Have you ever wanted to spy on more photos than you can see? A gif of Jamie Beck can satisfy your desire.

The photographer, Jamie Beck, a New York-based photographer, is a famous photographer who uses a woman-specific, exquisite view of a photographic work that is both aesthetically and intimate. She has been widely known in the world for a series of "moving pictures" in recent years.

We all know that the most common dynamic picture is to make a static picture of a gif map in a continuous motion, while Jamie Beck's creation is also a giftograph, but not the same, these "dynamic pictures" only have a small area in the photo, and a way to make a photo shoot a picture of a lot of continuous action.The principle of the gif dynamic map is to broadcast all static images over a short period of time, and to allow the motion to be smooth and soft, and to require a lot of similar pictures of continuous action, so that it takes a time-consuming process to make Jamie Beck more vivid and has its own soul.

The following Womany picked a series of "Woman" - related photo albout, together, to feel it.

Are you also deeply impressed by her eyes?

The flutter of hair is as if you feel the blow of Xu Xu.

wants to know what she is thinking about at this time

will move more than eye and hair

Look at the screen, I feel a cold air breath

applaud for applaud

Buy Fashion is a Woman, and Vogue is a Woman (Vogue Editor Anna Wintour)

Very surprising screen, beautiful, and shadow dynamic pick