Innovation, trust, agility, but also p&g can have the credibility of large enterprises at the same time and the vitality of new enterprises the root cause!

Step into the P&g Bao home goods located in the office of Xinyi District, head-on to use the language written by the "Customer first" red wall, immediately gave us the impact of a lesson. The Consumer is your boss, is the p&g Ninze brand belief, not only is the slogan, but also is the natural in the life implements the standard pole. No matter how the times change, no matter how the product innovation, this red wall shows the customer is always the most important consideration of P&G.

176 years of solid sales history, its products every day to serve countless consumers worldwide, is undoubtedly the global consumer market leading enterprises. And P&g has entered the Taiwan market for nearly 30 years, in the face of new forms of consumer shocks and the transformation of consumers, has always been a graceful attitude to provide consumers with the most intimate service, sk-ii, Helen silk, flying soft, Pantene, Sassoon, good at ease, Olay, jinding alkaline batteries, help Pampers, Oral-b and so on are its products. (same field Gayon: for your consumer, when a conscientious curator)

How is p&g in the fast-consuming era of a firm lead? The woman fan specially invites the senior manager Liang Barbara, who manages P&g Hong Kong and Taiwan's communications and PR department, to talk to us about P&g's values and how she has grown in p&g.

P&g's three key words: innovation, trust, agility

First Liang, a neat casual dress of her spirit is very good, at the same time has a professional gas field and cordial atmosphere. From the beginning into the P&g Sk-ii brand management work, to now serve as p&g Hong Kong and Taiwan Communications and Public Relations Department management responsibilities, Siy growth in the p&g as the FB operating long snow soft Sandberg said "sit on the rocket"!

Calculate, Siy is almost graduate of the institute P&g never left, can be quite senior P&G model student! What's the magic of P&g? We also asked Siy to talk about the p&g! in her eyes.

"p&g a great emphasis on improving women's lives from the real side, everything we do is to make life better for women. Innovation Creative, trust trusts, Agile Agility is I give p&g three key words! 」

P&G innovation, consumers are very empathy. From the 1985 into the Taiwan market, has been to become the pioneer of innovation in Taiwan market products as the goal. So P&g launched Taiwan's first disposable diaper, the first bottle of double effect in one shampoo, the first piece plus the butterfly wing of the tampon. It is p&g confidence that the consumer needs to meet them before they have yet formed.

Liang smiled and said: "p&g very eat the world fireworks, we are very important to start from the life of small things began to change. Only by constant innovation can we constantly meet the changing needs of consumers. " innovation is not only reflected in the product, but also in the work attitude and the implementation of the marketing plan can see the clue!" Liang Special mention this year jinding battery and "Transformers 4: Extinct Rebirth" of the different industry cooperation, is to catch up with each other to borrow the force of p&g innovation examples!

Then talk about trusting trust, Liang said a company can not distrust their employees, and P&g is an employee and the company trust each other company, P&g believe that employees have the ability to manage themselves, employees also trust the company can continue when he is the backing of growth. In keeping with the trend of the times, P&g is more open one day a week for employees to work from home.

Liang said: "The modern age is different, many young people like to plan their own lives, using work at home to save work commuting time, we feel that this is a young generation of working methods, so why not?" "(Recommended reading: a secret job!) Make good use of sound and work with us well.

Finally, although it is expensive for the system to improve the large enterprises, p&g still maintain considerable flexibility. "Our company will not label labels, we respect everyone's choice." For p&g commuting time, when the young evening work more energetic, in the morning can choose one o'clock in the evening to the company, if the professional women, the need to pick up the children to work, but also early one o'clock to the company to go earlier. P&g respect each person's life and work balance point . 」

Innovation, trust, agility, but also p&g can have the credibility of large enterprises at the same time and the vitality of new enterprises the root cause!

Skii Brand Management challenges: good, but also better

Recalling that year, Siy Sk-ii brand management, to the SK-II this classic brand to a new peak, behind the challenging process. Siy at the University of California, Los Angeles, after completing his MBA at the P&G headquarters in the Midwest for an interview. Looking back at the situation, Siy said, "Remember then, more than 10 years ago not too many oriental faces, the plane almost everyone stared at me" with a relatively unfamiliar face, Siy Yong P&g headquarters was admitted to Taiwan, waiting for her is the SK-II brand business challenges.

Sk-ii is a very high price market, at that time Stephanie's "You can come a little closer" maxim-type advertising has sounded the marketing drum, many cosmetics brands are waiting to see sk-ii next move. Next to the task, Siy thinking is not just how to stabilize the existing market, but "good, but also better"! Hope to put the image of Sk-ii, further down a level.

Read the book all the way up, in order to complement the school experience in the lack of actual combat experience, Siy never missed every year's anniversary. Emphasizing that she has been studying from the anniversary, she is always on the front line looking at "which customers need SK-II services and products" and insists on reorganizing the work process to keep the Sk-ii emphasis on the service quality during the busy anniversary. P&g is a considerable emphasis on the front-line and consumer interaction Enterprises, Siy from the anniversary of the recognition of brand management, from products to sales, even after the sale, all careless.

Asked Siy the management know-how, Siy laugh sharing "from the beautician learn experience digging treasure!" Siy said: "In fact, beautician is the frontline of communication with customers!" They have a lot of valuable communication know-how worth learning. Most of the time, the consumer's continuous return visit is not because of how beautiful you play the marketing war, but the beautician and the customer maintain a good relationship. 」

"The most important thing in your eyes is not really the importance of the consumer." Siy also mentioned the front-line of the solid observation, let her in the marketing planning of the time more down-to-earth. Not only in the ivory tower to plan, but to the needs of consumers to design and improve.

In the five years Siy, sk-ii-Taiwan is the largest market in Asia except Japan. In addition to consolidating the existing high priced ethnic groups, and extending the tentacles downward, the youth dew became a list of the desires of the younger sisters to turn to mouth. Sk-ii also tried to cooperate with the socialite, embodies the good and better spirit.

As supervisor, take a seat in the cheerleading squad.

How to bring people into their hearts? Now P&g, a leader of more than 16 brand communications and PR departments in Taiwan in Hong Kong, sometimes supervisors have to take a backseat to the cheerleading squad .

Liang pointed out that modern work is not necessarily for high salaries, but more people are "striving for excellence". For them, self growth is more important, so a good supervisor must provide such an environment. (Recommended reading: Supervisor Don't be the employee's nanny!) A good leader starts from believing

"A good executive should encourage employees to set a higher standard than they do now and encourage them to grow up." Hop a metre today, jump 1.2-meter tomorrow, and then jump 1.4-meter next day. A good team will let employees have the courage to constantly challenge themselves, like pole jump, he will know that the pole is stable, he can jump over! When there is no jump, there is a team behind the mat, employees can have time and again to try and not afraid of the opportunity to make mistakes, it is likely to be more and more good. 」

"Being the head of a leadership class will definitely take more time to take care of the people in the team and to pass on the past experience selflessly," he said. It would be unwise to be preoccupied with your own KPIs. because the future, the whole team's achievements, will be your pride. "

Liang also stressed that supervisors must trust their employees and let employees feel that you and he are on the same line ! When trust exists, the communication between supervisor and employee will be smoother. "It's important to take people. As long as people are right, as long as people can work in a positive mood and attitude, your whole department wants to do the things that have succeeded half. When a team is moving toward high energy, things in the workplace are trivial. "

Difficulties and challenges will certainly be there, of course not every thing is so easy. But when supervisors are able to help employees set the next stage of the challenge, employees will also find themselves in the company's growth, self-confidence and courage to accept more difficult challenges! (Recommended reading:"Uncomfortable, it is the beginning of growth" to write a letter to the work of your hesitation )

Treat the product as a different child and communicate with the consumer creatively

Now Siy is in charge of the communications and public relations departments of Hong Kong and Taiwan, which has over 16 brands, how "effective" and "interesting" communication with consumers is definitely a subject. The spirit of the brand is different, of course, we have to use various modes of communication. Liang the product as a different child, tailored to their different language of communication. Liang lifted its four styles of shampoo brand, Helen, Pantene, Sassoon, Fei-Rou, do a detailed description

"Helen is the first flagship is to chip, but today, the problem of dandruff is gradually resolved, the brand needs to innovate." So we also try to make the film in a very kuso way, through the dramatic exaggeration of the way, to simulate the first date "crumbs Fly" situation, the network to do viral propaganda, contact the new group of communication. 」

"Pantene emphasis on the nutrition of hair, emphasis on giving women the healthiest hair, we have to communicate the main object will be office workers!" So you can see the Pantene ads, always stressed the moment of hair, the strong side of the performance. 」

"Sassoon is a salon-level quality cut, emphasizing the shape." So we also try to drive the publicity car to the location of young people, direct to the scene stylist to help you create a new shape, close contact with consumers. 」

"Finally, flying soft, flying soft Pert from the name can be seen on the" supple "special efforts. Therefore, the advertisement of the soft, is very next door girl style. Like the previous pig and Zengjia 玹, people feel very love, very gentle. 」

The four-brand children have different strong features and offer more space for more and more diverse consumers to choose from. In the era of continuous innovation communication mode, enterprises must have a soft enough body to adapt to the changes in the times, to not just chasing consumers run, try to meet their needs, and can walk in front of consumers to find a more satisfying life. P&g has done a good demonstration for us.

Career advice for young people

Finally, we talk to Siy about the plight of Taiwan's talent and the limitations of the business, many people have chosen to drift north or go abroad to find better jobs and promotion opportunities. Siy said: "Everyone's opportunities, choices and talents are different." 」

"Apart from studying abroad, it is also important to spread the pride of Taiwanese people to international standards," he said. "There are a lot of fresh people in the team Siy quite sure Taiwanese talent, she thinks Taiwan's idea is very innovative, talent is very strong, actually more competitive than we think!" (Recommended reading: The era of Taiwanese generation!) From TechCrunch disrupt SF 2014 to see Taiwan's plight and future

Liang is also particularly playful use of transformers as a metaphor, to share three of practical career advice to young people, so that we can become an irreplaceable role in the workplace!

1. Careful mind, cultivate a high degree of observation

Optimus Prime meticulous mind, so that he can always find the enemy's weaknesses. In the workplace, also want to expect themselves to become thoughtful Optimus Prime. Liang believes that after entering the workplace must learn to wind, but also must improve their sensitivity to the big environment. Fresh people must spend their time learning how to get started, and how to increase their impressions of their supervisors and partners through subtle movements. Learning intimate habits in the workplace, considerate do not have intentions .

2. Cross-sectoral cooperation

Bumblebee is a scout for Autobots Transformers. And the new job is to learn the Scout spirit of Bumblebee.

In the enterprise, in addition to doing a good job at hand, you must also pay attention to understand the enterprise within the cross-sectoral cooperation culture. Fresh people should express their opinions in a timely manner, but they cannot make people feel that you do not respect the professionalism of other departments. Or even if it is necessary to report directly to the supervisor, how not to let the colleagues who have been crossed is not comfortable, is a compulsory course for fresh people. (Must see!) high education cannot accompany you to walk forever! To put down persistence and posture is also a kind of learning )

3. Positive attitude and know what to do

As a medical officer, the flywheel is absolutely obedient to Optimus Prime. Flywheel absolute obedience, positive and serious attitude, is the place where fresh people can learn. Work ability and work attitude is the most important factor in the workplace, but in fact, for enterprises, the importance of work attitude is far more than the ability to work.

So be a new person in the workplace, show your initiative and seriousness, and do what you have to do in time, and you know better than anyone else what you should do. Because in the larger organization, the more emphasis on employee attitude and obedience spirit!

In front of the Siy neat capable, in fact, is already two children's mother! She didn't see a working mother. Balance between life and family fatigue, she said: "Until now, p&g still let me constantly have a new challenge, I always think this job is too interesting." 」

With the Siy of a seat, we have a profound understanding of p&g culture again, success is not accidental, p&g not only have a solid professional ability to stand firm stance, more non-stop to "innovation", "trust", " Agile "Three key words of self expectation, so can grow with the consumer evolution, can let the staff have confidence to face the new challenge at any time, thus can continue to walk in the leading position!"

Faced with such a menacing p&g, are you ready for the consumer?