Womany Knitting Press:
Previous British studies have quantified "women's production pains" into specific pain indices, inviting digital men to experience, and many men are halfway through, describing the feeling as "more painful than a truck run"! Small set to see this research, can not help but think of "women menstrual cramps," is also a very worthy of quantification of the pain experience Ah, if you use the painting, the feeling of menstrual cramps, how would you draw it? (Recommended reading: menstruation can do six kinds of good sports!) To be beautiful is to move like this .

"Menstrual cramps are not sick, but the pain is really a life!" "There must be a lot of girls think so, think of those because of menstrual pain, pour in bed on the day, let a person scalp numbness ah." Usually very strong you, at this time particularly vulnerable.

There are often many men who do not understand why menstrual period of the girl is always a face balsam pear, mood annoyed, move do not want to move, but also will occasionally want to pick out boyfriend problems, free temper, but it is really because of menstruation attack, very very uncomfortable ah! (This is a good communication, is a learning: to understand the logic of men's thinking seven points )

Menstrual cramps, face on the occasional acne has been very nerve-racking, if the menstrual cramps again to disrupt, uterine contraction pains, and then with menstrual headache, backache back pain ... such as menstrual illness, really will let a person have "Day will drop big Ren Also, must first bitter its mind, labor its bones, hungry its body skin" of the toil of life, we really want to lazily lie in bed rest, do not want to do. (same field Gayon: menstrual cramps don't come!) Give you the menstruation diet Lazy man bag )

Artist Pottery Crystal has so described how painful menstrual cramps: "If a man in his lower body by high heels even seven days without mourning, the woman can also quietly through menstrual period." 」

If you feel that this is not enough intuition, together to see the following by different women draw the menstrual cramps, simply painted as a woman in the menstrual period of helplessness and sadness, see the Super Empathy Ah! Quick to share with the male friends around, I believe they read, will be more aware of women during menstruation, what is the suffering of what happened ... (also because of this, we have considerate girl, save the boy's Little red box birth AH)

"Yes, during the menstrual period, I feel that my whole body is not a bomb!" Menstruation tick, also fully embodies my melancholy mood ...

Help It hurts! "In those days, my life was black and white.

During menstruation, the lower body is particularly swollen, it is like dragging a heavy load! Inside the womb like hacked ...

Feed! In fact, menstruation is a bad whole girl for the joy of the Great Lord, right?

The menstrual pain Attack! A lot of things that usually make people happy, now make me laugh ...

Well... Can I call an ambulance?

Somebody help me!

Menstrual cramps, chest swelling, abdominal pain such as knife, headache, and because the role of hormones like a special lust

This is sparta! This is really super vivid, the ovary (ovary) likened to a reaction furnace, there are unexpected powerful power!

"Laura! "My womb and the most evil in the history of the ovaries!"

And the man's eyes of the menstrual pain diagram, it is long so ...

What's with all the cute items in your body? I do not know why it looks like a good silly naïve feeling ah!
(Recommended reading: men experience a day as a woman, the result will be ...

What about you? What would you do if you took the menstrual pain as a picture? Invite the sisters around to try it together! (Can compare to see who heart menstrual more ferocious ...) )

Womany secretly said PostScript:

is because a lot of sisters are deeply troubled by menstruation, but optimistic we, in countless times after the menstrual attack, or to believe that menstrual bitter days, in fact, can also be a good day, so there is the idea of small red box . We use small red box to take care of ourselves, but also hope to be able to take care of more girls and women, physiological period also put more beautiful and happy to you:

Hey, if you feel like your menstrual reporting is a "world pause," you'll want to know how to regain control of your body in those days. Come and see the first deep body salon of a woman's paradise. Invited a woman fan, red blush overseas writer/Professional physical therapist Miao Lei , teach you to use your pelvic muscles to overcome this battle when your belly swells uncomfortable !

In fact, I really hope that one day, when we draw the top of the picture, you can draw a big smile on the face of people ah! finally sent to Wei woman menstrual cramps, women, let us ask together: "Menstruation, henceforth we can be good friends?" "