Physiological period to these days is always easy to be irritable or frustrated, it does not matter, women fans will always use small red box with you, let us love ourselves tenderly together.

What is the month of September for girls? After the scorching heat of the summer, between hot and cold, in the beginning of autumn, for me, September, like a gentle woman, despite the changes, still firmly in their own way to go.

No matter what new difficulties you will encounter in the second half, let the little red box accompany you.

This month, the small red box packaging design is simple and beautiful hibiscus flowers, flower language is "gentle insistence." Hibiscus flowers in the rising moon between the flow gorgeous, early morning blooming night withered, every withered Xie is nourishing more full bloom. Like autumn, like the love of a person, may have a low ebb, there will be distractions, know how to love you will gently adhere to, accompany you through the flowers bloom, in the fleeting time stationed at this moment of eternity.

Woman fans understand you, Little red box love you, together to see how we can accompany each other!

Eat the most important! Little red box to accompany you through the greedy time

The physiological period comes when the mood is not very good, do not worry you are not the personality to be bad, all is the hormone to cause the misfortune, the mood is not good or the mood is impatient, eats something to calm down. Can eat the healthy bamboo Salt Sea moss, Korea is now the most tamping Jiejie Sheng products, as well as the Japanese import of cute milk biscuits, and then with a diuretic swelling can also lose weight of the corn tea, and good drink and gu body of living more than four things to drink, the mood may be warm some yo. Anything can be handled later, only the mood is not good, eat not, satisfied with the appetite, you will return to the gentle woman again.

Even if the physiological period of laziness at home, small red box to accompany you to maintain the service

Beauty Buffet's Energy Gem series Mask, together with you to resist hormones imbalance caused by skin crisis. Full of protective power of the malachite mask, so that your skin tighter, olive stone mask can delay aging, so that your skin full of vitality; the Tourmaline mask is to play the Oriental women's favorite function, so that you have a fair color! Even if the physiological period to lazy little strength, also can lie on the mask, together to the sick of the physical acne, smelly face said to break!

Basic mask is not enough, small red box with you to do exclusive deep maintenance

In addition to the basis of the mask maintenance, small red box is also intimate preparation of the Schba Q10 skin-revitalizing products, have eye cream and skin cream, which coenzyme Q10 ingredients, can start the skin's energy, in addition to slowing down the aging, but also to prevent fine lines with large pores, so that the physiological period was bullied skin reproduce health glory! Girls, take advantage of good friends to treat themselves well, a lot of care of themselves, let small red box to become your gentle companionship, physiological period these days can also be another kind of happiness enjoyment.

Dear you, you will not be the annoying physiological period down, you will not lose luster, please believe that you are a beautiful and resolute hibiscus flowers, although bumpy road, but the woman fans will always be here with you, we use small red box with you, it may not be much of a surprise, will not be what a great gift, but we believe that Small red box will be the most intimate warmth of existence, because we care about, we care about, we understand you, so hope you can warm up from the heart, with a small power, accompany you through many days.

Let the physiological period of these days, a good rest, quietly feel the most real self, wash away the past one months of exhaustion, so that every time a good friend like to regain the same life, to find more beautiful and vitality of their own. September, let us accompany you to the dialogue between the body and mind.

Dear, let Womany give for you, sunshine and a little flowers.

Dear, whether it is physiological period, gentle and resolute you, will bloom like flowers.