We can still look back on Ryan Gosling 's previous brilliant performance work and experience his five different love patterns.

girls all over the world may be heartbroken, eyes deep and power hundred Canadian men Ryan Gosling to be a dad! According to US Weekly, the 33-year-old Ryan Goesling Ryan Gosling and the 40-year-old Evamands Eva Mendes greeted their first little life in 9/12, a beautiful baby girl! You can't help but want to say hello to her, girl!.

It is reported that in July, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are ready to meet the new life, Ryan Gosling is to carry the responsibility of the home chef, just like a good full-time father's appearance. (This time can not help crying in the heart why we are not Eva Mendes ...) )

Look at the news headlines of different media today, and you can feel the excitement of the news.

"You are heartbroken!" When you find out you're not Ryan Gosling the kid's mom! "" It's heartbreaking when you realize so you didn ' t give birth to Ryan Gosling ' s ... "

"ryan golsing and Eva Mendes were born! All the women in the world are crying! "" Girls are crying! Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes got Kids! "

Calm down, although a bit exaggerated, but also vividly capture the girl's love for Ryan Gosling. Although Ryan Gosling has been upgraded to become a father, we can still recall his previous wonderful performance works have been addicted to experience his interpretation of the five different love patterns, the following five of the classic Ryan Gosling movies, which one do you like best? (Recommended reading: from five love movies, learn I love you to sentence )

Together toward the end of the Pure Love: Codex The Notebook

The Notebook movie Stills

This is a completely Ryan Gosling classic, and it also created Ryan Gosling and Rachel Maiadams Rachel McAdams, a pair of speeding screen lovers. When Ryan Gosling played the Allie of Noah and Rachel McAdams lying on the streets of No-one, when they were playing at the seaside shouting "You are a bird, I am also a bird, when they kiss in the rain, when they accompany each other to the last moment, you must also think of the pure and crazy love. (Recommended reading: love, is to have the courage to hurt )

"Do you believe our love can keep us together?" "Do you have a love, can take us away together?"

"I feel our love, let us be omnipotent." "I am to have the love of can do anything we want it to."

Violent aesthetic love: the Sunset car god Drive

Not the same action love movie! Ryan Gosling, who plays a silent driver, worked part-time as a movie-coaster, and made extra money for the bandits at night, Mulli the romantic and brutal reality of the violent aesthetic plot with the neighbors of Kelly Carey Mulligan.

One of the most wonderful scenes was the heartbreaking kiss of Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan in the elevator, showing that love was also like a kiss.

The film is very long, the lines are very few, the actor's acting is very important, light and light transport mirror is also wonderful. Look down, you'll never forget Ryan Gosling's talking eyes and the gloomy, wonderful acting. If you haven't seen it, it is highly recommended that you look at this one!

A veteran, a robbery for love, more facing Ryan Gosling

Hand in hand: mature male type Crazy Stupid Love

Classic romantic comedy! Ryan Gosling in this incarnation of the veteran, will play a middle-aged frustrated dad, pretending to be a model of Steve Carr Carell transformed into a super sportsman. Ryan Gosling is very competent to play a love veteran, and finally met his willing to set the destiny of the true woman Emma Stone, and thus created a second pair also quite matched screen couple! (Excuse me for a moment, Andrew Garfield.)

This movie has a lot of love, and honestly portrays the love patterns of different periods. The dialogue Ling is also true, is a very suitable for with family or lover to watch a movie.

and Ryan Gosling male appearance, no Shong feeling! And the classic scene must be Emma Stone ordered Ryan Gosling to take off his coat, and see the curve of a figure like Photoshop.

This will be left to the sisters to enjoy!

is to provoke eldest brother's woman: The Wind and cloud man helps gangster squad

Ryan Gosling again with Emma Stone, is the feast for the eyes! This time he joined the try-colored Sinpan and Sheriff Choshebrollin, describing the real history of the gang leader Mickey Goines Mickey Cohen's control of the situation. Big Coffee, a hail of bullets, is a strong commercial color of the gangster movie!

And our Ryan Gosling in this piece, is just to distribute sexy pheromones, provoke eldest brother's woman. (Recommended reading: Picking perfume is like picking a man!) 5 Big Sportsman Perfume Find out your dream lover

Ah yes, that's the scene.

Desperate for love: The Place Beyond the Pines

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes met! The play that Ryan Gosling a man who is very capable of controlling silence but secretly paying is also very often connected with the role of "car". This time he played a motorcycle stunt actor who accidentally bumped into his ex-girlfriend and found his ex-girlfriend surprised to help him give birth to a son, so he decided to take a path to robbery.

(I don't know if the child has such a beautiful mom and dad is in the face of what)

Now look back to see the two people together in the end of the car God the Place Beyond the Pines performance, there is always a stock of two people in cahoots with the feeling of parents! (Recommended to you: Postpartum also can rest assured love!) Four methods of contraception that mom and dad should know.

"The same field plus" Ryan gosling:hey Girl meme

Have you ever heard of meme? Meme is quite popular abroad, is the use of unique style of images, with easy to be digested by the network community to understand slogans or slogans, is the modern community virus-type transmission under the two creation of the product! look at Ryan Gosling's Hey Girl series, and how he himself responds!

The choice of Ryan Gosling of course not only because of his "delicious" but also because he had many times with his mother to the red carpet, and said: "I come from a strong mother to carry all the family, and if I can understand women, are my mother and my sister taught me." When they were young they told me to respect women, and I always felt that I had a very close link with women and I admired women very much. "Wouldn't it be the most persuasive spokesperson for Hey Girl?"

"Girl, is your name Google?" How else would you have everything I wanted? 」

What makes you think it's persuasive?

Responding to US presidential candidate Mitt Romney

Which of the many Ryan Gosling movies do you like best? Finally, let us bear the pain. Congratulations, Ryan Gosling become dad! Also hope that the future can see more of Ryan Gosling wonderful drama works!