Soul music to bring a new page in the history, like a necessary attitude to life, in their most comfortable way to sing happiness and sadness.

A person's evening, have the time of mind, sleep not when, drink a little wine very ㄎㄧㄤ, always feel what is missing? (Extended reading: Open at any time, the petty bourgeoisie girl is slightly drunk new choice )

There is a kind of song can sing with sex, comfortable, seem to put all the emotions into the voice, naturally not contrived to turn sound skills, singing to the excitement of the musical notes tunes, you almost have to forget you are listening to music, you think is just a friend in whispers.

Soul music, rhythm and Blues (r&b), there is a sense of expressing feelings and repression in the inside, in a person's night, let these wandering personality singing with you, together ㄎㄧㄤ, sing these accumulated in the heart of the turmoil soul!

Amy Whise: Opening up the deep voice of English soul music

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"Creativity and suffering are linked together, and artistic talent will eventually become a misery." 2011 left our Amy Bosom Silk, only 27 years old, only two albums, to create 8 million of the world's success, you may forget her name, but you will never forget her in the "Rehab" naturally sing drink mood no, No,no singing.

Amy Whise music style with a little retro flavor, but does not appear old, like an emotional elderly soul in a young body, she opened the British future new types of female singers, such as Adele, Duffy, she sang life is not perfect but beautiful shout. (Extended reading: not the same wedding dress: retro fresh feeling )

They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no, no, no.
Yes I been black, but where I come back, you wont know, know, know
"They want me to quit it, I say no, no, no.
Yes, I'm a blacklist, but when I get back, you'll understand, understand, understand.

Amy Whise because she is imperfect and perfect, because she is true so more popular, want us to quit Amy Winehouse, sorry, had to say to you loudly, no no no!

Li Xiayi: The Wall Street Journal of the United States is known as South Korea Adele

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Overage Voice, you can't believe she's only 17 years old now. 2012 to participate in the South Korean talent show "K-pop STAR", won the second, then the single "1,2,3,4" debut, immediately occupy the first of the big list, is known as the next PSY after the monster new person. (Han secret: just envy loses!) Han Shing The big public )

Li Xiayi in the competition is known as "reverse Girl", because she, as long as a song, the eyes will become a personal, like the vicissitudes of the years she has experienced.

Hey C ' Mon now, I said 1 2 3아직도내가니거라는착각은그만예전의그때내가아냐
"Now I think I'm yours, and I'm not the man I used to be."

The 17-Year-old is rich in emotional and vocal singing, people look forward to more and more mature Li Xiayi will sing what kind of soul tunes.

Ai Yiliang: The Third World draft competition, from the vegetarian people into a female singer

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Ai Yiliang is the fifth session of the Super Idol champion, the entry period was also judged Wang Zhiping as Taiwan version Adele, from 2010 than after the super-puppet, successively attended the "China's strongest voice" and "China sound 3", she said: "I have a dream." "(Recommended reading: Chinese good voice red!" Why Taiwan's variety show makes people want to turn the table

2013 finalists of the Golden Melody Award for the best new Ai Yiliang, at the awards ceremony to sing their own metal girl, lazy melody, the soul of the voice, like a glass of wine at night, it is worth to savor.

As we know love is sweet but also fatal
And you'll learn to freeze yourself, like a metal girl
Like I said, the ' ve been through it, then you ' re a metal girl
Lift your pride, girl wipe your, eyes let It girl
And that ' s the way I survive
"As we know, love is always sweet but deadly.
And then you learn to become frosty like a metal product.
Like I said, when you've been through this, you've become metal girl (hard Bottom girl)
Take out your dignity and dry your eyes and let yourself shine again.
This is my way of life.

The Queen of Ai Yiliang, with a hoarse voice, sings into your soul.

Let these soul songs accompany you through the long night, no longer afraid of a person's night no one understand you, along with the nature of humming, let restless mood swings in the music!