Why does ISIS spread evil in a brutal way, and we cherish the innocent women and children, hoping that these conflicts and upheavals will end one day.


A few months ago, it might not have been known that ISIS was the name of the organization, and that in May they had taken most of Iraq's territory before they began to receive international attention. In August, ISIS (Iraqi and Levant Islamic States) Jihad beheaded two American journalists and publicly declared a challenge to the U.S. government, saying next if the U.S. government does not hand over a ransom of 6.6 million, and releases the so-called " Mrs. al-Qaeda's biochemical expert, Felicity, is about to kill the third American citizen, the hostage, a 26-year-old female volunteer.

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Women, in this seemingly never-ending war, have suffered many hidden dangers and threats.

The Kurdish clan of Yazidi (Yazidi) has always been a thorn in the heart of ISIS, regarded as a "cult of the Devil", intent on destroying the pagans who, in the August occupation, had even buried many people, including women and children, from the massacre and executions of the Yazidi.

In addition, the ISIS organization is also carrying out the brutal and humane "sowing" action, they kidnapped 300 Yazidi women, who were collectively sexually abused in order to get them pregnant and to force Yazidi women who did not often marry with foreign nationalities to "mix" to perpetuate and expand ISIS's bloodline. There are still 1500 Yazidi and Christian women who may be sold or "divided" into members of the organization, and will become sex slaves anyway. In addition, many women were abducted and sent to Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, in the Syrian city of Allepo (Aleppo), Raakel (Raqqa) suburbs and Alhachaca (Al-hassakah), confirmed that at least 27 ISIS The 1000-dollar (nearly NT $30,000) price will Yazidi women sold to their members and forced to marry. (Extended reading: The voice of sex workers )

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Despite the two-day U.S. air raids, 30,000 Yazidi escaped Sinjal (Mount Sinjar), but many women's rights to life are still being deprived of unknown places.

"We believe that these terrorists have treated these women as slaves and they have been cruel to them," said Mohammed Shia Al-sudani, Minister of Human Rights of Iraq, Sudani. These women will fall into a situation of no dignity and be taken by terrorists to satisfy their bestial physical needs, which violate the principles of anyone and the value of Islam. 」

In addition, jihadists believe that sex can enhance combat capabilities, so in addition to the Yazidi clan, ISIS members also use the network to release propaganda clips or through social networking sites, in Europe to recruit young women to the Middle East and the jihadists to marry. The arrival of these women, only to realize that she "contacts" the object of more than one, they were arranged every day with several armed elements of "temporary marriage", each "married" only two hours, the bed after the divorce immediately after the divorce and others "remarried". The so-called "Saint Warrior bride" is simply treated as a comfort woman and a sexual slave. (Extended reading: The history of the comfort women should not be forgotten )

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ISIS has turned the Middle East into a mess, with ongoing violence and decapitation requiring worldwide concern, and sexual violence against women. Our media has been less of an international event, and on many news channels, only a small, seemingly distant thing has crept up on us, and ISIS has announced the establishment of a branch in South Asia that will extend its power to Asia.

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No matter where the war, the conflict or the bloodshed takes place, it is all about the world, says says Li Chia, a well-known writer, who said: "With Israel's actions in the context of the Gaza corridor, we cannot imagine that ISIS could be wiped out." I believe they may be more powerful. 」

The suffering of this world has not stopped, so we have to continue to care about the harm inflicted on women, not to be neglected and condoned.