Together we can do anything, and only seriously treat every detail, everyone's business, can embody the spirit of "together".

The mass fundraising (crowdfunding) is the most enthusiastic theme of Silicon Valley in recent years, while Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the world's most famous two fundraising platforms. Although Kickstarter is the world's largest, but it is more restrictive to the United States, the creative technology products mainly, while the Indiegogo restrictions are less, international-oriented, even if there is no mass fund-raising to set goals, It may also be possible to support the project with its accumulated funds. Indiegogo has been established since 2008, not only in more than 224 countries around the world, more successful in 2014 this year including KPCB (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers/Kaile), Several of the top venture capital investments are quite 1.2 billion NT dollars in the B round. Indiegogo is now the world's most high-profile public fund-raising platform, it is women fans think very gender-friendly attitude (Gender friendly company).

Indiegogo by Danae Ringelmann, Slava Rubin, and Eric Schell, the combination of two men and a woman, the company added a lot of pink flavor, Danae Ringelmann more included Times Magazine, Sotheby's Magazine and other major media are selected as one of the most influential women in the world! In addition to the founding team of women Liga,Indiegogo also stressed that they have more than 47% of nearly half of the successful project is initiated by women. In addition to also have a strong gender consciousness, Indiegogo and female fans, the most emphasis is: empower (empowerment). This time, let the woman take you deep into the Indiegogo pink office. (same field Gayon: Global Creative Office Grand Rewards )

Indiegogo is located in an old San Francisco building, a lift, you can see the words of the empower of light in the doorway to greet each indiegogoer and visitors. Empower is also the core goal of women fans, to make the world full of power.

A door, it will immediately be attracted by the pink wall. There is a simple, but touching words--- together we can do anything (together do anything)! If one more look, but also can see their attention to detail and stress, at the door reception staff have a small slogan: This person is very beautiful! Say hello! (This is amazing.) Say Hello.)

And only seriously treat every detail, seriously treat everyone's business, can embody the spirit of "together".

This is the core culture of Indiegogo, which is made into big posters hanging on the wall, reminding: together, can do anything.

Work, go home, sleep. Come here, go there, life cycle.

It's strange that everyone's life keeps moving,
But no one feels that they are really far away.

So what if we decide to go somewhere together?
We move in the same direction together and we reach the same destination together.

Explore together, create together, solve problems together.
Our "Together" makes the whole thing different.
We went farther together.

We invite you, join us, and go forward together.

To fix the world together, to improve the situation together, to create visions that we never imagined.

Because when we are together, we can go anywhere;
Because when we're together, we can do anything. (Recommended reading: woman fan CEO: Empower team with corporate culture )

There are a lot of different names in the conference room, and every office has its own device, and squatting on the floor can be a brainstorming session.

Indiegogo the middle of the office is an open kitchen, and of course there are free refrigerators and healthy fruits.

The door into the left-hand side, is the spacious office space, pick high with the industrial style warehouse sense, let people in the inside full of space magic, wall and ceiling hanging is a successful case or core service spirit.

The door goes in the right hand side is quiet work area and meeting room. The casual sofa in the aisle can be seen with the pink go pillow and the indiegogoer immersed in the work. Even if she was sitting there in silence, she could feel the energy and concentration of her work completely.

Open office design, so that the discussion can be carried out at any time.

Indiegogo Apart from the astonishing fundraising and gender-friendly policies mentioned above, what impresses us most is not the pink walls, nor the cute pillows or slogans, but the powerful energy fields that go into the office. You will immediately feel a 200 of the energy, there is no corner of their office is no power! (Recommended reading: work in a new venture, you get more than just a paycheck )

Almost everyone is in a state of extreme active (active), perhaps a quiet preoccupation, perhaps another group of people talking about a particular function or service, perhaps a discussion in a conference room, a leisurely discussion among two of people in the public space, or perhaps an exchange of views in the kitchen, You can completely feel that the indiegogoer are really "together" to accomplish anything!

Women fans also believe in empower and trust that the team can accomplish anything together. Looking at this kind of Indiegogo also gives us more strength to move forward.