What do you think of Italy?Look at these beautiful photographs, and you might be able to make a decision on a ticket and decide the destination of the next trip.

Don't look at the lunar calendar next to you, maybe it's a wonderful tour guide!

The 2011 calendar, launched by the Italian coffee brand Lavazza, was a function of this year's Lavazza, who invited American cameraman Mark Seliger to shoot for them in six different cities in Italy, where the theme was "Fall in Love in Italy".And let Womany give you a different picture of the five Romantic cities of Italy!

1. Capri. Capri

This pair of lovers' sweet reclining lies on the coast of Capri Island, off eastern Italy, where the attraction is known as a natural rock that looks like a backlying coffee cup behind .

2. Napes. Naples/Naples

Naples is the largest city in southern Italy, full of enthusiasm and humanities, and is also a place for many films and stories to be performed.

3. Verona. Villona

Verona, located in northern Italy, is the best known example of Romeo and Juliet, and is now a tourist attraction in Italy, and the legend has been that if you touch the right tits of Juliet's bronze statue, the happiness will come.

4. Tuscany. Toscani

Tuscany is in Italy, simple and carefree, and is ideal for people who want to ease their mind and mind well, while the romantic romantic film, Toscani, is filmed here.

5. Venice.

This scenario is St. Mark's Square in Venice, northeastern Italy. Mark's Square, Venice is one of Italy's most popular tourist and industrial cities, and is rated one of the most romantic cities in Europe by Time Online Magazine.

6. Florence. Florence

Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance movement and is one of the cradles of art and architecture, with numerous historic buildings and collections of collections.