecutive exams, then went to Disney Park in Florida for a short stint as a door-to-door salesman.

These past seemingly unrelated work experiences have accidentally strung Sara Blakely's entrepreneurial ideas. Sara Blakely to visit customers found wearing tights although hot, but more able to show the curve of their body, but also make underwear mark is not obvious! So she brainwave cut the bottom half of the pantyhose, with the now "plastic body underwear" embryonic.

Who would have thought that the current market value of 1 billion of dollars in Spanx at the beginning, but from 5,000 dollars! Sara Blakely on the knitting industry or the male world, but this group of men do not really understand the needs of women, so in 1999 years created a Spanx, from product design, marketing, brand trademarks and then to patent applications related to the past, so she all single-handedly, To solve women's physical troubles as the core concept, to create a woman's unique armor. (Recommended reading: The lazy women of the world, these signs tell you to change your underwear. )

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Even Oprah has publicly praised Spanx's contribution to women, and in the infinite cycle of weight-pulling, the invention of Spanx offers a woman another outlet. In fact, after the invention of the bra in 1313, women never seemed to be so mad about a single product.

Today's Spanx is already proud of the Kingdom of underwear, the Guardian reported that Spanx sales have reached 25 million U.S. dollars, and the company 0 debt, never rely on foreign capital, but also a wholly-owned companies, never sold any company equity. According to Wall Street, Spanx company is worth about $1 billion trillion! Sara Blakely with entrepreneurial power, negative force, and the future negative consumption era of the giant Hong Lai attack.

Finally, to see Sara Blakely's film, she said, "It all starts with my butt!" My own butt is the inspiration! Every time I wear white trousers, I hate embarrassing underwear marks, I am a demand unmet consumers, maybe I do not have retail experience, no business background, but I know in the traditional underwear industry and the needs of women, there is a big gap between. So, Spanx was born "

Hey, what about you? What are you dissatisfied with, and what do you want to change? Want to tell you that the remote control of life on their own body, together with remote control of their desired future. next week also remember to continue to #womanywednesday with us yo!