Sexual violence, such as rape, rape, and so on, is a common pain in the world.The victim's American female student chose to stand up and lodge a protest against the rape.

When we look at the rapstorm in India, the prime minister says, "Rape is girls' lack of protection." How India doesn't respect women and blame them for this ridiculous reason, in a civilized society where we live, in a civilized society called "developed", the perpetrators of sexual assault cases shirk their responsibility and reduce society's condemnation.(Sibling: dress is short, no one should be violated )

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We can't help but ask, why do you need to stay alert for what is a woman?When being violated by others, even if they cry out for help, they are not entitled to the respect and justice they deserve?In the past, these sexual assault cases would be whitewash. One of the reasons was that the victims did not want to uncover the ugly scars of the crowd and recall and present their painful experiences again. The other reason was that they were afraid to say that they would be subject to a different social vision and criticism.

Why is this girl going to take the mattresses to school?

But at Columbia University, a student who was sexually assaulted in the dorm: Ema Sulkowicz, who had been sexually assaulted while he was being raped, triggered a heated debate in school, why did she not be afraid the disclosure of identity of her victim?I would also like to use my painful experience to pay attention to sexual assault cases by the public. Let's take a look at her brave stories together.

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police asked Emma to the process of being raped, and to ask her to explain the rape to another two

says, " I want to do something like this, let us understand that when you ask for help from the school, you suffer from the neglect of the school management and the harassment of the police, which is difficult to bear."

For her, the persecution of her by society was a violation of her sexual assault on her, and she said, " I can get help from the school as long as I tell the truth, and I really didn't think that the school wouldn't stand on my side."

" As you can imagine, you have to put that embarrassing sexual process, make it to the world, and then question the public. How can it be so creepy?"

Because Emma had experienced this in person, she fully understood the unequal treatment suffered by the victim in society, and another voice in the campus "Accidents" that occurred under a "college friend, party, party, and in the ear," should not be a fuss.(Extended Read: 2000 Brave Stories After Rape )

In this case, we should express our stern protest as it is the same as the nightclub culture. Women should pay special attention to their own behavior. They should not create such a situation and let people take advantage of the idea that women should be blamed on women, and that women should be self-reviewed, self-fettered, and ignore the atrocities of the victims.

Campus violence actually right next to you

Perhaps we have a story that is far from abroad, but in Taiwan, the problem of sex abuse is also being ignored. In the southern part of the school, there are many victims. Although the government has been active in setting up gender equality education committees in schools, school classrooms are still places where sexual assault cases are frequent.

Why isn't there a better way to improve data such as this?The reason is the same as what was mentioned at the beginning, when victims were afraid to tell the truth, and the idea that "women should not be tempted to be tempted" or "the victim was too sensitive and always made a big fuss" was the main reason why the victims were forced to silence themselves.(Not only jokes: Behind the raping jokes ... )

The most fundamental way to protect the victim and punish the perpetrators is to change the concept of individual. The fundamental way is to the concept of individual. 30.5999984741211px; "> Respecting the physical autonomy of everyone, only by the consent of others ( only yes means yes ).

In the case of victims of sexual assault cases, society should not be more accused, instead of the victim spiritual and legal assistance, and strongly condemning the perpetrators. Only by starting to fix it, and by allowing the public to defend their physical autonomy together, can we really reduce the occurrence of sexual assault cases.