Dear, please don't look too low on yourself, please don't erase yourself from the light before you shine.There are challenges that allow you to grow.


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No matter if you just graduated from school, and you're getting nervous about getting into society, or you have an old buttocks that have already been shot in the workplace, you can't deny that we all feel at a loss as to how to work.As for the work, we all have a 100 % certainty.This is in fact quite normal.

When we are young, we are at a loss as to the direction of our future. How should we go?Should I turn this corner, pass this bridge, or go in that lane?Should we find a large company with a complete system of systems or a small company that needs a hundred martial arts skills?We are at a loss of uncertainty about what we choose to be, and we fear that we are afraid that we will not be able to practice what we seem to be so ambitious in our work.

At a later time, we've been in the workforce for a year, three or five years, and we've learned a lot from setbacks. We know how to maneuver, and we know how to figure out how to get things done. We've got a lot of things to do, and we're growing a lot, but we're not getting more and more blurred.

You can't help thinking: " Why is it so?Which link went wrong?"You're not wrong, but there are things that we should think about earlier."

I believe you've heard too much of your career advice. There are many different opinions, but perhaps few people advise you to stop and ask yourself the following things.What I am going to say now may never have been told, and you may not want to hear it.But if you want to find your own direction in the workplace, you believe you deserve to be superior, worth getting better, and listen to the following advice, and give yourself some time to think about it.

Your job is your responsibility

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Dear, first of all, your job is your responsibility.It's not someone else's, it's your own.

When you enter the workplace, ask you to recognize the cruel fact that no one can take responsibility for you.Your supervisor does not work. You can't recruit your company HR. Your school is not working, and your parents are not working.Only you should be responsible for your choices and choices.

Of course not everyone is born to make a choice, but at least before making a choice, we can "have a direction" to make a choice that we can and can afford.

Try to think of your career as much longer and as a business as a business, and in fact you are the best product you want to sell!Of course, if you want a commodity to shine in the market, you have to understand your ultimate career goal, and then develop a series of business plans based on the goal, and plan to make yourself a "unreplaceable" commodity.

What do you want to add value to this commodity?What kind of commodity do you want this commodity to be?Who do you want to buy?What influence do you want this commodity to have?

Please review your commodity growth every year and plan for longer-term growth goals for it!(Sibling: Attitude determination height!Did you learn to market yourself in the workplace?)

Don't start with no challenging work

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Everyone has a different choice mark for the job, and this is not absolutely good or bad.But, if you can, don't start with a job that doesn't have a hard time or a bit of a challenge.

Dear, please don't look too low on yourself, please don't erase yourself from the light before you shine.

Please look for a challenging job for you, challenging is a very subjective term, but if you feel that you are doing what you're doing, "it's easy to get no burden", then you can look for more work that suits you.That may be cruel, but a job that makes you "always comfortable" does not allow you to grow up.It's the beginning of growth.

Please select an environment that will force you to grow, choose an environment that will make you cry, and let you smile.Growth is painful and growing is not very comfortable, but a good job gives you a better understanding of your untapped potential, and a good job is going to make you see your value beyond repeating the repetitive work cycle.

Finally, please select a job that provides you with the opportunity to grow, and you can really contribute to it, because in a place like this, you can make the first sense of frustration, and also allow you to shine in the future.(Recommended reading: You can't walk your entire life with a high degree: it's also a learning )

You don't like your work 100 %, you don't have to

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Yes, it's hard for us to love your work 100 percent, and that's not a big deal.

We've been able to find a love job for us all the time, and we're going to be full of energy, but it's not.It is a reloving job, and it must be annoying and annoying.

A lot of people won't tell you, although he's not so successful in his work, he doesn't want to wake up in the morning, and sometimes he doesn't want to wake up to his dream, and it's really an alarm clock.But this is normal.

As we love one person, we don't necessarily have to love all of his faces, and the same is true.We don't necessarily love all the aspects of work, but we should know what we love, and what we don't like.Next, we're going to try to get even more fun with less-liked parts.(Recommended reading: Focus is not Salary!The research proves that doing what you're good at most makes you happy )

thinking about work as a relationship, we're not looking for 100 percent perfect, not 100 percent likes, but rather finding a balance between two people.The imbalance is in the balance, and then remember to pull back.

You have to make yourself an expert in a field

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Because people have problems, they always consult the experts first.You and I are both.

When you find yourself particularly good at a certain area, or you're trying to achieve something in a certain area, first consciously develop yourself as an expert in that area.Each of these areas is full of diverse and powerful people, and small sheep want to break into the mist forests, and of course they have to prepare them for the armor.

If you want to be an expert, don't give up any chance to make yourself a better chance. These opportunities may be a bit annoying when they come first, and may increase your workload, but it is more likely to be a great opportunity to build up your energy.

Please also remember to always look for better possibilities. You can go to study, you can set your own time to read, and you can go to various workshops more, and you have to convince yourself that you deserve better. Please arrange your own steps to "better yourself" and step on it step by step.Because in a rapidly changing world, is never the best, only better .

These suggestions will inevitably be a bit of blood, a bit harsh.But I believe that at a time when we can't see the direction, we sometimes need to be like this, and we need to be able to see our blood, and we need to find the strength of our feet.

Finally, please give yourself some time to think about the above questions. I hope these suggestions will help you no longer be lost and understand what kind of people you want to be, and more actively looking for the most part of your career path.

I also hope that you will be able to meet the one that you see in your mind sooner than you think.Let's go!

also has a sincere and distressed job at work