is not every menstrual reporting, there is a thunderbolt feeling "what, not just end it?" "When you think of physiology, which adjectives will you flash first?"

Buckle Up! Physiological period report, large blood loss, acne, anxiety, abdominal pain, backache, abdominal swelling, bad appetite, bad face, nausea, dizziness, breast swelling ... 1 million emotions, like a rush up, concentrated in this short five days. Such a mood, as a woman we are too clear.

But when you think about physiology, which adjective would you flash first? Let's take a look at the following playful short film that took a lot of emotional time out of the physical! As well as the exclusive physiological period of the five mixed dictionary!

"Physiological period of the five-mixed dictionary"

Again here again? Wasn't it the last time it just ended ... People who feel this way please raise their hands!

bloating abdominal swelling, but more uncomfortable than flatulence

cramps spasm, abdominal pain, such as twisted feeling, many girls menstruation come, even from the bed to climb up all good pain.

Diva Cup menstruation is not only a choice of sanitary cotton yo!

If you do not like the heavy health of cotton, to try the menstrual cup Diva cups! Diva Cup also known as menstrual cup, many people also call him the Moon Cup! The Moon Cup is the most special place is that it is to take the way to collect menstrual blood, so put into the vagina, as long as the cleaning and disinfection can be reused after the service life of up to 5-10 years! Although the Moon Cup has not yet popularized, but also provide women another with their own body close contact with the method of putting it!

Emotions Menstruation report, the body discomfort, affect the heart of discomfort, mood unavoidably some maladjusted, temper unavoidably some irritable, thank the people around at this time support us!

Fuck This does not explain, I do not have to explain for my menstrual mood out of control!

Girlfriends 35 Sisters of menstruation often at the same time report, this time is the sisters together to eat to soothe the heart of the good time! (Immediately recommended: sister go together!) Taiwan must go to the eight coffee shops )

heating Pad. Hot cloth patches or hot water bags gently placed on the belly, like a warm hug by a person, mood also calmed down. However, if you can get a real hug, the girls will be very happy yo! (Boy, take notes!) )

Ice Cream heard menstruation to eat ice cream will cool the uterus, so that the discharge of menstrual blood more not smooth. (but foreigners still seem to be eating as well)

Jealousy Boys always ask: "Ah, you are very exaggerated, in the end how much pain?" "Damn, why don't boys have menstruation?"

Kill me now how much pain? Pain to feel, simply kill me! (Recommended reading: How painful is menstrual pain in the end?) Be sure to share the menstrual cramps for the men around you.

Language Yes, menstrual period is really full of various emotional words!

Next, you must have empathy for the menstrual keyword

Midol menstrual cramps Special pain killers! Including acetaminophen, caffeine, Pyrilamine maleate, this little thing to save us from being tortured by a little heart!

Not pregnant good! At least menstruation to represent I am not pregnant!

Oh my god during menstruation, the female hormone progesterone excess, will cause water retention, weight following up, will be fatter than usual 1-2 kg or so! But don't worry, you'll fade after your period. (Take a look: super strong menstrual cycle weight loss Method!) )

PMS premenstrual syndrome, described the period before the week's emotional ebb, this time women for both internal and external pressure will be particularly sensitive! More serious, there will be PMS (premenstrual dysphoric disorder, PMDD) girl to remember, if found menstruation has affected the daily life, remember to ask the Doctor to help Yo! (Recommended: four prescriptions, and annoying PMs said bye -bye)

seriously when the body and mind are not smooth, even the days are a bit unlucky! But fortunately we have to know our sister or intimate with the other half!

tampons cotton strips! Woman's Secret Savior! (To want to know more about you: the first use of cotton Bar to start!) A full guide to your use of teaching

unending crying do not know you do not feel menstruation come often especially melancholy, always want to cry? In fact, this is a scientific research yo! (You know what?) Why do you want to cry when menstruation comes?

Very hungry Yes! Menstruation comes when not appetite is a moment incarnation big stomach King, whether it is mood or eating habits, all of a sudden become very extreme!

Wine a red bar to soothe your heart cheers! (For you!) Petty girl Save money! Wine can also be used in this way )

yelling I'm not losing my temper! I didn't! I'm absolutely not!

ZZZ Menstruation finally ended, God, I want to use a very long sleep to celebrate!

Yes, we all have the same situation once a month. I hope that through a simple introduction, let women know that you are not alone in menstruation, we also want to be your good sister, but also let the men can try to see, women report when the mood, also please tolerate this period a bit irritable, a bit intolerant, a little love angry, easy belly hungry she. Let us together to the menstrual bitter days, into a good day!

Speaking of menstruation, what would you think of? Also leave a message to tell us your menstrual keywords it!

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