Do not want to spend time to fire and want to eat delicious meat of you, together to see us help you organize the famous Burning butcher shop bar!

Meat eaters love them! After the last Shang 10 Taiwanese coffee shops , women fans this time for everyone to inventory burning butcher shop! (drooling) let you in the mid-Autumn Festival even during the holiday, a fruit appetite!

These high praise on the network of the Burning butcher shop some of the main high-grade ingredients, and some push cheap delicious food, want to eat to full or single point? Want to spoil the taste buds or eat back to Ben? This year's Mid-Autumn festival can not catch also does not matter! Secretly collected in the Pocket list, Burning butcher's day with 35 friends Party is a good choice of meat and beer! Next, let's take a look at the seven red-fever barbecue restaurants that continue to burn, and indulge in the occasional indulgence. (same field Gayon: break Five barbecue myths, meat will be more delicious )

Which ones have you eaten?

Good quality urn with perfect service and charcoal burning meat

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This stealth in the eastern lane to get inside the burning butcher shop for special services, each dish has someone to help you take care of the most suitable for your fire hou, the staff of professional people to pay 10% service fees to pay super willing! Dining way to adopt a single point system, it is said that the urn is also burning meat every food is very attentively, the quality of service also let the quality of the meal improved. In addition, the general we go to barbecue shops are very afraid of lampblack stained covered are, but the urn also under the ventilation technology significantly reduce the smoke contamination in the body, also has a locker to provide put bags of clothing, not afraid with a strong barbecue flavor out!

Price: 600~800 yuan
Add: No. 16 Lane 10 Lane 2nd, da an road, Daan District, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2775-1755

Quality is not to ask for quantity! Japanese style roast meat with horn

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Horns from Japan have branches in many countries, and many friends praise that his meal will not be mixed by opening many stores, Horn has a single point of the system also has to eat to full, 2 hours to eat a total of three prices, respectively, for $599, $699 and $799 (some branches to eat full only noon period) although the choice of meat is not much , but the uniformity of quality is widely welcomed by bloggers!

Price: 500~800 yuan

Chung Hau Store
Address: 2/F, 177th, Daan District, Chung Hau East Road, Taipei, China
Tel: 02-2752-6302

Da Zhi Dian
Add: No. 123th, three Road, Zhongshan, China (Big straight love to buy 2F)
Tel: 02-8502-0971

Banqiao Shop
Address: New Bei Banqiao District Zhongshan Road, section 152th
Tel: 02-2514-7070

Zhongshan Store
Address: 1F, No. 32-1, 2 Zhongshan North Road, Taipei
Tel: 02-2567-0202

Ann and Yuan Qi Dian
Address: 1F, No. No. 213, 2 Daan District Road, Taipei City
Tel: 02-2732-5227

Let's have a kiss pork! Cheers

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Every night eight o'clock have "kiss pork" activities, as long as the kiss there is a free set of fresh pig five flowers! Many people enjoy a toast to the dining atmosphere, and the clerk will fry the scene like a friend. A toast is a huge meat-burning organization, the name of a number of grades, "small toast" is a relatively cheap route, "Big Toast" is the founder shop, "Old Cheers" is the highest and most luxurious! Why is it that a butcher shop can play so many tricks? Try them on the scene and you'll know! (same field Gayon: come and kiss!) British Kissing Festival )

Average price: Small toast about 600 yuan, the old toast about 1600 yuan

Big Toast.
Add: No. 17th, 236 Lane, Dunhua Road, Taipei
Tel: (02) 8773-1150

Little Toast.
Add: No. 9th, 177 Lane, Dunhua Road, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2776-3435

Address: No. 2-1, Nanjingxilu 25 Lane, Taipei City
Tel: (02) 2555-6110

Fresh water Toast
Add: No. 13th, 56 Lane, Gong Ming Street, Taipei County town, Dan
Tel: (02) 2628-1500

Taichung, cheers, sincere shop.
Add: No. 2nd Jingcheng Three Street, Taizhong West
Tel: (04) 2310-2978

Cheers to the BAR South Store (not open telephone reservation)
Add: No. 5th, 169 Lane, Dunhua Road, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2751-2261

Cheers BAR Yongkang Shop
Address: No. 1th, 198 Lane, two Xinyi Road, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2394-9388

Cheers, old man.
Add: No. 44th, 280 Lane, South China Road, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2751-7388

The Taste of Nostalgia Alley

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Alley burning meat total of 6 stores, the name of the "Hu" Word will change, "with" are the same, the branch name: Gu Yutong, kettle with, Hutong, 醐 with, Juhu with. This is a burning butcher shop that does not offer dip sauce, can be seen that they have confidence to own fleshy more! There are occasional grapefruit wines available for a sip! Many Glutton said Hutong is "will miss the good taste", a burning butcher can do to make people remember is not simple thing ah!

Average price: 1000~1200 yuan

No. One Shop-Hutong
Add: No. 17th, 161 Lane, Dunhua Road, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2776-1575

Shop number second-Gu Yutong
Address: No. 139th, four section, Civic Avenue, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2570-0373

No. Third Shop-kettle with
Address: No. 12 Lane 70 Lane 18th, three Bade Road, Taipei, China
Tel: (02) 2577-3738

No. Fourth Shop-Hutong
Address: No. 12th, 91 Lane, four Yan Oi Road, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2777-2549

Store No. fifth-醐
Address: 2/F, no. 22nd, Song Shou Road, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2723-8838

Store No. sixth-Juhu
Add: No. No. 366, Taizhong Xitun District Dongxing Road, three
Tel: (04) 2328-5757

Next, introduce your wonderful combination of night and barbecue

The ingenious combination of night view and barbecue BBQ (filial piety shop)

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The main wine of the hospitality barbecue after 6:30 every night to start providing wine-drinking service, there will be a wonderful wine-blending show. Four different price points of eating to a meal mix, the highest price as long as the $888 "Rock meal" flagship deep-sea amber shrimp, Philip Ox, pine Hankyu pig, fresh scallops and so on. Here is the most special place on the 11 floor you can dine on the side overlooking the Daan District, suitable for the evening with the other half come here to drink a cup of atmosphere of the wine, with delicious roast meat! (Don't waste romantic good atmosphere!) Eat enough and he went to see the most beautiful night bar! )

Average consumption: Sketch meal $498/lyric double dinner $658/Jazz double meal $768/rock meal $888
Tel: 02-8772-8832
to Address: 11/F, 98th, Daan District, Chung Hau East Road, Taipei

The price of your ladies enjoy the charcoal burning of cherry blossom Yi

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This expensive woman style decorate the burning butcher shop is divided into two districts, has the sofa area and the Japanese type collapses the shoe to take off the area, if wants to eat cheap and clean, this bright decoration and does not lose fastidious the quality of the food material will let you be very satisfied! The store will take the initiative to sprinkle pepper on the raw meat to smell, if you do not like the initiative to inform. In addition, eat full of also want to have a ball of Haagen-Dazs, immediately feel now earn 100 (mistake)!

Average consumption: 465 RMB
Add: 1/F, no. 13th, 160 Lane, Dunhua South Road, Daan District, Taipei
Tel: 02-2778-9222

If you want to eat the top and the cow, come on, burn the meat.

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It's the first level war zone in Taipei's Burning butcher shop. In the alley in the eastern side of the famous burning meat is the name of the use of high-grade ingredients, pockets deep enough to come to this walk once it is difficult to let you down, it is said that the meat of the big shot is now made, seasoning curing is also the same day treatment. Want to eat the top of the mid-autumn and cow cuisine, to the big shots!

Average consumption: 1200~1600 yuan
Address: 1/F, 22nd, 177 Lane, Dunhua South Road, Taipei
Phone: 04-27110179