If you have a celebrity that you like, an opportunity for indirect interviews.Let's take a look at the leading introduction of the September women's Hongmen!

In September, the interview celebrity preempted!, we are going to make a nervous revelations about the internal secrets of women, and we would like to invite you to join us in our September interview.

In September, we invited the most women's songs, Ho rhymes , the Communications and Public Relations Director Consumer Products P&G, Wang Jiarui , manager of Jewelry brand D&D, and a fashion critic is afraid of all stars on the red carpet. If have a celebrity that you like, an opportunity to interview indirectly!Let's go deeper into the lead introduction of the September women's fans, and then go back to the small rules of the " You can also interview them ".(The list of celebrities will continue to be added, and you can leave messages to us to tell us who you want to interview, let us help you invite him or her)

Film festival spokesperson Ho Yun-yun: Women, do yourselves.

After being openly gay in 2012, she was more active in trying to do something about inequality in society. Not only did she launch a "comrade" and "anti-discrimination" activity, she also worked hard to help the public welfare group, to speak out for the weak.Now, besides music, her antennus from a film to a dance drama, has been extended to a much wider extent, and has always been a verse of endeavor. This year's Image of the Women's Film Festival , as a public figure, her ability and reward society is constantly giving us a more full positive energy! (You're going to love Ho rhyme: I'm proud to share, I'm gay )

P&G Bao Chiao Family Hong Kong Communication & Communications Director Liang Yi: Successful "Car-running Philosophy"

From running SK-II brand to management P&G in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Barbara is behind many successful cases of P&G s success stories!Behind the success is an unexpected "running car philosophy", seeks to raise itself and the team to the highest performance!

Managing Director Wang Jirai, General Manager of Jewelry brand D&D in Taiwan: "Releasing the desire within the heart"

General Manager of D&D JEWELLY, who continues to experience the family's jewelry industry, has worked hard to create the first self-created jewelry brand in Taiwan, bringing together a number of innovative revolutions, whether diamonds or pearl ornaments, or D&D JEWELY, who has always been the designer's designer, designer, designer, and releasing every woman's desire.

Rhinelino Master Chen Kek-hsun: "Star, should be afraid of me

His blog's Individual opinions received more than ten thousand times a day, and he commented on the star's wear, and had hit a hit rate of more than a hundred thousand people a day.This touch is ultra-sharp, and the celebrity encounters a fashion critic who is afraid of him. Moreover, he has published a book on love!We want to comment on the love of Chang Chao-chih, who has recently been overhung, and what's next most worth looking forward to is the "personal opinion" that can be seen in the blood of a love warning!

[You can also interview them] Small Rules

1. Write down the question that you have about a red-person in a message below the article.For example, "I want to ask my personal opinion, why did he think that there was a book of amgender books for love?"Now leave a message inside the website and you can roll over a woman fan-in-point prize !

Method 2. Leave a question under the post posted by the " Women, you can be different " fan page. Of course, if netizens love your question, we will convey your question to the interviewee, so we should also ask your friends to help you with your questions.

The rules of the game are very simple, even if you ask them!Whether you are a female fan or a loyal member of a family, or a big fan of the Red Man, come and finish the September period with us.

Women in the Eminent Persons Interview!