Ancient times, not too much entertainment in the evening, of course, not too much light harm, the moon becomes the brightest protagonist in the night.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming! In the barbecue with the family, there is no way to raise your head to enjoy the beautiful moon? In the ancient times, there is not much entertainment at night, of course, there is no too much light harm, the moon becomes the brightest protagonist in the night.

And ancient people believe that the moon has mystical power, but also has the same emotions like human beings, so all over the "Moon God" role, such as the Chinese People's Month God is, stole the elixir and fly to the sky, let us start from Taiwan, to see what other places of the moon God is what appearance, and what interesting story? Let's listen to it!

Taiwan's ethnic Bunun have fought with the Moon God!

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In Taiwan, the Moon is a peasant-loving and awed God, the Legend of the moon is actually the brother of the Sun, there is a strong power to punish mankind, once the Bunun people have committed incest sin, the moon will be born to their children into lizards, triggering the race "conquest The Sun" war, and finally, the Sun defeated, was shot down to become the moon.

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after the defeat of the moon God and the Bunun have made a peace pact, he also taught the etiquette and norms of the priests of the Bunun age to become their god of farming, and helped them to establish the concept of family, to standardize the provisions of various festivals and sacrifices, to become the commandments and taboos, and because the god of the moon cared very much about ethical norms, Therefore, after the war, the ethics of the farmers and the marriage norms of the ritual, become the god of ethical norms, since then the Bunun family to abide by these rules, and the moon God peaceful coexistence. ( same field Gayon: Why are the children from the mountains so happy?) )

Japan Moon God-fai night, but not on the moon born?

The Japanese God of the moon was born from bamboo, in the ancient legend of "Bamboo Pick things", there is a cut bamboo man, in the bamboo found a cute little girl, will she brought home to raise, 3 months later the girl became a young girls, beauty unparalleled, the name is called: "Hui Night ji."

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At that time many princes and nobles hope, all hope will be able to marry Hui night to take home as a wife, but Hui night ji only promised to marry: can find her favorite treasures of the people, but to propose to the people can not be found, even the emperor wanted to rely on the powerful to marry, but also by her refusal, finally on the Mid-Autumn Festival night, the moon will come to all the Hui night Ji back to the moon, Back to where she was originally.

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Hui night ji is a lot of Japanese people have known since childhood, her performance in the story of stability, wit and fearless power, is the Japanese think the most important thing. (same field Gayon: the perfect contemporary interpretation of the story of Japanese Legends: the film "Hui Kester")

Greek Moon god tell you, why the sun and the moon no longer intersect?

The Greeks of the Moon and the Sun god Apollo is a twin brother, the Moon and the Sun are the father Zeus gave them the gift of brother and sister, Jacobs Silk because very cherish their own moral integrity, and love in the forest hunting, so to father to three birthday gifts, respectively: chastity, Arrow bag and away from the human forest.

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There are many stories about Missy, one of which is that she bathed in the woods, but was seen by Hunter Aktian (Actaeon), and she angrily turned the Antioch into a deer, and Aktian was overtaken and killed by the hounds of her own breed. Though the Missy had been so cruelly avenged by the man who offended her, but she still had the time to fall in love, she was in love with a young man named Russo, but was blocked by Apollo, and designed to let the rice silk mistakenly killed the Russian Weng, so she was very angry, no matter how Apollo wanted to apologize to her, The Missy always leaves the moment before he arrives, so the moon and the sun no longer intersect. (You'll like: Another romance in the Sunshine Kingdom: A tour of Greek culture )

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the gods in Greek mythology show many facets of humanity, let us heed the lesson, the rice silk is a good and evil role, for the likes of things, will be gentle and kind to protect them, so she is also young children and all mammals of the protection of God, even with clouds cover their faces to kiss the face of a handsome boy, The moon goddess kisses the person, will have the peculiar imagination, may become the poet or the prophet. But once angered her, she will be like a hunter, the stern of the Revenge of her, is a love and fear of the goddess it! (We can:"The Awakening Map of Love" women, you can become the extraordinary goddess )

More interesting stories of the moon

God of India tells you, why does the moon have cloudy and round lacks?

In India, the god of the moon is called Chandra, meaning " Bright and dazzling "while in India very special is the moon God is a male, he had four hands, a token in one hand, an immortal dew in the other hand, a word in the third, the remaining hand on guard, and his three-wheeled chariot was pulled by an antelope or 10 white horses.

Legend has it that the god of the moon, in addition to his first wife, married another God's 27 daughters, a total of 28 wives representing the moon's 28-day surround cycle. But his love for his first wife caused the jealousy of other wives, the wives complained to their father, the Father let the moon God infected with leprosy, but 27 wives feel the poor husband, and then plead with the father. So the father tried to alleviate the pain, so the moon will gradually from silver to gray, and then disappear, and then back to silver, so we see the moon will have Yin Ching round. (Other Stories: What I learned in India: The hardest part of peace )

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Indians use the Moon calendar in their lives, the way to celebrate the birthday is from the moon's Yin and Qing Yuan also judged that the full moon born children best, can have money, power, fame, friendship and respect, so the moon for Indians, is a very important God paper, even prayer will often say: " The moon will keep us safe for life "(same field Gayon: India, Faith )

The moon god of Russia loves to quarrel

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Russian legend, the Sun and the moon is a couple, and the moon God and India are male, when the winter comes, the earth covered with snow, a dead, so the moon God must be separated from the sun god, wait until the next summer goodbye.

But at 6/24 or 7/7 a year, the sun God will dress up, put on a skirt to wear hide headdress, and the moon god Happy meeting, two people will walk while singing, the earth shines shine, let everyone feel their joy, this may with the Russian high latitude, summer days longer, So there is this interesting story to tell.

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But the Russians feel that the moon God self-esteem strong and natural aggressiveness, so the moon God and the sun God often quarrel, when two of people quarrel, the sky will be cloudy, Lightning Thunder, quarrel too serious when there will be earthquakes and tsunamis!

Aren't these moon stories very interesting? Looking at the same moon, but can develop so many different stories, in addition to provide the mysterious power to the werewolf's big Full moon, there are more full of " "Human nature" of the moon goddess of the gods, will be our evening decoration richer, this year's Mid-Autumn festival, and the family to celebrate the moon, rather than watching the moon to play a story solitaire, to create a story of your moon!